Does the Gopher Deluxe Really Work?

Does the Gopher Deluxe Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Gopher Deluxe work?Billy Mays forced us to take a closer look at the Gopher Deluxe. He made it seem really easy to use, and the examples they give make it really believable that you’ll use this. Who hasn’t dropped a sock between the washer and the dryer? So we got this and put it to the test around the home. We’ve got a video review for you below that shows it in action.

Both reaching up high and stooping down low can present a problem for some people, and can lead to you throwing your back out, losing your balance, or straining yourself unnecessarily. The Gopher is designed to that you can keep items in your safe zone, without having to reach awkwardly for things. If you’re getting older, have a limited range of mobility from an accident, or just don’t like the idea of continually straining to reach things, this might have caught your eye.

The Claim
Gopher Deluxe says that you can extend your reach by up to 3 feet, and that you can pick up things up to five pounds. They say that it’s great for things that you don’t want to touch, like if you knock over the trash can, or have to pick up after a party. They also say it’s good for kids because it lets them reach food items in the kitchen they might not be able to get to otherwise.

The Hype
With Billy Mays behind this product, it basically put it on everyone’s radar as a potentially handy thing to have around the house. He had a knack for making even a pretty mundane product come alive by showing you as many examples of how to use it as they could come up with in a brainstorming session.

The Cost
Gopher Deluxe can be found for less than $15 on Amazon. This one doesn’t come with the MagnaGopher, the magnetic wand that is depicted in the infomercial.

The Commitment
The one thing you’ll have to do is remember to use this instead of reaching for things. It’s one of those products that you’ll likely remember after the fact a few times before you start remembering it in the moment. For example, after you pick something off the ground and feel a twinge of pain in your back, you’ll probably say to yourself “I should have used the Gopher”. Do that enough times and you’ll start to remember. Once you get into the habit of using this you’ll remember more and more.

The Gopher Deluxe folds up for easier storage, and also bends in the middle to get a better angle for things. We ended up trying this out around the home and were pretty satisfied with the way it performed. It helps you keep your center of gravity, and allows you to stay within your comfort zone. It really helped out our tester when she was in a car accident and had limited mobility in the neck and shoulder area. It can lead to a sense of independence in those that usually have to ask someone to help them get something.

One test it succeeds at is changing a light bulb that is in a high ceiling. You don’t have to wobble on a chair any more, because the Gopher has a locking feature so once you have a secure grasp of the bulb you just lock it and then twist like you normally would to unscrew the light bulb. Putting the new one in is a little trickier, but still easier than conventional methods. All of the other claims made were spot on, it can get into tight spaces that are either hard or impossible to get to with just the arms.

Final Gopher Deluxe Review

Gopher Deluxe works pretty much as described, and is getting our Thumbs Up as a decent tool to have around. This is especially true if you resonated with any of the examples shown in the infomercial. If you’re finding it hard to bend down to get things, or if you continually find yourself reaching up to get things off of top shelves, this is pretty much a necessity.

Our Recommendation
This is something you’ll definitely want to add to your home if you or someone in your household has limited mobility. With more and more people having their senior parents move in with them these days, it makes sense to have this so they don’t have to bend down to pick things up, or reach over their head to get things in high places.

Just know that this doesn’t work on everything, so if you’ve got something to heavy or too smooth and slick it will probably end up falling to the ground. But lighter things that are in awkward places can be easier to get with this.

What do you think? Does Gopher Deluxe work or not?


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scorpirulz August 21, 2012 at 5:02 am

This is definitely not something that you’ll use every day I don’t think, but it will come in very handy a few times a week and if you don’t buy it, you’ll probably go “If only had I bought it” LOL~ I want one but I know I won’t be using it all the time. I had plenty of situations before in which I could have really used the gopher deluxe and I wish I could go back to some of those moments to tell myself to get one of these. It’s a simple design, so it should last and work well.


Rhonda G July 14, 2013 at 1:07 pm

I bought the Gopher Deluxe after my mom fell and broke her hip. I wanted her to have something to grab things without having to bend over or reach as the doctor advised against this. I saw this on TV and thought great it comes with the handy light. It does work great as she was able to reach up into the cabinets or pick something off the floor. I advised her not to try to grab heavy objects as I didn’t trust it so I don’t know if that works or not. I paid ten dollars for this which wasn’t bad, but went to the dollar store and found one without the light for only a dollar. She never used the light on hers so I could have saved nine dollars, but it’s good to have around.


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