Does Really Work?

Does Really Work?
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Does really work?They’ve got some of the catchiest jingles on TV, but does actually work? The promise is right in the name of the service, getting a free credit score is what they claim. But we know we live in a world where nothing is really free, so let’s find out what the catch is and see if it’s still a good deal or not.

These credit score services make it seem like they are on your side, or that they are helping you stick it to the man by getting a free credit score and pulling one over on the big credit bureaus. Nine times out of ten they are directly affiliated with these same credit agencies. In this case is directly and completely owned by Experian, one of the three credit reporting agencies.

The Claim
Even though the title claims that you get a free credit score, it’s pretty quick to see that you’ll need a credit card in order to get the process started. In order to keep the service free you’ll have to cancel the additional membership you’re signing up for, before the free trial ends. This service includes credit score monitoring so you know when your score changes which could potentially help you negotiate better interest rates and a better terms on new loans.

They also include educational services that help you figure out how the whole scoring process works, including how to calculate your score, which factors determine whether your score goes up or down and even the best time to fill out credit applications. They also have an estimator that allows you to predict and project what your credit score will do by taking certain actions like getting a mortgage or putting more purchases on your credit cards.

Many of these services are things that people don’t really want, or need, since they are just trying to figure out what their score is.

The Hype
The hype comes from all of the advertising that the company does, including the jingles they come up with that put a strong focus on the fact that this is a free service. On a technical level it is free, but it could end up biting you if you forget to cancel the free trial of the service.

The Cost
They run your card for $1 but that charge does not actually finalize. Seven days later your card will be billed for $14.95 if you don’t cancel your membership within this time. You must have a credit card in order to obtain your credit score. They are probably hoping most people forget to cancel and get enrolled for at least the first month of service. Their terms and conditions state that they do not issue refunds, so if even half of the people that sign up get charged for a month of service, it’s profitable.

The Commitment
Technically, you can start the free trial, learn what your score is, and cancel your membership all on the same day, so there isn’t a lot of commitment involved if you do it right.

So while their promotional efforts focus entirely on getting you your free credit score, what you are required to do is sign up for their membership service which includes credit score alerts, access to their Credit Score Center, and a way to project where your credit score will head when you take certain actions.

Here is a more detailed list of what you’re getting, as listed on the FAQ page:

  • Access to your Experian¬†Credit Report and PLUS Score
  • Bi-Monthly Score Monitoring and Alerts
  • Daily Credit Monitoring and Alerts
  • Fraud Resolution Support
  • $50,000¬†Product Guarantee*

Your experience credit report is free every year, so that’s pretty much worthless. The bimonthly score monitoring is pretty much useless for most people, daily credit monitoring is overkill, fraud resolution support probably won’t come up, and a $50,000 product guarantee is vague and probably won’t be used by anyone. Basically, the membership is totally worthless which is why they’re forcing you to try it by luring you in with a free credit score. The membership can’t stand alone as its own service worthy of $15 a month.

Final Review

While they will provide you with your Experian credit score after verifying your credit card, their offer borders on being misleading. In our opinion, a truly free offer will not require any further action to keep it free. At the end of the free trial, they should just cancel your service, and you should have to take action in order for it to charge your card, and keep your membership intact.

Also, a free offer should not require the use of a credit card in the first place. Any company that says that a credit card is necessary, and gives reasons like verifying your age, or that you have a valid credit card is just setting you up for future payments. It’s perfectly fine to collect personal information like an e-mail address, first and last name, and everything else they would need to pitch you on their membership service, that should be your choice to sign up for it if it really is worth it.

Our Recommendation
You are only getting your Experian score with, and so it’s not really recommended since you’ll want to know the other two scores as well. If you’re determined to get your scores, we think you should go with Free Score 360 instead, since you get all three scores with just about as much hassle as using

What do you think? Does work or not?


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Rhonda August 3, 2013 at 11:49 am

The Free Credit does work. It is free, but it doesn’t give you your actual credit score from the three major creditors. It gives you one, but not all three. The credit score that it does give you can be a bit off. The score I was given was 30 numbers less than my actual score. You can go to the government website and get all three credit scores absolutely free and get an accurate report. It works and it is close, but not accurate.


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