Does Nothing Really Stick to the Gotham Steel Fry Pan?

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Gotham Steel Pan

With all the new technology that includes all different kinds of materials the cookware industry has had a hard time keeping up. There has been a frenzy of excitement with part of being the launch of the Gotham Steel Pans. These caused such a stir of excitement that they soon became the talk of the kitchen seen. But has it been good talk or bad?

What’s The Pitch On The Gotham Steel Pans?

Daniel Green

The Gotham Steel Cookware has appeared on many TV infomercials and is actually endorsed by well-renowned chef Daniel Green and has sold thousands of units worldwide. One of the biggest features is without any type of oil butter or grease, everything you cook will just slide out of the pan with ease.

The buzz is all around the materials which are:

  • Non stick ceramic
  • Strong titanium

This doesn’t tell you much except they are basically two somewhat recognizable materials that a cook might relate to. However, the big claim is that Gotham Steel is the first company to combine these two components together to make it the success that they are claiming that it is. So what does this combination allow for?

What Makes Gotham Steel Pans Better Than Ordinary Pans

Gotham Pan Intro

  • The everyday normal pans, even when they say they are non-stick, use a very thin Teflon or PTFE coating to try and make food from sticking to the surface. Apparently there have been some health concerns about using pans with a Teflon coating because of the content of PFOA which is a harmful chemical.


  • This particular pan is made of titanium-reinforced ceramic and is free of PFOS, PTFE, AND PFOA chemicals.  The beauty of this pan is that it is extremely durable and has a scratch-proof surface that is even safe to use with metal utensils.

Benefits Of Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel Demo

  • The manufacturer utilizes Ti-Cerama technology instead of using Teflon
  • A healthier way to keep your food from sticking to the pan
  • No need for oils or butter or any other additives to keep your food sliding out of the pan with ease
  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Free from harmful chemicals such as PTHE, PFOA, and PFOS
  • Safe for the whole family to use
  • Easy cleanup

How Are Gotham Pans Unique?

Gotham Steel pots and pans really hit the market around 2015 and since then have gotten a lot of promotion. You no doubt have seen the commercials or infomercials showing all the amazing feats this cookware can do. They make big claims about the quality and how efficient they are, and that if taken care of, they will last you for many years to come.

The surface

  • What makes this cookware unique from other non stick cookware is the fact that they use a safe mix of robust titanium and a non-gluey ceramic surface. It is because of this surface that they are able to hold up to their claims that you need no butter or oils to make your food slide right off the pan into your plate with amazing ease.

The weight

It is because of the high-quality Titanium that makes these pans so durable, so they can last you a long time. Even though Titanium has a heavyweight, the manufacturers have been able to design these pans so the weight is ideal for working with.

This means they are not too heavy but at the same time, they are not too light as well. This is very important with pans like this because you are able to transfer food from one pan or pot to another, or taking the food out of the stove, and having the right weight in the pot and the handle can make all the difference.

Are Gotham Pans Safe To Use?

Gotham Steel Pan and Chicken


Whats makes this brand stand out as far as safety is that it is sold with an assurance that the no stick coating will never contaminate the food, even if you use metal utensils, use high heat on the stovetop, or even in the oven, as this cookware is able to withstand very high temperatures.

No harmful chemicals

Gotham Steel is totally free from many harmful ingredients in their coating such as PFOA, PTFE or PFOS.  Even if you use a high temperature like 500 degrees, apparently this cookware does not emit any harmful gas or substances into the food.

The Controversy

Anger cook

There has been a lot of use and a lot of talk about the Gotham Steel Pans. So much so that it is causing a fair amount of confusion. So where is the problem?

Two Very Different Demonstrations:

As one can imagine you will find a lot of demos on this pan at Youtube. Here are two examples that are going to take this pan to opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Happy Client:

The Unimpressed Client:

An Observation

In the first video, it shows the cook using the pan. The second video does not. So were the same cooking methods used? The first chef reduced the heat after the pan got hot. Did the second chef do the same when cooking the bacon? However, the claim is that the pan is still not supposed to burn on high heat.

You can try and decipher out the rest.


Average Feedback:

Looking at 5,704 ratings the single 15” pan has gotten a 3.4 out of 5 star review. With 48% giving it a 5 star. 27% have given it a 1 star and the rest are in between. What does this indicate?

It indicates that it is an average quality pan

But what may have happened here is that the company hyped the market up to such a degree that this pan was flawless that it caused huge disappointment and people are angry about this and are speaking out more than what they normally would do.

make a choice

The bottom line is that if you are still wanting to try the Gotham Steel Pan for yourself then perhaps lower your expectations. Determine if you are willing to pay around $20 to $25. For an average pan.



320 Customer Reviews on “Does Nothing Really Stick to the Gotham Steel Fry Pan?

  1. Thank you Cindy. Yours is the only review or comment from one who actually used the product. I appreciate you taking the time to leave this information. ?

  2. These guys probably were hired by Gotham steel people to review the pan. My question is this: The pan may work just fine, but with all the technology we’ve got these days, don’t you think this has already been invented or tried? It’s possible you can find the same thing under a different name for less.

  3. I bought the 9.5 inch pan and recieved it well within the shipping time quoted, I hae used it several times and it works great, excatly as stated…I have gone to the website and they have a variety of sizes, I will be ordering more once I have used it for at least a month. Great value for the money I would say!

  4. Taking the time to write this because I am OUTRAGED that you wasted my time and made money doing it. How the **** can you give this a “thumbs up” when its 100% clear you have not tested the product nor have you even come in contact with the product?? You saw the commercial, skimmed their web site and wrote this “review” and endorsement. BS. How about you order one, cook a few things in it and THEN write the review?

  5. DOES IT WORK?! HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT OUT?! You provide details about the pan that are already on their website. Do you have anything to add that would convince me to buy the pan? Thank you

  6. So did you guys actually use it? My guess is no. How can you write a review based on the materials used to make it make sense? Plus if you had actually bothered to use it you would know the rivited design of the handle means you don’t need an oven mitt (all my pans at home use this design and I have never used one). Thanks for wasting my time.

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