Does Itchplex Really Work?

Does Itchplex work?Itchplex is supposedly an anti-itch treatment for dogs, and many of our readers have asked if it’s something that works or not. A bigger question is does it exist or not, but we’ll tackle that along the way.

When your dog is itching to the point of it being a severe problem, it’s important to get them the treatment they need so they can get back to their normal selves. If you notice that they’ve been scratching or licking a certain part of their body, even after they have been given a bath, that’s the first sign. If they’re losing hair, experiencing hot spots, or having mangy fur due to scratching, it’s a sure sign they need some assistance.

The Claim
The makers of Itchplex claim that you can get your dog to stop itching, or displaying the symptoms of itching, with all-natural ingredients that are safe. They say that all that is required is to sprinkle a bit of it on your pet’s food, and over a period of weeks you should notice that the itching is abating. They say that it could take up to six weeks for the most noticeable results.

The Initial Appeal
The big draw to something like Itchplex is that you could help keep your dog from itching in an all-natural way. Compared to your other options of doing nothing and watching them continue to itch, or taking them to the vet and being prescribed a potentially expensive remedy, it sounds like it might be a good deal, high price and all.

The Cost
They’ve priced Itchplex at $50 a bottle plus $6 shipping. No matter how you cut it that is a high price for a dog supplement. Especially when you consider that all that may need to be done is to take them into the vet and determine what is causing the itching. It could be an allergen that is easily removed from their environment, or there might be a temporary treatment that you can give them for a short time and at a lower cost.

The Commitment
If this was a real product, and if it actually does what it says, two big ifs, the end result would be that you’d have an itch-free dog and you wouldn’t have to fuss with messy creams or ointments. But treating dog itch is not rocket science, it’s a matter of finding out why they’re itching and then treating the cause, so this product is not really saving you time, money, or making the process any easier, so it fails in the commitment category. Since it could take up to six weeks for it to start working, this is another big fail.

There isn’t much about Itchplex that makes you want to buy it. They can’t even supply a picture of an actual bottle, instead opting to Photoshop their logo onto a stock image of a white supplement bottle. The overwhelming lack of evidence that it actually works would lead one to believe that it doesn’t. Even their own Success Stories page is void of a single success story and asks for one instead.

Absent too are any signs of any clinical trial or any sort of science for why it works. It seems they almost expect you to use your own dog as a guinea pig and see what happens. They list the ingredients but provide no information on why they are using them, not even anecdotal evidence from dog owners or vets that have said it works for dog itch.

Final Itchplex Review

We’re giving Itchplex our Thumbs Down rating, as we were unable to confirm that a bottle of it actually exists. Furthermore, they offer no guarantee that their product works, claiming that they’re unable to do so because each pet is different. There are plenty of pet products on the market that come with money-back guarantees, including ones that are meant to treat skin conditions, so this is not an acceptable reason not to stand behind your product. At this price point it is simply to risky to try, since you are burdened with all of the risk.

There’s simply no need to risk the money, or your pet’s health, on a product that offers so little proof that it does anything.

Our Recommendation
We recommend avoiding Itchplex and other dog products that say they improve your dog’s immune system. There are too many easy all-natural ways to help strengthen your dog’s immune system, and they all cost only a few dollars, rather than fifty. This way you’ll know what you’re getting, and will have quality control over the ingredients used. Here’s a good article on how to boost your dog’s immune system using all-natural items.

If you’re bent on using a product to help your dog from itching, here is a well-reviewed anti-itch treatment that you simply spray on.

What do you think? Does Itchplex work or not?

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Bernadine February 8, 2013 at 3:35 am

Holy crap.. I guess this means another couple of hundred dollars down the drain. I’ve already tried another anti-itch treatment for my dog and it didn’t help at all. I thought I may try this one, but seeing as how they don’t even have a picture of their own product, only an idiot would ever buy one. Pet’s are so damn expensive to own..


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