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Does Hot Huez work?Hot Huez is temporary hair chalk that lets you color your hair in many different ways, without having to commit to it being a permanent hair dye. It’s supposed to be easy to put on, and washes away in the shower, but how well does it actually stay on once applied?

Until now if you wanted to put highlights into your hair you had to use hair dye which meant you basically had to commit to that color and placement until your hair grew out, or you had your hair re-colored with a new shade. The concept here would allow you to color your hair just for a day or for the night without having to have it stick around into the following days and weeks. This is good because several of the colors are ones that you probably wouldn’t want in your hair long term, but are more just for fun.

The Claim
The makers of Hot Huez claim that these chalks are temporary, and that they wash out when you shampoo your hair. They also say that they’re easy to put on, you just clamp the unit around your hair and slide it down the length of your hair. They say it can be used on all types of hair, and that it’s safe and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about doing any damage to your hair. They say it goes on clean, with no mess left behind, and since it doesn’t involve any spray you don’t have to worry about color going all over the place. It only goes where you want it.

The Hype
Hair chalk is trending right now, fueled by celebrities and performers putting dazzling colors into their hair. It’s important to realize that when you see these celebrities on TV their hair has been attended to by professional stylists moments before they go on camera, and they are not using a system like this to put color into their hair.

The Cost
For a total cost of $23 which includes shipping, you get a set of four colors, some pony tail bands, and a case to carry it all in. There is also a way to get additional color, which include orange, yellow, red, and a light blue.

The Commitment
The nice part about using a temporary coloring agent is that it allows you to simply wash the color out and change things up the next day, or give your hair a rest if you don’t have anything going on. It’s nice that you can pick and choose which days and events to color your hair for. But at the same time if you put a color in and immediately change your mind you’re going to have to shampoo it out, which could increase the time it takes to get ready. That’s why you should do a trial run before any big event you have coming up.

Hot Huez is getting plenty of good feedback from users, which leads one to believe that it works as depicted in the video promo. What’s really necessary is to compare this to other hair chalk products being sold and see what the major differences are. The biggest one we found was that most of what out there comes in stick form, which can be messier to apply than this, but you’ll have a larger number of color options for a smaller price.

It’s really up to you to decide if it’s worth it. You can get a set of 24 colors for almost half the price, but it comes has sticks of chalk and doesn’t have the nice application proces that HH does. So you’d be sacrificing a lot of different color choices for ease of use, and you’d be paying more for it as well.

Final Hot Huez Review

Hot Huez is getting our Solid Try rating for bringing a fun product to market that’s easier and cleaner to use. It may seem like a bit much for a product that is eventually going to run out, and if you plan on using it long-term you are going to have to reorder this at some point, or switch to a different brand. It’s a nice addition to almost any hair styling kit, and having it handy is a good idea so you don’t get stuck in front of the mirror wishing you could color things up.

Our Recommendation
If you’re headed to the club or are going to a concert with your friends, it’s fun to style your hair in a way that gives it that extra wow factor. This can provide you with some dazzling colors, and the 4 choices they give you are good to be able to match different outfits and accessories that you might have.

Official Website: Hot Huez

What do you think? Do Hot Huez work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Do Hot Huez Work?

    I bought this for my granddaughter we put it on her hair and she wore it to school and when she came home she barely had any in her hair and it was all over her shirt this product is WORTHLESS!!! Don’t waste your money

  2. First, i bought it. And when i tried it it doesnt work. And then i have an idea to take off the white thingy, then i tried it again without the white thingy. And it works, but since i have dark hair it doesnt really showed up. But i think it works quite well. I used all of them. But when i tried the purple one it does not showed up at all. But hot huez works pretty good so far. You guys should try it.

  3. I have flat, smooth, boring black hair and am obsessed with coloring it! I’ve been using the Hot Huez since 2014, and I LOVE THEM! All the colors show up very well in my dark hair. They are so much fun to play around with, especially for dances and parties. I find that you don’t really need to use primer as it says in the directions. (I was too lazy to buy primer so I did the chalk without it and it worked like a charm!) The chalk does fade away, however, if you don’t lock it in with hairspray. The best way for your hair to not feel stiff with the chalk and the hairspray is to apply chalk, use hairspray, and then use the chalk again. It stays longer and doesn’t feel as stiff. BEWARE! The chalk gets everywhere, but it’s easier to clean than my other favorite hair chalk product, the Loreal Liquid Hair Chalk. Make sure you place a towel on your shoulders when using this.

  4. I havent tried it yet but now im depating. ive seen a lot of reviews and i dont know if they arent using it right or what. oh well. off to the store i go!

  5. It’s horrible, my daughter has blonde hair and it barely shows up. what color does show wears off fast, by the end of the day you can see no color, and leaves hair feeling dry and gritty course!
    Don’t waste your money.

  6. Its a little messy but it works! It gets on your fingers. But it comes right off for me! You should try it

  7. Don’t buy it!! It doesn’t work. Its soo messy! Like it gets everywhere. It ruined my fav. Shirt n shorts.when I put it on some of it got on my head n it took an hour to get it off. I used pink n purple. Its been about 4 washes or shampoos after I put it in and it still isn’t out yet!!! And I’m going swimming today I’m scared the colrine or whatever will effect it. Its just horrible
    Don’t buy it!!

  8. I don’t…what is this? Hair chalk? So it comes out after you wash it? I guess if you’re like, what, in need of a different hair colour for a night, then this is for you! No, I’m being an ass. I can see kids loving this and parents too, because those crazy decisions kids make to change their hair to some obnoxious colour will only last a day. I guess it could be fun. I’d like to know how well it works on dark hair though. I’ve tried to dye my hair before and it didn’t work because it was too dark. Would this work? Who knows. I’d never try it.

  9. My younger sisters are nuts about everything hair: hair accessories, hair gadgets, hair clips, and especially hair chalk. They have wavy and/or coarse hair so it is sometimes difficult to find a product that will not only have a smooth application to the hair but also a long lasting effect. Hot Huez definitely withstands all of their different personalities and activities (sports, etc.) and comes in a nice variety of colors. I personally think that the price of $23 for four colors and various accessories is not too bad, considering the fact that it worked so well for them.

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