Does the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard Really Work?

Does the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard Really Work?
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Does the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard Work/While skateboards may be viewed as something to entertain the kids and the adults who still like to be kids, the skateboard as it is known today may have just reached a totally new level. Meaning that it just might now be looked at as a mode of transportation. If this sounds a little far fetched then you want to check out the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard.

The latest trend in urban travel is not the electric car or the e-scooter but rather an all new version of the venerable skateboard. While once seen as merely a novelty item that was good only for the teens and kids to have fun with at the skate parks and abandoned pools this upgraded unit will without doubt be at the forefront of a cultural shift in urban travel. The InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard is a new twist on this favorite pastime.

The Claim
The claim by the manufacturers of the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard is that their product will change the landscape when it comes to urban travel. Why spend an enormous amount of money on an e-scooter or even a car (if you live in a climate where you can skate all year round!?) when you can spend a fraction of the dough and get a viable option and the InBoard designers think they have invented just that.

The Hype
Much of the hype surrounding the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard can be attributed to the appearance on Sharks Den that the company did in an effort to get some financial backing and exposure. That exposure opened the company up to way more recognition than it would have been able to generate on its own but the product truly does speak for itself!

The Cost
The cost of the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard is about $1399 on the InBoard website. When you think of spending that much on a mere skateboard it seems excessive but when you consider this unit as a mode of transportation it seems very, very reasonable.

The Commitment
Other than charging the battery there is really no other commitment required for the M1. It is small enough to fit in a duffle bag if you drive it to work or school and is pretty easy to carry under the arm as well.

After having seen the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard on Shark Tank we were very impressed with the design of the unit and what it can do. The unit is run by small electric motors that are contained in the wheels of the skateboard so that there is no external engine or belts like a traditional gas powered skateboard which have been on the market for years but have never really taken off due to the cumbersome nature of the design. The unit is run by an intuitive remote control that you hold in your hand and has an excellent braking system for safety. You can travel up to 7 miles on a single charge (recharge takes about 90 minutes form fully discharged state) and you can go up to 24 mph. The battery is fully swappable so you can get more than one and increase the distance you can travel very easily and without any tools. Based on this the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard Work gets a thumbs up from us.


Final InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

When you look at the features of the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard and consider the possibilities for urban travel there is really no limit to the amount of these that the InBoard people can sell. For a generation that is well versed in skateboard travel and is very keen on reducing the carbon footprint of humanity this could be the next mode of transport for an entire generation of people.

Our Recommendation
Check one out and see if the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard is right for you. If you love skateboarding and need to travel a short distance to work or school than this product is right up your ally. If you just want a very cool auto skateboard then this will fit the bill for you as well. Either way Inboard has you covered. Great concept and roll out! If this one doesn’t appeal to you then checkout the Powerboard.

What do you think? Does the InBoard M1 Electric Skateboard work or not?


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