Does Gemmies Really Work?

Does Gemmies Really Work?
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Does Gemmies Work?As parents we are always looking for new ways to entertain the kids and to get them using their imaginations and artistic talents rather than being in front of the television or the computer or iPhone for the majority of the day. Gemmies is a new toy designed to do just that.

Gemmies is a toy that is in the craft field. Kids get the chance to make their own crystal characters or pieces of jewelery from the great collection of crystals that come with the Gemmies kit.

The Claim
The claim is that Gemmies will unleash the artistic side of the youngsters in your home. The crystals that are part of the unit connect together so the kids can make beautiful creations either from the templates that are included or by using their imaginations.

The Hype
The hype is realized by the fact that these crystals are unique and can be attached to make some very cool jewelry and other trinkets that the kids will have a great time making and displaying.

The Cost
The cost of set of Gemmies is only $24.99. They can be found at the Gemmies website or they can also be found in select Toys R Us locations as well but the internet version apparently gives you a double set as compared to what is available in the store. For the above listed price you get a set of 800 Gemmies and 8 templates for the making of a large variety of stuff. You also get the extra amount of connectors and rings with the internet ordered version.

The Commitment
Other than a commitment to sitting down with your kids and having some fun and interacting with them electronics free there is very little required in the way of commitment for Gemmies. The unit comes with a nice case to hold all the parts and accessories contained in the kit so there is always a place to store the Gemmies and other required items when it is not in use.

We have seen products like the Gemmies before but they provide a unique twist on the ones of old as they are much easier to connect together and they are able to make a lot more different designs than some of the older similar kits. The Gemmes are also intended to look like crystals so the kids can make some cool looking jewellery and other trinkets that they can then give away or wear or even display in their rooms. The younger kids will have a great time designing their own creations or using the included templates. The good thing is that there are no parts that will expire over time like some of the other kits have or dry out like play dough and other plant based creation kits so the Gemmies they create will last forever or they can be taken apart and re-purposed easily if that is the desire. We are prepared to give Gemmies a thumbs up.

Final Gemmies Review

You do get a large amount of Gemmies with the kit and the templates make it very easy to get started so there should be no problem getting set up to have fun using the old bean and the imagination. Everything you need to get going is included and the only thing you need to do is get the kids gathered round and start exploring.

Our Recommendation
We are very big fans of anything that shuts off the T.V and computer and requires that the kids use their hands and imaginations to build, design and have fun and that is what this product does. TheĀ  reasonable price point for what you get and the ability to use again and again makes this one a winner in our books. For something for the boys you may want to take a look at Builder.

What do you think? Does Gemmies work or not?


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