Does Frost Gone Really Work?

Does Frost Gone Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Frost Gone Work? Owning a vehicle is a wonderful commodity even in the winter months, but if your climate consists of frost and snow during this time then the task of removing this from your windshield is not a pleasant one. The problem solver could be Frost Gone, but let’s see if this is likely to be the ideal solution.

Frost Gone is a protective cover that you can lay over your windshield, so you don’t have to spend tons of time scrapping the frost and snow off this area of your vehicle prior to using it. Now it definitely is not a new idea, but could it be an improved one that has dealt with the negatives that have been found in similar products?

The Claim
The Company is stating that Frost Gone is an easy to use protective covering that comes in standard or extra large size to meet the needs of most vehicles. They are throwing in some extra benefit by mentioning it has a summer purpose as well, by protecting the interior of the car from potential summer damage.

The Hype
The visual promo of the Frost Gone adds the hype that one who has the task of frost removal from their vehicle finds enticing. Even if you have never had this job before but it could be a possibility in the future, the visual images of scraping ice off in frosty weather is enough of a picture to encourage you to take a good look at the benefits of Frost Gone.

The Cost
So while there is really nothing startling that jumps out as to what makes this product different than the others, then maybe the price is the appealing factor. The current promo is now offering it for about $28. which includes the shipping and handling, and if you want to put out another $8. then you can get a second Frost Gone at no extra cost. Your Frost Gone purchase does come with an extra perk though, and that is a free carrying case.

The Commitment
Okay, you are going to have to take the time to put the Frost Gone into place before it settles on the windshield. So you can either do this each time you are leaving the vehicle for a period of time, or you can depend on the weather man to inform you as to when you can expect frost or snow, and act accordingly. Don’t forget also, that even though you won’t have to scrape the windshield, you are going to have to take a few moments to unfasten the Frost Gone, clean the ice off of it so you can store it for the next use.

Lets compare the Frost Gone with some other versions of windshield protectors designed to protect against frost and snow. In fact we have talked in the past about a similar product called Pro Tek which was cheaper to buy but we were hesitant about its quality, and concerned about its ability to stay put if there happened to be wind along with the ice and snow. This drew our attention to these areas of the Frost Gone. In order to hold it in place it has been designed so it uses slide straps that go over your side mirrors then snaps into place compared to magnets that are used for this purpose in some other similar products. Frost Gone in it’s video does give some presentation as to how it compares to wind exposure compared to magnet versions.

Final Frost Gone Review

There are a lot of people that really would welcome a solution to not having to scape their car windows, so based on this we are going to give the Frost Gone a Try/Buy rating. The reason we are not going to go Thumbs Up is because we believe that there are lots of other similar products out there that will do the same thing,and may be cheaper, plus you may be able buy them from your local car shop and not have to wait for delivery.

Our Recommendation
Our biggest recommendation is if you are going to buy Frost Gone or any other similar product then make sure you form the habit of using it. Otherwise you have just spent money on something that is going to sit in the trunk of your car and serves no purpose other than taking up space. You may also want to buy one that comes with a money back guarantee so if you just aren’t satisfied you can at least get back some of your money.

What do you think? Does Frost Gone work or not?


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