Does the Hum by Verizon Really Work?

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Does Hum by Horizon Work?One of the disadvantages of having an older car is not being able to enjoy some of the amazing features and bells and whistles that the new ones come with. One that you can enjoy though if you have a vehicle that is made after 1996 is the Hum by Verizon.

The Hum by Verizon is an ODB-II Dongle that collects and provides you with all kinds of important information about your vehicle. Any car made after 1996 has a on board diagnostic port (ODB-II) that can be used for the devices like the Hum by Verizon for the collection of information. It is most important when it comes to knowing important aspects of your vehicle.

The Claim
The Hum by Verizon is a unit that is comprised of a Bluetooth speaker and control. It simply clips to the visor of your vehicle then connects with a USB charging cable into the cigarette lighter. Plus, it comes with a iOS and Android App.

The Hype
The hype really revolves around what the Hum by Verizon can do for you which is a lot of things. It will alert you about the statuses of various components of the vehicle like what fuel economy you are getting, how your battery charge status is, the coolant temperature of the transmission. It can give you a whole selection of diagnostic error codes if something is going wrong with the engine, and this is where the app comes in as it will tell you what these error codes means, what repairs may be needed and even an approximate costs. These are just a few of the benefits of the Hum by Verizon.

The Cost
You can expect a monthly fee for the Hum by Horizon. This includes the cost of the equipment, plus you can get additional vehicles set up for an additional monthly fee.

The Commitment
Actually the biggest commitment you are going to have is to really check out Hum by Horizon and carefully review all its features then determine if it is worth a monthly cost. You will discover that you will also be given road size assistance up to a max. of four times a year. You can immediately connect to 911, and one important feature is it can immediately detect if the vehicle has been in an accident and the airbag has deployed which in response the Hum by Horizon will call the driver to assess if help is needed. Plus, if your vehicle gets stolen then after you file a report with the authorities Hum can detect its location and give this information to the police.

With all of the benefits and what Hum by Verizon is able to do such as what we have talked about and more we believe that it is good value for the monthly expenditure. Plus, you don’t have to go out and buy a new vehicle just to get a device such as this.

Final Hum by Verizon Review

We are going to give the Hum by Verizon a thumbs up not only because of all the benefits and features it offers such as the ones we have talked about and more, but also for the benefits it affords parents who have kids driving their vehicles. Kids are not too happy with the information that Hum by Verizon is able to give their parents about their driving activities.

Our Recommendation
It really comes down to whether the type of information that Hum by Verizon is important to you. Another alternative if you want to track the driving record of your vehicle is the Driving Activity Reporter.

What do you think? Does Hum by Verizon work or not?

223 Customer Reviews on “Does the Hum by Verizon Really Work?

  1. Installed Hum and had 7 dead battery jumps over a course of 11 months. Had no idea it was the hum draining my battery. Finally the alternator went. Replaced that and 3 batteries before I unplugged it and viola, no problems at all. Do NOT buy this product! also never told me my battery was dead before I went out to a dead car. On top of all that, you can only connect one outside device to your account so if you have an iwatch the hum won’t even call anyone from the car manually.

  2. The Verizon hum keeps sending false codes about my car. I printed out 4 pages of diagnostics on my car from the hum, saying all these different components in my car were faulty. I brought the pages of info to my mechanic. My mechanic told me my car doesn’t have any of the components that the hum said was faulty. Nothing wrong with my car.

  3. original HUM device spit out all kinds of engine problem codes that turned out to be inaccurate. Cost over $100 to have the dealer check out the codes. HUM admitted there “there was a known software issue”.They sent a replacement HUM…..said they had to bill me for the new “upgraded product” but would refund later. Beware that many products like this are refurbished. I learned the hard way that refurbished products from Verizon use replacement parts that are not original to the product (ie: cheaper and coming out of China, etc) and this often voids any warranty. No refurbished products in my future. During this learning process, spoke with multiple multiple HUM and Verizon customer service people. So many different stories, it’s hard to pin point the truth. Original Verizon store basically lied about the price and expense of the HUM. I’m done with HUM. Replacement is going back (most likely refurbished anyway). and I expect to get taken aback by what they’ll bill me for. Shame on Verizon.

  4. I got HUM “free” when I upgraded a phone on my plan. 1. not free. 2. when the HUM diagnosed something wrong with my car I took it to the dealership and told them about the HUM and what the message said. the dealership did not “recognize” this device and said it would cost me $200 for them to hook my car up to their machine to find the problem. fortunately while repairing a different issue they did find the problem that the HUM had diagnosed and was able to make the repairs. not sure if I will keep or not.

  5. This device is dangerous. I was talked into it by a customer rep at Verizon. He said the new plan included it and it would lower my bill by 50 dollars. So I agreed to it. The guy put it on my vehicle and within 8 minutes of leaving the store it shut my truck completely down with no warning on an extremely busy road. Had to fight it to get it out of harms way. I called Verizon and they said that it wasn’t their fault and that signed the new agreement. So be cautious of this product. Do some research before you buy it. They are being dishonest to sell you this product that could put you and your family at risk.

  6. I had an accident with Hum plugged in my car August 12,2018. It NEVER triggered!! Since then I have been getting notifications that my car has not moved from that intersection! The car was totaled! It isn’t worth the money!!

  7. If I could give it 0 stars I would. The only reason why I bought the home is so my grandmother would feel safe me traveling around and know that she would be contacted amediately in case of an accident. Well 2 days ago my car was flipped and I was hanging from my seat belt. Hum did not contact 911 hum did not contact my emergency contact. It contacted no one. I didn’t get to contact my emergency phone number until I was pulled out of my wind shield and someone else found my phone. what is the point of having one and paying extra monthly fees if it does nothing?

  8. HUM – Caused all car warning lights to come on, 2 hours from the closest dealership. No communication of potential help w the device app. Waited 22 hours for ‘approved’ road side assistance to tow to the dealer. Rented a car. 3 days later the car was ready. Nothing wrong, as soon as they removed the HUM. That was Part 1 of this saga.
    Could not leave ZERO stars.
    Part 2: 1 Verizon chat, 2 store visits and 3 customer service calls. Was able to return the device, PAY for the return/restock fee, but was told I’d receive a refund for that on my bill.
    Part 3: Should have gone with T-Mobile.
    Avoid this product.

  9. Verizon lied about the cost you only have 13 days to return the item after 13 days you have to pay 120.00 to cancel the service I was with Verizon for 12 years I switched to T mobile for half the price
    much better company to work with

  10. Customer service is awful. After a week, the hum device just started periodically beeping and no one from customer service can even tell my why?? They told me it was not fully charged, but guess what? That was not the problem. They also told me technical support at a higher level would call me back. That never happened as well.

  11. No, it doesn’t work. This summer my wife and I went to a Verizon store to get upgrades on our two phones. The sales person showed us the Hum and we thought, OK we’ll give it a shot. After some initial connecting problems, it worked. Not perfectly, but it did work. In early November I parked my car at the airport. Well, although I’ve been back for six weeks, Hum still shows my car parked at the airport. I called Hum several times each time going to a “higher” level. During this time, my wife’s car’s Hum stopped working as well. Obviously, if you can’t find a solution in six weeks to a malfunctioning equipment it’s time to turn it in and halt the service. It’s then they tell you that despite the system not working you still are in a contract for the next 19 months. I plan on stopping the service anyway, and then file a complaint with the Consumer’s Protection Agency. Probably won’t help but I want to rid myself of this piece of crap. I will also leave Verizon.

  12. Seems these stars to vote are not working as I can’t click on them to rate this product. Getting to the point of why I’m taking the time to write this is that Hum is a crock. The car that it was set up in has been driven daily without Hum being plugged in for some time now… The most recent monthly report falsely claims the Driving History in every aspect either too high or too low, all while I can assure you the Hum has not been powered. Save your money or better yet, consider putting together a class action lawsuit. VZ is scamming you

  13. I have had battery problems for months: the car will start the night before and be dead the next day. Even the Toyota mechanics (it’s a 2008 Prius) couldn’t find a problem–at a cost of over $300. Last night it occurred to me that the Hum might be draining the battery. I looked up the reviews, and found I was not alone by any means. I’ll add to this list of complaints that it might also be draining your battery.

  14. Have had HUM in my 2013 Fusion for the last three weeks. Yesterday, while driving to work, ALL my dashboard lights came on, which is very frightening, especially when you’re driving alone. Took my car immediately home, to my mechanic, who advised me to bring it to a Ford dealership, because of all the lights that were on he thought it was clearly a Ford computer issue. The Ford dealership found the HUM plugged in, removed it and said this isn’t the first time they’ve seen this happen with HUM. They said it messes with car computers. I called Verizon today, who gave me a hard time and claim they haven’t heard one bad review about HUM. They acted like they’re doing me a favor by taking HUM off my account. They said, “Normally, we would charge $120 to deactivate it, but, for you, we’ll waive it” like I’m supposed to praise them now? Give me a break.

  15. What a waste of money. I got stuck on the side of the road and they could not find a tow truck to send. Pretty much just gave me a “good luck” solution. Had to use someone else’s aaa. Car diagnostics show nothing wrong and gave no alerts. That was after my battery and ignition switch went on it.

  16. A little less than 30 days after hum was installed in My 2012 Dodge Journey my radio & air conditioner quit working . I took it to my mechanic & he finally concluded that I needed a telematics gateway module. $1100.00 part. After reading multiple reviews about problems with the hum we disconnected it and after cranking & turning off my car 6 times the Radio & air conditioner started working. Went to Verizon & had to pay a disconnect fee to ge5 out of the contract waiting on a return label to mail it in to hopefully get the disconnect fee refunded.

  17. Hum SUCKS! Verizon customer service SUCKS…. as soon as my phone contract ends I’m back to AT & T I guess or Sonic.
    My Hum device I’ve had in my van since late November… The Salesman was good I guess to get me roped into the contract adding Hum. Since having it installed it has ACCIDENTALLY called 911 on 4 occasions. The first 3 times I thought it was me accidentally hitting the wrong button but this week it was while it was parked and we had both front doors open getting out stuff out!
    I thought she butt dialed someone as we could hear a voice. She got hers out it wasn’t in use, I got mine out and it was off as well. The 911 operator was asking if we were OK or if we needed an ambulance 🚑 because it told them I was in an accident!!! I cancelled it and got charged a deactivation fee….or early termination fee. Honestly people it is a DEFECTIVE product!
    UGH!!! Honestly emergency personnel must HATE these things mis dialing them! If I could give ZERO stars I would Grrrrrr

  18. I am still waiting for a 6:30 return call from Verizon to discuss my problem with Hum. I am so tired of putting up with the customer service at Hum and at Verizon at this point. It is now 7:39 pm. I cancelled my client appointment just now and am sorry I took the time with Hum this morning to establish my valid information and be sent to Verizon customer support . The man I spoke with was very nice but couldn’t take the time to give me what I needed so he told me he would call me at a time convenient for me. I told him I got off work at 5:30 and could take a call at 6:30 on my cell. He was very nice and said he worked late and it would not be inconvenient. Well…busted night for me because here I am without dinner and sitting by my computer with all the info on the problem. I am now wanting to return the hum and get it out of my life. What is customer service anymore???

  19. God never buy this product, first the reps don’t tell u its a 2 yr contract, if u try and take it back reps will lie and say its too late even though u have a 14 day window… Just doesn’t work half the time and him tech support does not give calls backs even though they says it can be up to 72 hours. Trust me I worked for hum. And I feel for anyone that gets it

  20. Wow so many people complain about this hum device, and retailers tell u different story, there should b a warranty with these devices if they dnt really work

  21. So, I upgraded my phone and the hum came with it free. I said ok its free why not. If I don’t like it I can take it out. So, it is installed and I downloaded the app. Other than my sister borrowing car one day that would be the only odd thing that should show up on the app…thinking it is only tracking my car. Well…it is not. The app also tracks you and if you don’t want that to show up on your report you have to go in to the app on to deselect the trip and check off the passenger choice. Seems fairly easy but if you are someone who takes a train to work every day it means I have to into my app every day and deselect those trips.

    So, I called HUM about it and said this is the only way to do it because the app tracks your car and you. I said that is counter initiative because the safety score is for the car not me. If I forget to check off myself as a passenger on my train travel that applies to my score. What if the train derailed and my score was sent to my insurance company. This could pose a problem because one of the perks of having Hum is to document that you are a safe driver and you can get a discount from your insurance company. BUT if it is taking into account my moves this doesn’t seem right.

    The HUM is a good idea, but it should track the car. Does my FITBIT track my driving? I find this stupid and useless at the point. Update the app to track the car only!

  22. Good idea, but the speaker unit only worked once and now it will not charge. VERY DISSAPOINTING!! This was the feature I wanted the most. The buttons on the side are very hard to read, again very disappointing. You can not cancel service without being charged. I have a sour taste in my mouth from Verizon. I would not recommend the Hum or Verizon.

  23. Hum is an ok device but not worth the money and if you ever switch cars they seem to have a hard time getting other cars correct. I had 3 of them in different cars my mother sold her car and when i tried to cancel that one they mistakenly cancelled te wrong one. tat was 2 weeks ago and after several calls to both verizon and Hum they could not get it straightened out and I finally gave up though I feel quite jaded for them charging a cancellation fee for a non working device

  24. Very disappointed in Hum . The staff that answers the phone is completely incompetent.
    The devices give wrong readings and incorrect fuel mileage . It seems that no one from Hum will respond to my complaint . I think I will cancel my service and return my 8 devises . What a scam .
    I will be sure to tell all of by business associates this is not a good investment .

  25. Do not buy had a relative get into an accident the device never alert us of my family member being hurt what’s the point of having it if it doesn’t communicate at all

  26. DO NOT BUY. Not only is this a huge waste of money but the device is triggering invalid codes on my vehicle. It has cost me time and money going to the dealership to figure out that there isn’t anything wrong with my car. Total garbage.

    1. My engine light came on my dash components went crazy,took to mechanic he told me this hum was the problem!!! Screwed my computer sent message but never told me anything. Returning it, will stick with AAA! DON’T BUY THIS TRUST THE REVIEWS.

      1. I just had the same problem. It worked okay for the first couple of months then I got a false report that there was a problem with my alternator, Took it in and no problem found. Continued to get that report then all my trouble lights started to come on at intervals and my turn signal would freeze. Then I got a, “Communication lost with telecommunication module”. I took it in this morning and my mechanic said that these devices have been reported lately to cause this type of problem with car computer systems. He removed it at my request. So far nothing more has happened will see if it is still clear tomorrow. If it is that damned device is going back to Verizon.

  27. this thing is a p.o.s it dont do anything but give false results, wondering how to have my money paid back. had my check engine light come on and the hum gave me a code. i take it to my mechanic to only find out there was nothing wrong with my truck. pisses me off that the people who make these things dont think ahead or Verizon dont take blame for a crappy product

  28. Thing doesn’t work. I have been trying to get it to work since AUGUST OF LAST YEAR. Last tech said to exchange it. 3rd party retailer says I have to take it to corporate store. Last time I was at corporate store it is manned by idiots.

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