Are Keen Psychic Readings Really Accurate?

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Do Keen Psychic Readings work?Keen Psychic Readings basically works as a marketplace for freelancing psychics to offer you their advice and guidance.

The world we live in is full of mystery, and many people report being effected by unseen forces. It doesn’t take a big leap to think that there are things out there that are effecting our lives, but we can’t see them. Gravity has a strong effect on our everyday lives, but we can’t see it. Radio waves allow us to do all sorts of things, and we can’t see them. Even magnets have very powerful abilities and we can’t see the forces at work. So why do people have such a hard time thinking that there may be things that others can see that not everyone can?

The Claim
Keen Psychic Readings says that they are the home of those that can give psychic readings, as well as astrology and tarot readings. They also feature those that specialize in giving love advice, and also provide free horoscopes. Most, if not all of these services have been under a lot of criticism for being quackery or just for novelty purposes. But settling the debate on whether or not this stuff works is beyond the scope of this page. We’re just trying to evaluate whether or not this is a good service that provides quality to the people that use the site.

The Hype
The hype is that there isn’t really a lot stopping someone from getting signed up as a psychic and offering their advice to people. Bad reviews should send most amateurs packing, and only the good psychics should remain.

The Cost
Each psychic gets to choose their own rate at Keen Psychic Readings, and this is always displayed for you so you can use it to make your decision right from the start.

What They Provide
This is basically a marketplace for psychic readers. Rather than try to find them on your own with a Google search, they feature them all in one directory and let you narrow down by what it is your looking for. You can then explore your different options and with a quick glance get a good idea on what sort of experience others have had.

Some of the psychics on Keen Psychic Readings have tens of thousands of reviews, and still manage to get high ratings. That is statistically speaking, hard to do. That means that they are able to get it right a lot. If there were only a few glowing reviews, you could be suspicious that they just had their friends and family leave positive feedback, but when there are thousands, or ten thousand, that would be pretty hard to fake.

The service that Keen provides is a good one, and they even give you tips on how to get the most out of your reading. Their site is has been around long enough for them to figure out what information you need to know about a psychic, and what info you don’t so you can make a very informed decision on who to go with in a very short period of time.

Can This Change Your Mind on Psychics?
Many people think that psychic readings are hogwash, and that the only people they help are those that are desperate enough to fall for the tricks used by “psychics” to make you believe that they are giving your advice based on what they see. But with so many of these psychics getting 5 star feedback from so many different transactions, it would mean they’re either really good at tricking people, or they really do give good advice. That’s left for you to decide.

Final Keen Psychic Readings Review

If you find some really good readers, Keen Psychic Readings can be very accurate. Regardless of where you get your life advice, it’s always nice to get guidance on where you’re going in life, and make sense out of what is happening to you right now. Either you’ll agree or disagree with what they’re saying, but either way you’ll figure out more about yourself, and be able to frame occurrences in your life in a better way. Many times they will be able to provide insight to you simply because they are an objective person, and don’t have biases towards you by being your friend or a family member.

Our Recommendation
You shouldn’t have to pay a ton in order to get a reading, and they shouldn’t try to keep you on the line with stalling tactics either. You want a reader that will get to the good stuff within that first minute so that you can decide if you want to continue on and get even more great information. The best way to use this service is to develop your own list of preferred readers that are in your price range and that have lots of positive reviews.

What do you think? Does Keen Psychic Readings work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Are Keen Psychic Readings Really Accurate?

  1. No — because they compare notes and know who you are before you call and what predictions you have received.

  2. I have personally read with each of these readers a minimum of three times and they are my top go to psychics:

    (1) Karma Warrior – he is on Keen and boy is he a goodie! He is CHEAP and he is damn good. He will read the shiznit out of the person in question. He is a tarot reader, but OMG he is so knowledgeable and he will take off running with the person in question and leave you with your mouth open. Very highly recommended especially when you are on limited funds. Still waiting on predictions to occur, but can pinpoint feelings at present and current thought patterns.

    (2) “LP” Lady Persephone – my girl, blunt, candid and straight to the point, not for the faint hearted. Check her out at her private website. She is rarely on Keen. She is a mature woman out of California with great hours and can get in you same day often. Approx $3/min with an early bird rate (see website for details). Still waiting on main predictions to occur, again great at pin pointing the guy’s demeanor and ‘who he is’ and ‘how he is going to act’, she does have a way of wandering off and talking about herself sometimes and you just gotta say hey LP and bring her back and she will. She curses a lot too which I find funny, but some may be put off by that.

    (3) Shelly’s Tarot – this woman is dirt cheap and has her own site you can find online. She seriously needs to raise her fees. She only does tarot. She will do a full Celtic cross spread for under 10 bucks with full details and she is good on details. I like Karma Warrior better, but for those that have like no money at all, try this one.

    (4) Kristin Dawn – this lady is wonderful and you can find her at her private website called the healing woods where she offers not only readings, but Reiki energy healing and a list of other services. She offers tarot readings via Skype. She only offers hours and they are $175 which is steep, but sooo worth it! If you are looking to splurge on a reading for love, money, life path, etc. she is worth it. She reads the Thoth deck and she will connect with you on Skype if you prefer or she will do a regular phone reading. She also does in depth email readings (1 question) for $50. You ask 1 question and she does a 9 card spread and sends you the spread layout and writes an indepth response. She is super intelligent and helpful and really helps you understand what the cards mean and how they relate to you and she helps empower you.

    (5) Emily L West – Emily West is my fave reader online today. She has her own private site she reads on and she is also on Keen, but just a hint of advice she charges a lot less on her private site. I have read with her privately where she does Skype readings so you can interact 1 on 1 or you can do straight phone. She is super personable and candid. I have read with her longer than anyone on this list and some of her predictions have panned out. She does not sugar coat the reading nor give you false hopes. Be ready for the truth if you choose the read with her. No sugar with this one.

    Hope this helps someone choose a talented advisor!

  3. I’ve had 3 Skype readings w/ Emily L West and she has proven to be super accurate and helpful with my screwed up love life while most other psychics couldn’t tell me much of anything. She is right on top of the people in question and reads the story like a movie. She’s my go-to reader. I also like Lady Persephone and Kristin Dawn, the Reiki Master. And Heather G Meehan is a medium that I heard was good that I want to try.

  4. My absolute favorite readers on keen goes as follows
    Lady India
    Emily West
    Eve Light
    These readers are really, really, good and the love and relationship aspect of readings that I am usually in search of. It’s no coincidence that my favorite readers are women, I have had horrible experiences with male readers. I am not being sexist, it’s just my experience. They tend to be very critical and condescending from my personal experience.

  5. Keen is filled with scam artists. I have spent thousands of dollars on Keen over the years. I am including a list of psychic readers who I found to be full of crap. I have kept notes over the years which helps me come to this conclusion.

    Here are a few psychics whose predcictions never came to pass:

    Persian Psychic Medium – horrible! she keeps you on the phone telling you fluffy, rosey things that are never going to happen, she charges $25/min. Do not call her.

    Steven Craig – Keen’s #1 psychic – OMG, generic, nothing that he told me was right on. He does the dishes while he talks to you which is unprofessional, not suggested.

    Victoria Sands – this woman is drunk every time I call her. she slurs her speech and says ridiuclous things.

    Lady Celest – very sweet, soft spoken, but nothing that she told me came to pass so not suggested.

    Master Psychic Matthew – OMG, this guy is horrible. He will email you and tell you that “he has something urgent to tell you and you must call now!” Scammer – do not call.

    Eli Casey – He is ranked so high on Keen, but I found nothing great about him. He did not give me any details and he was not correct on anything. Not suggested.

    Deborahmills – this lady says she is a recovering alcoholic, but she always slurs her speech and sounds drunk so who knows. nothing she said was right on and did not happen. Not suggested.

    The above are a few off the top of my head.

    Now here are a list of psychics who I DO suggest due to accuracy.

    Emily West – I started reading with her in 2008 and every single prediction happened! She is funny and personable in her readings and provides tons of specifics that actually make sense. I highly suggest contacting her. She does not read on Keen often, but I was able to find her on her own site
    She’s pricey, but so worth it!

    Carmen Miro – She was also an awesome reader. I felt like she really connected and most of what she predicted came to pass.

    Divine Inspirations – Sylvia is a nice lady and she provided details into several things that were right on. She is not as good as Emily West and Carmen Miro, but she is still a very decent reader.

    There is so much more, but thinking about all of it makes sick. This is my list for now. Feel free to add to this list if you like

  6. I have been a Keen customer for many years. I have tried do many readers. I am down to a small handful that I read with due to their accuracy. My favorite is Emily West. She has a unique reading style and she is completely transparent. She gives details unlike many readers. Her pee minute rate is higher than most, but I am okay paying it because I know her predictions will be right on point. I hope this helps anyone seeking a worthy, reliable Keen psychic.

  7. I would never use a psychic for anything. They may be real, but I think the majority of them prey on people who are hurt and in mourning. I don’t think that most of them are genuine and really care about the person they are doing a reading on, but in fact the green that they are carrying in their wallet. I think if God wanted to let you know something from your loved one, then he will do it in a very special way without charging you money.

  8. I believe in psychic readings and I believe there are forces out there that are greater than us and our understanding. I think some people are able to tap into these forces and help us understand our purpose in life better. Psychics like everything else in life there are fakes and there are the real ones. I’ve experienced the legit psychics and I’ve benefitted in so many aspects of my life. Psychic reading is real people.

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