Does Using HeelTastic Mean Your Dry Cracked Feet Will Feel Good Again?

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foot careWe all know what can happen when the feet are in less than perfect condition. Not only from a mobility point of view but for appearance purposes. There are different things that can go wrong with the feet but a common problem is dry cracked heels. Heeltastic is a product that is being promoted as the fixer for this foot issue.

What Is Heeltastic?

This is a foot care product that has been formulated to deal specifically with dry cracked heels and other areas of the foot that may be dry and cracking. It is considered to be an intensive therapy.

What Are The Dangers Of This Kind Of Foot Problem

To begin with, there is the pain and discomfort that can come from the cracking of the skin. Every time a person with this condition goes to put their foot down they will feel discomfort.

Then there is the risk of infection as bacteria can settle into the cracks.

The skin on the heels can become thick as the body tries to heal this area. Over time this can interfere with the fit of the shoe wear.

Finally there is the appearance. Both men and women love to wear sandals in the warm weather, but if they have dry cracked heels this is going to make the feet look unsightly.

What Causes Dry Cracked Heels?


dry heels

Free Pik

When the rim of the heel becomes dry and thick then it will start to crack.

The increased pressure that is put on the foot with each step causes the dry thickened skin to split open.

Some common causes of skin drying and thickening are:

  • Being overweight
  • Open heel footwear
  • Friction from the back of the footwear
  • Weather factors such a dry air in the house during the winter
  • Constant exposure to hot water such as showers that are too hot
  • Some skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can cause this
  • Post menopause can be another cause which is called acquired keratoderma

What Makes Heeltastic Work?

It all comes down to the active ingredients in the product. Which is a whole gambit of ingredients that have proven to be beneficial for the skin. They have each been recognized for having healing and some have antibacterial properties to it. It is interesting to note on the label as it lists the ingredients that it calls them inactive. The active ingredient is dimethicone (1%)


This is a very popular ingredient that is used in a lot of skincare products. Its main purpose is to keep the product in such a condition that it can be applied easily and goes on smooth and feels silky. An additional benefit is that it is able to lock in moisture because it has large molecules.

Some of the other prominent ingredients that no doubt are allowing this product to work are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Carnauba
  • Shea Butter
  • Neem
  • Karanja Oil

Another listing in the ingredients is a proprietary blend of essential oil. A concern here is if one were allergic to one of the essential oils they wouldn’t not if this were part of the ingredients here. It is understandable that the company wants to keep its trade secret.

Deeper Penetration

According to the promoters they say that most treatments for this heel problem are that they sit on top of the skin. But, Heeltastic is supposed to provide deeper penetration.


A Change In Formula

change in ingredients

A few years back there was some talk among users that there was a change in formula. However, others who have ordered it several times don’t feel that there has been any change. Some have commented on the odor of the product is better.

The Company

It appears as though Neutraderm Inc. is the manufacturer of Heeltastic. Although they are a private label company. In one of the old Commercials, there is a spokeswoman Melinda Clark who says she formulated the product because she had the dry cracked heel problem.

How To Use The Product

Product use

YouTube Screenshot

One of the benefits of this product is that it is easy to use. It comes in a roll on applicator so application is easy.

Other Uses

sore elbows



This product can be used on other areas of the skin that are showing signs of dryness and cracking like the knees or elbows.


What Do Users Say


Overall according to one Amazon offer the product has received a 4.8 out of 5-star review. 88% have given it a five-star rating while only 2% gave it one star.

Breaking it down by features these reviewers rated it as

  • 4.9 for moisturizing
  • 4.8 for softness
  • 4.6 value for money
  • 4.4 scent

As can be seen by these ratings the most important is the moisturizing and softening benefits which is what dry cracked heels need.

Positive Comments

There are many positive comments and a few examples are from some of the latest users:

“Highly recommended. Great for diabetic feet”

“A must-have”

“Weird but it works”

Negative comments

“Tube smashed upon receipt and no return possible – very disappointed.”

The top critical review dates all the way back to 2016 when it seems that around this time they was some controversy over whether there was a change in formula.


There are lots of different foot care products that can be used to treat the dry cracked heels. But, prevention is even better than having to treat something. They are plenty of steps that can be taken to prevent this condition. Just looking at the potential causes then trying to avoid these is a big step in the right direction. Another is using a product like Amope to help keep the thickening of the skin to a minimum which will allow for even better penetration of Heeltastic

24 Customer Reviews on “Does Using HeelTastic Mean Your Dry Cracked Feet Will Feel Good Again?

  1. I don’t work for the company. To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember when or where I bought my first tube of Heeltastic. I’ve used all kinds of creams and, yes, vaseline. I now use Heeltastic by itself or I put on lotion to soak in and then put Heeltastic over it. I’m VERY happy with it. In fact, the tube recently ran low so I looked in a few stores since I couldn’t remember where I got it (Now that I think about it, probably in my Christmas stocking). I couldn’t find it so went online and ordered more. I highly recommend it. It has a nice consistency – it’s like rubbing on a soft deodorant – and almost no smell – I don’t like perfumey smelling products.

  2. Heeltastic is the ONLY product that ever worked for my dry, cracked, callused, feet. You name it, I tried it. With “As seen on TV” stuff I am usually very doubtful, but this product does work wonders. My feet looked better after only a few days of using it once daily.
    My advice is to use it before you go to bed, because it is very greasy. Maybe put socks on. It left grease stains on my sheets, I’m more careful now. But it’s a small price to pay for finally having beautiful, smooth feet.

  3. This has been an awesome product! Moving to CT from the south has been an adjustment to say the least. One of them includes different skin care. I NEVER had dry, gray, chafed, cracked, funky & gross, with calluses so thick I didn’t know what to do! You name it – I tried. I tried EVERYTHING on Pintrest, googled and tried what I found! Heel Tastic was in with AS SEEN ON TV section in a few stores i frequently visit. Just 1 application and TA-DA! I am no longer embarrassed by my feet appearance nor my husband wrinkling his nose in discust when I ask for a foot rub! Price is great too! (I found it at Burlington Coat Favtory for 5.99$ fyi) I would pay much.

  4. I am very dubious about the evaluations of this product. I do not know who these people are, whether they are professionals, doctors, dermatologists, or just employees of the product. The product came without any user instructions, such as how often to apply, time of day for best results, how long before results can be expected, etc. My wife has used this product for 3 days now, and there has been no change in her heels. Until more believable clinical evaluations are made, I would suggest saving your money. Vaseline seems to work as good if not better than this product and is much cheaper.

  5. This stuff did not work at all for me. I still have cracked feet and cracked calluses on the sides of my big toes.

  6. Wow!! I suffer from psoriasisiof the hands and feet, i get deep bleeding cracks on my heels, soles and even balls of my feet. So painful can’t even walk and I just cannot do anything just sit or lay down! Heeltastic works almost instantly. A soon as I put it on my feel it soothes the pain and overnight it works its miracle and everything starts to heal. I honestly was in tears over my feet and no matter what the dermatologist prescribed it never work as good as this!! Well saved me from pain and risk of intentions on my feet. I don’t think I can stress enough how this stuff is so great! should be called Miracle Foot Salve…because it’s life saver.

  7. Unlike a whole lot of TV advertised products, this stuff actually works, and works well!!!!…I had VERY painful cracks in my heels, wearing sandals in the summer, they even bled at times,and Heeltastic cleared that right up in a few days. I always try to check reviews of TV-advertised (“Call now and we’ll double your offer” type garbage) and the stuff advertised is mostly junk, but really, this stuff works!!!

  8. I have used this product for a few years now and it is the only product I have ever found that actually works on dry, cracked heels. My entire adult life I have struggled with this, sometimes even to deep, painful, bleeding cracks in the winter. I have tried every product under the sun that promises to work and none have ever worked, until I tried this! It’s easy to use and it works! I never have dry, cracked heels any more. I absolutely love it and recommend it. I tell all my yoga friends to try it.

  9. Wonderful product is all I can say.. complete satisfaction..and I’m not just saying that.

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