Do Frontline Products Really Work?

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Does Frontline work?Frontline has a solid reputation among pet owners, but how good is it really at controlling fleas and ticks on your cat or dog? To find out we analyzed the massive amounts of feedback that has been coming in from real pet owners that have tried this. So let’s find out if it really works or not.

Many pets run the risk of getting fleas, and once they’ve got them it can be hard to get rid of them. Often it’s nothing that you are doing or not doing as the owner, and it can occur even if you are properly bathing your dog and keeping them well groomed. Fleas don’t care whether your dog or cat is clean or gets brushed regularly, they’ll just jump on at the first opportunity they get.

Many vets recommend going with a once a month treatment like this rather than a flea collar or a flea bath because it provides protection all over, and has been designed not to be irritating to your pet. It’s also far more comfortable for your pet, because they just have to sit still for a bit, and then they’re back to their normal daily routine.

The Claim
Frontline says that it can kill fleas on your pet in just 12 hours after giving it to them, and it can kill ticks up to 48 hours later. They say that the product just needs to be applied in one area, and then will spread over the rest of the body and onto the hair by traveling with your pet’s natural body oils on their skin.

The Hype
There was a pretty heavy advertising campaign a while back when Frontline first came out that helped to establish it as the leading flea and tick product for pets. Those promotional efforts worked very well, and now most people consider it to be the go-to treatment option when they start to see their pets scratching.

The Cost
Frontline Plus is about $60, which should last you up to 6 months, making this a rather affordable treatment option.

The Commitment
Each dose should last you a month, so you only have to commit to applying this once monthly, which many owners feel that they can keep up with. Just be sure to put it on your calendar because it can be next to impossible to remember the last time you gave the treatment. Compared to your other options, which there aren’t many, this represents a very low commitment level, and this product is designed as much for owners as it is for pets. You’ll love being able to treat your pet’s fleas in just a few minutes once a month.

After seeing a friend use Frontline on their cat, we saw firsthand that the cat had no fleas, and was an indoor/outdoor cat making them more susceptible. The reviews for Frontline and Frontline Plus are mixed, but the majority give it five stars and say that it works like a charm. This is actually pretty statistically significant, because this is a product that has been out for quite some time now, and has been tried by millions of pet owners, so there are thousands of people that have taken the time to report that it does work.

So how all of the people that say it doesn’t work be explained, if so many people are lauding its effectiveness? Looking more closely at the complains shows that some people did not receive the correct product, and are giving a review on something that is not Frontline. Others say that it did not work for ticks. There are so many factors at work here, including the different breeds of cats and dogs, the different types of ticks in different parts of the country. It would be impossible for a company to create a flea and tick product that worked on every single pet, in every single situation. This doesn’t even factor in user error, with owners not applying it correctly or missing applications.

Final Frontline Review

Frontline is getting a solid Try review from us based on the hundreds of users that say it works, as well as our own witnessing of a flea-free cat that uses it. Of course there is no guarantee that your specific pet will be a success story, but the odds are in your favor that if you use it as directed, and follow the application schedule, you should see great results.

Our Recommendation
You’ll want to use Frontline in an overall strategy of protecting your pet from fleas and ticks. Because it’s just something you need to do once a month, most people have no trouble keeping up with it. Some people wonder if they can give the next dose before the month is up, but it’s not recommended to do so because they are meant to last the full month’s time.

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What do you think? Does Frontline work or not?

265 Customer Reviews on “Do Frontline Products Really Work?

  1. I had a flea infestation for an entire year that I was treating with Frontline with Zero results. I was told that if one TX per moth was not working to do it every 15 days which I did for nearly 6 months again with no results. With 11 cats this cost me an absolute fortune. I got rid of all my cloth and leather furniture, hired an exterminator for house and yard treatments on top of it. I even tried Seresto collars on a few of them to see if it would work, but had bad reactions with those and no results. I know years ago Frontline and Advantage worked
    really well around 2001 when I had a problem. But now Frontline needs to do some new research and change their main ingredient that does not work if they want to regain their reputation because a single treatment with Activyl and the massive flea infestation was reduced by at least 10 fold. A second monthly treatment and I have only seen a very few. After an entire year of pouring Massive amounts of money into Frontline treatments with no results. I recommend that you seek advice from a veterinarian as that is how I found out that both Frontline and Advantage have stopped working in our area due to flea resistance.

  2. Gave Frontline plus to my pug three days ago after she picked up fleas at the VETS. Hadn’t made a blind bit of difference. If anything it seems worse as I’m now seeing fleas whereas before just scratching and found two when I combed her. I’m now at my wits end. She’s never had fleas before and I just can’t get rid. She’s now had two Bob Martin’s, flea comb, bath in vinegar water and Frontline plus! Help!!

  3. The reason it works for some and not others is that Frontline has been around for a while. Because of this some fleas in some areas are more resistant to the pesticide. If your pet is resistant and it is no longer working for you then it is time to move on to something different. I have used Frontline since it came o the market. Back then it worked awesome. Today it hardly kills them at all. I can also tell you through years of using the product that pets will have a higher number than normal amount of malignant tumors when using Frontline. The other products on the market are by no means without their own dangers. If you want a safer product I recommend Capstar given two to six times a month in the summer and at least once a month the rest of the year. Diatamacious earth is also good if you are concerned about safety..

  4. I buy my flea and tick treatments from Canada. It’s much cheaper up there. You get 6 pipettes for $60, instead of just 3, sold here in the U.S. Go to and click on the link for Canada Vet, it will take you right to the website. You can buy Advantix and Frontline Plus as well as other flea and tick treatments directly from Canada. It’s easy, convenient and a good price.

  5. I agree. You must treat your yard too, especially if you’ve had a heavy rain for any period of time. Rain makes fleas worse. So always treat your yard too. Fleas are going to alway hop on dogs or cats. What the topical does, is kill them and keep them from reproducing in your house. So you cannot stop fleas from hopping, that’s what they do. I treat my yard with Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade powder,10 Lb bag, down all around my yard. It kills fleas and ticks. So I have less of a problem than I would normally have because we’ve had very heavy rains this year. You must reapply after it rains. But if it’s dry, put this all over your yard and you’ll have less of a flea and tick problem.

    Frontline Plus or Advantix kills fleas once they hop on your dog. Keeping them for reproducing and just killing them dead. Just remember, fleas are going to hop on your dog. If you don’t have some type of treatment on them, then they can reproduce making your house a living nightmare. So you should always have some type of treatment on your dog or cat. But treating your yard too, can make the flea problem, less of a problem. Now you can’t control what other people do to their yards, when you walk your dog around the neighborhood, which is why it is always a good idea to have a topical treatment on your dog or cat at all times.

  6. Same here! My dogs had A LOT of fleas, I applied frontline to two dachshunds & my pit mix. I just checked all three dogs with a flea comb and they have no fleas! Love this stuff!

  7. I have several dogs and have been using Frontline for years…on one 1 of them, for ticks. Frontline works wonders on ticks, not so good for fleas in our area of CA anyway. So, I use Frontline on my German Shorthair who the ticks just love, and Advantage on my 2 small dogs and cat. This combo works great and we are bug free year around.

  8. When I first used Frontline, my short haired hound had had a full blown flea infestation for months. My ex roommates refused to do anything about their cat’s infestation rendering it impossible for my dog to recover. After I moved, I tried Frontline and it worked almost immediately! For nearly 2 years he has remained flea free until just recently. There aren’t many ticks in the area, but it’s summer and he loves to wade in tall grass on walks; making him a huge painted target for fleas. I have applied it again and hopefully it will do the same magic it did the last couple of times I have used it.

  9. We have used Frontline, which we buy from our vet (for $15/dose) since it came out. Sunday, my dog suddenly developed muscle spasms, could barely walk, so we took him to a Vet hospital (not our regular vet). Upon taking a blood sample it was confirmed that he has Lyme disease. Because he is a therapy dog and taken to Hospice & nursing homes, I have been facetious about doing this once a month AFTER he goes to the groomer (for those below who thinks washing too much is what causes this), so no danger of it getting washed off. This crap just did not work, period. This will end his career as a therapy dog. I cannot tell you what joy and love he has provided Hospice patients, the mentally ill, nursing homes and children over the years, all gone now because Frontline is crap.

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