Does Grout Bully Really Work?

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Does Grout Bully really work?Grout Bully would appear to be a savior for many people that want new-looking grout in the shower, bathroom, or any other tiled surface. In the advertisement, all that is claimed that you need to do is wipe it on, let it sit, and wipe it off. Many people think this is a cleaner, but it is really designed as a cover-up, so does it do the job?

When you get your bathroom refinished everything looks so pristine. However, it’s a very high-traffic zone and seems to get very dirty, very quickly. Especially in the shower, where mold is always a problem because of the wet conditions. Dirt, grime, and mold can all make your beautiful grout look not-so-beautiful in short order.

Scrubbing away with a cleanser, or other cleaning product, can wear you out in a hurry because of all the elbow grease that is required. Many times, you have to scrub very often in order to keep up appearances. If you neglect your scrubbing duties for a considerable length of time you’ll eventually need to replace your grout. But Grout Bully wants you to believe that the solution is just a few clicks away.

The Claim
Grout Bully states that all you have to do is gently wipe on their product, let it sit for 2 minutes, wipe off the excess, and you’re done! This is because it’s not actually cleaning your grout but just covering it up. It’s merely a cosmetic application, and not designed to clean or undo any of the built-up dirt.

The Hype
Grout Bully has the standard as seen on TV infomercial that exaggerates the problem of having dirty looking grout, and also makes the use of the product look far more easier than it is in real life. It doesn’t have much more hype than that, in fact it has some anti-hype because people are complaining that it doesn’t work and that they got ripped off at the checkout. Plus the Better Business Bureau gives the makers of Grout Bully an F rating.

The Cost
This is where things get sticky. Perhaps the first thing that gets people ready to buy is the low price of $10 for Grout Bully. However, like many of these types of products, the manufacturers make up a low price by charging excessively high shipping charges. In the case of Grout Bully they combined this strategy with a buy one get one free offer that tacks on an additional shipping charge.

Before you know it you’re paying two $8 charges to ship two separate bottles, plus the original $10 getting your order total to around $26. There’s even reports that some people are charged double this, upwards of $50 or more. The product is not available on Amazon or other retailers. This means that you have only so many options if you want to order it, and you can’t avoid this shady practice.

The Commitment
Although the commitment level is shown to be very low in the infomercial, real users have reported that it’s not very easy to use when you get home. Even the very act of applying the liquid to the grout is reportedly not easy. You have to squeeze very hard in order to get anything to come out, making it hard to make a nice smooth even line that is shown in the TV spots.

It’s easy to see that in order to do a big job like the entire shower you would need to commit yourself to a lot of hard, tedious work which might be worth it if it actually did what it said. If it’s main function is to cover up your grout, it fails miserably in this regard. Mold stains are still visible even with a double coat applied to the grout.

Final Grout Bully Review

Grout Bully is just one of those products that you love to hate. Apparently, they bully you into ordering more than you actually wanted and before you know what you’ve even purchased, the transaction is complete. There are hundreds of complaints from consumers out there, all complaining about the same thing.

Not only is the ordering process a scam, but the product itself is not worth anything at all. We might be able to overlook the ordering process shenanigans if they produced a stellar product that covered your grout and made your bathroom look like new. By combining such a lowbrow ordering sham with a product that shows that no effort was made to bring something of value to the market, they get a double thumbs down.

Our Recommendation
The Grout Bully makes it into the Hall of Shame. It is a product that your mother warned you about. Not only is it well documented that they rip you off at the time of the order, they also send you a product that does very little to help with the problem. Furthermore, if you try to get your money back it will only be on the low price of the product itself, and not for the shipping and handling.

This means after nearly spending $30 to buy the product and have it shipped, and then spending money to ship it back, you’ll still be out the shipping and handling charges which total more than the product itself. This is a classic example of why made-for-TV products have a bad reputation.

Give Grout Bully a wide berth, and stick to other grout cleaning methods or just re-grout as needed for less expense from your local hardware store.

Best Alternative to Grout Bully: Homax Grout Whitener

What do you think? Does Grout Bully work or not?

83 Customer Reviews on “Does Grout Bully Really Work?

  1. I just finished my bathroom. It is a small tile floor bathroom and I paid $3 for grout bully at a dollar general on the clearance rack. The directions are not very clear, so common sense and picking up on things quick goes a long way. Clean the floor first, let it dry, apply along the grout lines. Don’t try to do it in one swipe. Do 2 layers, let it dry for 2 hours in between. When you run down the grout line you may have to go over it a few times sometimes turning the bottle and getting the edge of the applicator in the groove to make it smooth, squeeze hard! It’s not super easy, but it’s not duper hard either! Let the product sit for a few minutes, wet the sponge and lightly go over the area with the line in the middle of the sponge, so you are just taking off the excess off the tile, not down in the groove. Let it dry for 2 hours and then do another layer. Then that must dry all day before it cures. Do not wash after you apply. It’s not a cleaner it’s a resurfacing product. I bought it thinking it was a cleaner but as soon as I started putting it on I figured it out! My bathroom floor looks a hundred times better. You can even use it to cover the existing color of grout. I would not try this on a large project because it probably would get aggravating. I’m pretty sure it was designed with a small area in mind.

  2. Hi John,

    Forgive my ignorance. The Grout Bully painted my grout and not my kitchen floor tile which is good. What do I buy myself that if I get it on the floor tile wipes right up without me having to worry that it paints the floor tile too. I was relieved that even though grout bully was a mess to clean off the floor tile, it didn’t stain or paint the floor tile.


  3. I agree with you. Is there anything on the market that actually cleans? I tried Tilex Mold and Mildew on the grout in the kitchen and it didn’t seem to phase it even though it contains bleach.

  4. Frank,

    I do not consider myself to be stupid, nor am I an employee of Grout Bully! I have an MBA along with much practiacal sense and experience. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to make judgements about other people’s intelligence. The product is marketed to promote and is MISLEADING. The brush provided doesn’t really clean anything other than sweeping off any debris that could be easily picked up with a vaccum cleaner. It is a grout paint as I surmised after the fact by the different color options. I wanted my grout cleaned not painted, but it does look nice. The main problem with the product is the marketing is misleading, it’s not a cleaner. The other operational problem is that the applicator wears out before you’re done applying the product as it is so hard to come out of the bottle. Since the applicator wears out, it doesn’t apply evenly as promised.

  5. I mistakenly bot the tan color instead of terricotta which is the color of my tile. It did a decent job of covering up the original color that was darker from being dirty which I couldn’t get to lighten by cleaning. The bad thing is it is hard to get an even job but unless you get on your knees to look, it looks pretty good. Overall, I’m satisfied as I bought the bottle for $5.95 clearance at Wal-Mart. It covered my kitchen but not my utility room so now I have to go online and pay the regular price for another bottle and shipping. Ideally, I should have paid closer attention and ordered the correct color online. But still did decent job. Beware that the sponge applicator wore out before I was done causing the application not to be smooth. I had to press down on the applicator to get the product out. I’m not sure what else is on the market for cleaning as I saw the bottle marked down at Walmart and grapped it.

  6. After seeing the commerical on the grout bully ive been dying to try it to give my floors a nice clean up without having to use bleach or scrub with other harsh chemicals. I thought it would be a nice quick fix, I was wrong! I tested a small area and wiped the access amount off around the grout and let it sit for several hours before washing my floor and a lot of it washed right off and was just as discolored as before. It reminds me of shoe polish for your grout that washes off.

  7. I had my doubts at first after reading reviews n I was disappointed at first. If you take the time to read all the directions though, it says u may have to leave product on longer. So what I didwas leave it on for 15 minutes before I wiped it off ( and BTW the sponges they give u don’t work at all…at least on my tile floors. I used a hot rag and wiped side to side, not along the grout line n it worked great! I did need to go over it twice but my floors look amazing now and it does say u may need to go over the area twice. So for those of you who left bad reviews, give it a second chance. Leave on longer and use a warm rag not the sponge. I bought mine at Dollar General for $10 n didn’t have to pay for s/h charges. This stuff is worth the $.

  8. The people who orded offline or via telephone are going to be way more frustrated with the product, as opposed to people who bought it locally and only paid 8 bucks. The product has gimmicks, and shame on you for not expecting that when purchasing an AS SEEN ON TV product. I got it locally, and will tell you….
    1) Its a topical solution.
    2) Application process sucks…It is way more labor intensive than it looks due to the bottle, dry time, and in most cases multiple applications. In retrospect…it is way less labor intensive than say a grout saw, and the regrouting process
    3) skip the “erasers” and use a rag…Dont wipe the grout, just the tiles the excess is on.
    4) probably a last resort recomendation, and probably wouldnt recommend for large areas. a sealer and go that route. I own a tanning salon and wanted a new look and clean things up a bit. The grout here is about 12 years old and I assure you i will be going with a different solution.

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