Does Grecian Formula Fight Aging & Make you Look Younger?

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Grecian formulaFighting the effects of aging has become a new found passion of many Americans as it is a common belief that the younger that a person looks, the more successful and powerful the image is and Grecian Formula is one substance that can reintroduce youthful looks to all men.


Mens Grecian Formula

Throughout the ages, both men and women have looked for ways to make themselves look younger as the years’ pass.  Women spend billions of dollars every year on products that will make them look younger, and men have their own ways to try and tap into the fountain of youth as well.

Grey Hair Reduction

Men’s Grecian Formula is a hair coloring product that apparently works great at gradually reducing grey from all different types of men’s hair colors. Whether your hair is black, blonde, or even white, it works to reduce grey and actually restores the natural hair color

History Of The Product

Greying hair

Men’s Grecian Formula was developed in New York in 1961 and was originally designed to get rid of the elderly signs of men’s hair turning gray.

It became quite popular because it was actually able to return the users hair back to its original color over a period of time.

Nowadays it can be found in over 30 countries worldwide and is sold in three different forms, cream, foam and liquid,which apparently are all easy to apply and maintain.

What Does It Do?

Hair Coloring

Men’s Grecian Formula contains ingredients that work to bring back your natural hair color.  The beauty of this product compared to many others on the market is that it works gradually which makes it look more natural.

Even people around you will perhaps notice that over time your hair looks much better, but because it takes a few weeks to start working, it won’t be a shock to people that see you every day.

How Does Men’s Grecian Formula Work To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

Hair change


As we start to get older we find that the color of our hair starts to change.  Melanin is a chemical compound that is responsible for the color of our hair and as we get older we start to produce less and the individual strands start losing their pigmentation.

Dark Hair

Those Individuals that have darker hair, fortunately, have more of this Melanin than those with lighter color hair.  Many other products on the market work to change the color of every single strand of hair.

Men’s Grecian Formula uses a Melanin like substance that works as a protein that your hair is missing to actually revert your hair back to the way it used to look.

The Pros


Unlike other dyes that are on the market that change your whole hair color instantly, by using this product you can use it until you reach the desired shade. Then you only need to use it two to three times every week to keep the color maintained.

If you want to get rid of the grey just a bit at a time and perhaps keep just a bit then this is one of the leading products out there.

The Cons



The formula used that replaces the lost pigmentation { Melanin) uses two active ingredients lead acetate a and sulfur which creates a lead sulfide.

Now although lead acetate has been deemed a poisonous substance, there has been no proof whatsoever that there have been any health-related issues in the 45 years Men’s Grecian Formula has been on the market.

In addition, metallic salts, which is an active ingredient in the formula, have been used for over a century for coloring hair. Hair coloring is not always the only concern. Some individuals are worrying about thinning hair and need to find solutions for this as well.

There actually have been studies on whether this product is safe and so far the results have been fine although there have been some complaints about the bad odor.

 How To Use The Product



As stated there are three different types of applications you can use, cream, liquid and foam which is the most popular and considered the most convenient.

  • It has been found that the formula seems to work better on hair that is fine and light-colored compared to hair that is very dark and coarse.


  • It is very important though, that the product is used properly to get the results you are looking for. You have to leave the formula in your hair for a couple of days so it has time to work.


  • If you put the formula on at night and then wash it off in the morning you will not get the best results, but if you have the need to wash your hair every day, you are best to apply it at night and then cover with a plastic bag to avoid it drying too quickly. Put the bag on for about an hour and then remove and dry naturally, this way it has a better chance of working, although it may take a little longer.

What Are The Cost Comparisons Between Products?


Though the prices may differ at the various sites like Amazon and Walmart for example, you are looking around the $10 price tag for the smaller 4 oz package that comes with a conditioner and the 8 oz with the conditioner runs about $14-$17 depending on where you shop.

What Are The Reviews For This Item

Positive Reviews

This product has been on the market for years and has been a leader in men’s hair coloring. For many individuals, Mens Grecian Formula does exactly what it says it does and gives them the hair color they are looking for.

Keeping a little grey is something a lot of men want to do and using this product it allows them to do so. The product is easy to apply and once you achieve the optimal results you simply have to use it every other day to keep the color you desire.

Keep in mind that every individual is different so naturally the results will vary from one person to another. The bottom line is that it will give you a more youthful look and because it is done gradually it truly looks more natural.

Negative Reviews

Due to some health concerns, Grecian decided to change their formula somewhat, with the lead acetate being replaced with bismuth citrate which is not poisonous. Now even though the new formula uses the same principles as the older product some people state that it does not work near as well as the product they use to buy in the past.


Again because results can vary you are best to try it and see if it gives you the hair color you are looking for



1,983 Customer Reviews on “Does Grecian Formula Fight Aging & Make you Look Younger?

  1. Used this product for 45 years and it did the job. The new formula is either snake oil or pure water. I purchased a 16 bottle 2 weeks ago, soaked my hair in it every day and hair shows no sign of color change. I tossed the half used bottle in trash, where it belongs. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT. If I could give this O stars I would.

  2. agreed with all of the above.

    The old stuff worked. The new stuff without any sediment on the bottom DOES NOT WORK..I bought the just for men shampoo control x but read on line that it thins out your hair.


  3. It has really become totally ineffective since they changed the formula. Don’t waste your money. Daily applications are useless and if it rains dye runs down your forehead.

  4. The new formula does not work. It is a rip off. I have tried it for a year now and it is useless. The old formula was excellent.

  5. whats in it other than the lead acetate? thinking of getting some and mixing it to make the old formula that worked!

  6. I am giving this 5It works if you really use it the way the instructions say. If you want everyone to know you color your hair and have skunk obvious grow out, then JUST COLOR YOUR HAIR and hush! This gives the results most of us want at a gradual level and no one is having a discussion about it behind your back! It is easy and has very natural results! Everyone’s hair has levels of red and that is part of the natural process. Use it correctly!

  7. Over the last 3 months I have used two full bottles of the Grecian 200 liquid and have been applying it every second to 3rd day and for the most part, my hair is still grey.
    It does seem to work but not as they say.
    For this stuff to work as any real benefit, you would have to use it every day I would think!

  8. I had been using the original formula of Grecian for about 15 years with wonderful results. About 15 mi this ago they changed the formula and now it stinks and it does nothing at all as all my grey came back. I wrote the company on several occasions to ask why they changed the formula and to let them know that the new formula does not work at all. After the 1st bottle of the new formula my hair turned gray within a week.
    The manufacturer has never responded to any of my emails so I stopped using the product.

    It is really too bad that screwed up the product because so many of us used it for so many years. The formula change is right up there with the time Coke changed their formula and the public went crazy demanding the original come back again.

    I’m retired after over 40 years in Marketing and Advertising and I will never understand why some companies that have a winning product feel they need to fix something that doesn’t need fixing.

  9. The old Formula was band in the USA by a consumers group that obviously were not users of the product because it had Lead Acetate that could POSSIBILITY harm us. The new product is just as everyone is complaining about. The original product I have used for 18 years once or twice a week and worked fine. The original product was banned in Canada and Europe and those men were purchasing from the USA. Increase the warning of POSSIBLE HARM and let us men make the decision on using it. The FDA test found no evidence of Lead in men’s blood. Bring back OUR PRODUCT NOW!!!

  10. The new dye based formula may or may not work on the hair, but it definitely works on the hairy part and the bald parts of my scalp. It rubs off with a towel and leaves a dark brown stain on the towel. I don’t know if the do-gooder consumerist saved my life, but I do know they screwed up an effective product.

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