Do Heart Locket Messages Really Work?

Heart Locket MessagesWhile sending a special message in a special way would be most appropriate for Valentines, it is also a great way of doing something special for someone special, at any time of year and Heart Lock Messages may be the perfect delivery system.

Lockets that one wears as a piece of jewelery and those that open up to reveal what was normally a picture inside are not something new, and have been around for a very long time. What is a new approach with these is having a message placed within them that the recipient of the heart locket can cherish forever. A place that promotes these and provides a wonderful selection of lockets and even other pieces that a message can be placed in is at at the Dearest Mine Shop.

The Claim
The Vintage styled heart lockets that are available at Dearest Mine that can contain a personalized and customized message appear to be in limited supply. The company makes the same claim with some of the other styles of message jewelery.

The Hype
There really isn’t any need for hype because the intent of buying a gift for someone already exists. Any piece of jewelery that is well made and can deliver a personalized message like the heart locket messages can then it sells itself.

The Cost
You probably could do the same with any locket that opens up. Instantly turn it into a heart locket messages item. The ones that are available at Dearest Mine appear to be well made, and are hand made and most reasonably priced at $32.10 cdn.The one we really liked is made of brass with a gold plated chain.

The Commitment
If you are looking for a gift that really sends an extra message of love then the heart locket messages may be just what you are looking for. While we have given you one example of where you can find these there are other resources around as well. A different version can be found at Eves Addiction. You might want to give this potential gift idea a little thought before you purchase. Also, if you have several gifts to buy for like those in a family, then you may want to purchase different types so each gift is unique. This way you can put the same message in both yet they are different.

We are not going to evaluate any one specific brand although we do feel that the offerings at Dearest Mine are really nice and very reasonably priced. Plus you have a selection of different styles if you don’t want to go with the heart shape.

Final Heart Locket Messages Review

We are going to give this concept and gift giving idea a thumbs up rating. It is unique, and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift then it is an additional way of making it a little more special.

Our Recommendation
We recommend the heart locket messages jewelery for gift giving to a sweetheart, or perhaps for the new graduate. It even makes the perfect birthday gift, or just a really nice way to send a message to a friend. Now a totally different take and different approach to necklace are the Phiten necklaces. If you are looking for something different, and a gift that is getting some good positive feedback then you will want to check this out.

What do you think? Do Heart Locket Messages work or not?

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