Is it Worth Adding Newer Features To Your Old Car With Hum By Verizon

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Does Hum by Horizon Work?


One of the disadvantages of having an older car is not being able to enjoy some of the amazing features and bells and whistles that the new ones come with. One that you can enjoy though if you have a vehicle that is made after 1996 is the Hum by Verizon.

What is Hum By Verizon?

Hum and Cars

Hum by Verizon is a 4G LTE connected car solution device that is complete with Google Assistant. This unique product is designed for vehicles made in 1996 and later. This is due to the fact that vehicles made after 1996 contain an onboard diagnostic port (ODB-II). You simply clip it to your visor and insert the USB charging cable into the cigarette lighter power outlet.

How Does Hum By Verizon Work?


The buyer is required to purchase the Hum hardware along with a monthly subscription for tiered packages in order to receive various features and services. Hum also has Android and IOS apps available.

What Are Hum’s Packages and Costs?

Price for Hum


Hum provides crash response and 24/7 Pinpoint Roadside Assistance. The device can be used in your own vehicle, a rental or even in a friend’s vehicle. Additional benefits of the Hum are:

  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Travel Discounts
  • Location Sharing
  • Local Deals

Currently $6 per month plus taxes and fees.

*Costs subject to change


Hum+ includes the following features and services:

  • Location Sharing
  • Vehicle Location
  • 24/7 Pinpoint Roadside Assistance
  • Crash Response
  • Vehicle diagnostics and Mechanical hotline
  • Stolen vehicle assistance

Currently $19.99 hardware fee and $10 per month plus taxes and fees

*Costs subject to change

Hum X

Hum X includes the following features and services:

  • Location Sharing
  • Vehicle Sharing
  • 24/7 Pinpoint Roadside Assistance
  • Crash Response
  • Vehicle diagnostics and Mechanical hotline
  • Stolen vehicle assistance
  • Hum X speaker
  • Bluetooth Hands-free calling
  • Number share
  • Mobile Hotspot sharing up to 10 devices

Currently $34.99 Hardware fee and $15 per month plus taxes and fees

*Costs subject to change

How Do Hum By Verizon Features Work?

After purchasing Hum hardware and a subscription you will have several features and services available to you, depending on the package you have chosen. Below you will find some features and how they work.

Google Assistant

Google and Hum

With google assistant and Verizon’s network, your car now has a voice. Simply ask Google assistant for the information you want like “check the battery level”, “how long will it take to get to work?” To activate simply push the button on your hum speaker. This feature works with the Hum X subscription. Google Assistant also allows users to check on their vehicle with their Google Assistant-enabled phone or tablet. This feature works with Hum+ and Hum X subscriptions. Google Home can also be utilized with your vehicle Hum device. Google Home works with Hum+ and Hum X subscriptions.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Hum has the ability to check your vehicle’s health. Check on your vehicle from your phone before you make that road trip. Hum can also send alerts for problematic issues, along with a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). This product is capable of monitoring your vehicle’s battery, alternator, coolant, electronics, powertrain, emissions and wiring. Hum will provide you with an alert with a description of the issues found and how it can impact your vehicle. Set up a maintenance reminder for oil changes and other maintenance needs.

Mechanics Hotline

The mechanic’s hotline feature allows users to contact independent certified mechanics. These mechanics will provide you with unbiased advice on your vehicle’s issues. They will also provide you with estimates on repair costs. The mechanic’s hotline can be contacted two ways:

  • Call Hum Customer Service 1-800-711-5800 and ask for mechanic hotline connection
  • Use your Hum speaker to place a customer service call and ask to be connected to a mechanic

Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

The pinpoint roadside assistance feature allows users to obtain help when they need it. Hum can send assistance to your exact location 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you need a tire changing, have a dead battery or have simply lost your keys, help will be on the way. This service includes 4 requests per year, fuel delivery up to 3 gallons and towing up to 10 miles.

Crash Response

Hum Crash Response

Crash response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you own a Hum speaker and you need help, simply push the button on the speaker and call for help. If Hum detects a crash, and you have a speaker, the Hum Emergency Response Center will call you and has the ability to automatically send EMS to your exact location. The emergency contact will also be notified.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

With the assistance of Hum’s realtime location services, stolen vehicles can be recovered by law enforcement agencies. Once the vehicle has been reported stolen, simply contact Hum and give them your police report number and their agents will work collectively with police.

Speed and Boundary Alerts

This is a great feature for new drivers to remind them of speed limits and driving boundaries that can be set. Receive phone alerts when the boundaries or speed limits have been exceeded.

WI-FI Hotspot

With the Hum X subscription, you can turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi Hotspot for passengers to enjoy the use of their phone to play games, read e-books and live stream.


Hum provides turn by turn driving navigation to provide safe driving without taking your eyes off the road. This navigation tool also provides speed limits so you always know you are driving within the limits.

Customer Reviews

There are many mixed customer reviews, with the majority being negative. Many people that have purchased and used this device and services would not recommend it. It’s overall rating was 2.4 out of 5 stars.


A customer stated:


“I had a HUM device installed and it worked for about two years. Om 10/28/2019, my daughter called me and the car had stopped running. When I checked it out, the 15amp fuse to the fuel injector pump was blown. I replace the fuse with and without the ignition on and the fuse kept blowing. I had the car towed to a dealer and they removed the HIM device and replaced the fuse. The car has been running with no issues since. I called HIM and talked to them five times and they said it was a problem with my car. They did not reimburse me for my troubles. Genesee a supervisor at the j support HUM let me know about their decision on 12/30/2019. Don’t get this piece of JUNK!”



After reading several customer reviews, we would err on the side of caution and not recommend this product.


Micro Mechanic

It is always good to look at your options. If you are thinking you would like to rely on a good diagnostics program for your car then you may want to think about the

37 Customer Reviews on “Is it Worth Adding Newer Features To Your Old Car With Hum By Verizon

  1. Wow so many people complain about this hum device, and retailers tell u different story, there should b a warranty with these devices if they dnt really work

  2. So, I upgraded my phone and the hum came with it free. I said ok its free why not. If I don’t like it I can take it out. So, it is installed and I downloaded the app. Other than my sister borrowing car one day that would be the only odd thing that should show up on the app…thinking it is only tracking my car. Well…it is not. The app also tracks you and if you don’t want that to show up on your report you have to go in to the app on to deselect the trip and check off the passenger choice. Seems fairly easy but if you are someone who takes a train to work every day it means I have to into my app every day and deselect those trips.

    So, I called HUM about it and said this is the only way to do it because the app tracks your car and you. I said that is counter initiative because the safety score is for the car not me. If I forget to check off myself as a passenger on my train travel that applies to my score. What if the train derailed and my score was sent to my insurance company. This could pose a problem because one of the perks of having Hum is to document that you are a safe driver and you can get a discount from your insurance company. BUT if it is taking into account my moves this doesn’t seem right.

    The HUM is a good idea, but it should track the car. Does my FITBIT track my driving? I find this stupid and useless at the point. Update the app to track the car only!

  3. Good idea, but the speaker unit only worked once and now it will not charge. VERY DISSAPOINTING!! This was the feature I wanted the most. The buttons on the side are very hard to read, again very disappointing. You can not cancel service without being charged. I have a sour taste in my mouth from Verizon. I would not recommend the Hum or Verizon.

  4. Hum is an ok device but not worth the money and if you ever switch cars they seem to have a hard time getting other cars correct. I had 3 of them in different cars my mother sold her car and when i tried to cancel that one they mistakenly cancelled te wrong one. tat was 2 weeks ago and after several calls to both verizon and Hum they could not get it straightened out and I finally gave up though I feel quite jaded for them charging a cancellation fee for a non working device

  5. Very disappointed in Hum . The staff that answers the phone is completely incompetent.
    The devices give wrong readings and incorrect fuel mileage . It seems that no one from Hum will respond to my complaint . I think I will cancel my service and return my 8 devises . What a scam .
    I will be sure to tell all of by business associates this is not a good investment .

  6. Do not buy had a relative get into an accident the device never alert us of my family member being hurt what’s the point of having it if it doesn’t communicate at all

  7. My engine light came on my dash components went crazy,took to mechanic he told me this hum was the problem!!! Screwed my computer sent message but never told me anything. Returning it, will stick with AAA! DON’T BUY THIS TRUST THE REVIEWS.

  8. DO NOT BUY. Not only is this a huge waste of money but the device is triggering invalid codes on my vehicle. It has cost me time and money going to the dealership to figure out that there isn’t anything wrong with my car. Total garbage.

  9. this thing is a p.o.s it dont do anything but give false results, wondering how to have my money paid back. had my check engine light come on and the hum gave me a code. i take it to my mechanic to only find out there was nothing wrong with my truck. pisses me off that the people who make these things dont think ahead or Verizon dont take blame for a crappy product

  10. Thing doesn’t work. I have been trying to get it to work since AUGUST OF LAST YEAR. Last tech said to exchange it. 3rd party retailer says I have to take it to corporate store. Last time I was at corporate store it is manned by idiots.

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