Does Fruta Planta Really Work?

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Does Fruta Planta really work?With so many weight loss pills on the market, it is hard to tell which one is the best and which will work but the makers of Fruta Planta are adamant that their pill stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Fruta Planta is a weight loss pill with a difference. Not only does it curb the appetite but the active ingredient in the pill also reactively works with the digestive system in the stomach to encourage reduced calorie consumption. There are two forms of Fruta Planta: the Chinese one which is banned from America by the Food and Drugs Association and the USA version which is not banned.

The Claim
Fruta Planta claims that there pills increase metabolism which is what most weight loss pills do and is the main reason why they work. They also make the statement that you will have increased energy from using these pills which is essentially a side effect from the increase in metabolism.

Perhaps the biggest and most attractive claim that Fruta Planta make to draw in potential customers is the claim that states that their product will shrink the size of your stomach to its original size. This gives the effect of a fresh start and means that you can take care of yourself from the outset.

The Hype
The hype of Fruta Planta is that it can dramatically reduce your ability to intake calories by reducing the stomach size and so will make the consumer feel as though they are filled to the brim when the meal that they have eaten may have been half the size of a normal sized meal. By doing this naturally, the effects are more likely to stay put and a return to large portions and big appetite is much less likely.

The Cost
30 capsules of the Fruta Planta weight loss pill retails at $49.95 and is intended as being a one-a-day pill and therefore one box lasts one month. It is available in most good pharmaceutical and health shops or online. There are always offers to be had on buying Fruta Planta so look out for these.

The Commitment
Fruta Planta does require a change in lifestyle for those that do not currently eat healthy enough. There is absolutely no point in the consumer taking the capsules and continue to eat realms of fatty foods and calorific products.

If you are willing to make a dietary change or indeed already have done so and need that extra push to help keep your metabolism up and your energy levels stable, then Fruta Planta will help you. The once daily capsule can be added to a morning or evening routine and so does not require any stressing and is as easy as anything else you can do.

Unfortunately, in a small number of cases, Fruta Planta has dealt out some adverse side effects to its users. The first and most common side effect that is seen by the user is the inability to sleep. With Fruta Planta offering the user increased energy through the day, some users have found it difficult to disperse this energy at the end of the day when they should be sleeping. This side effect normally only lasts for the first two weeks of use.

The second most common side effect is for the user to be constipated. This is not very good for a product that deals with weight loss for obvious reasons. This effect will be negated by continued use as your body adjusts to the new substances. Two side effects that have been claimed by users but have not been proven or confirmed by the manufacturer are rashes and sensitive teeth. Rashes have been noticed in some cases on the torso shortly after the initial use and sensitive teeth have been noted in people that have used Fruta Planta for long periods of time.

Does Fruta Planta Really Work?

On separate review sites away from the corporate website, there are many reviews to be had that say that Fruta Planta has served them extremely well in the journey of losing weight and getting fit. Some that mention the side effects say that once they were noticed they stopped using the product immediately but those that persevered say that they were happy to take a couple of major side effects if it means them being thin at the end of it all.

Our Recommendation

If you are the type of person that gets a little edgy by the side effects that we have explained, then this product is not for you. For those that are determined to see some great results no matter a few side effects, and get excellent effects of weight loss, then this product is perfect for you. However, there are more effective, safer products available that have no side effects.

All-Natural Weight Loss Supplements that Work Better

There is a new weight loss supplement that was recently recommended by Dr. OZ called Rasberry Ketones. If you were interested in Fruta Planta, you may want to take a look at that.

There is also the highly rated African Mango.

What Do You Think? Does Fruta Planta Really Work?

51 Customer Reviews on “Does Fruta Planta Really Work?

  1. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m waiting for it to get here. I had a friend who used to take these back in 2011. It worked for her but she gained the weight back when she stopped taking them. hopefully that wont be the case. I want see for myself because all body types are different. Wish me luck! I gained 70 pounds in the last 4 years. so my goal is to lose all that again. 7 months of this. LETS GET IT!

  2. hydroxycut review Only your doctor and you can decide if
    the benefits of using medicatikon for weight loss outweigh potential side effects
    and risks to your health in your specific case. Sources London Telegraph Slimming
    pill ‘linked to thoughts of suicide’. Bulk forming laxatives are ften a great source of fiber.
    Many of the ingrediets featurd inn Therma – Slim work like diuretics, which ccan be helpful in weight loss
    but can also strip the body of necessary minerals and nutrients when not used with caution.
    You know, after the sales pitch for a drug onn TV,
    when a swedt voice casually mentions that theere is a risk of
    heart palpitations, dizzy spells, stroke, and death. v3 diet pills

  3. I think people still buy into the idea that if something is used by the Chinese, then it must in some way be magical. This is ridiculous, obviously, but the ever present Chinese health food shops on every highstreet attests to just how readily people will buy into this idea of Chinese mysticism. Really all any one is doing is looking for a quick fix to a difficult problem, and that is all this fruta planta stuff is offering. There is no short cut to weight loss. You just have to eat less. And that’s why its hard, because food is so readily available and for many people, a great source of pleasure. Controlling your appetite is about willpower and nothing more.

  4. I just ordered 4 boxes of this product, wish me luck, will detox over the weekend and start fresh on Monday

  5. please Tell Me Where You All Got The Working Pills! I Am Desperate! I Tried The Two Day Diet Pills Last Summer And They Worked Great But Now They Have No Effect At All.

  6. Ive taken it for 7 months now and have lost so much wait it helps me givenergy i only tremble but only for a while and can finally control my hunger

  7. Allie,

    Where did you order yours from? I used FP in 2010 and had great results but the newer version doesn’t work at all for me… thanks@

  8. I lost 27 lbs in 5 weeks. I get no side effects and it got rid of my binge eating. I still eat what I want (NO JUNK FOOD) and drink a lot of tea/water. I walk for about an hr a day and after I am done, I eat some trail mix and jug it down with iced tea. I love these pills!

  9. I just purchased my fruta planta from and it was like $14 a box this is the real deal I did my research there is no reason to be paying more than that.

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