Does Lipofuze Really Work?

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Does Lipofuze work?Lipofuze says that it’s the best fat burner you could buy in 2012, and that it’s meant for extreme weight loss. Because of this very fact, that it’s for those that need to lose a lot of weight, it’s not going to be the right choice for the majority of people out there that don’t have an “extreme” amount of weight to lose. If you have a lot of weight to lose you should consult with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to make drastic changes to your body. In the meantime, here is our review of how well these pills really work.

Weight loss pills will always have an audience because there will always be those that think this is finally “The Diet Pill” that will give us all the bodies we see in magazines and movies. The desire for a real solution for losing weight is intensified by valid attempts to change the diet and get more exercise that didn’t provide the desired results, or was unsustainable. Yo-yo dieting can be very frustrating and can leave a person in a desperate state, ready to try anything.

The Claim
Lipofuze starts off by saying you’ll be able to put a stop to binge eating, burn off the fat while leaving lean muscle mass alone, and feel a boost in your energy levels. They then go on to show several testimonials of people that have lost 20 pounds or more. Of course they put the disclaimer that the results are not typical, but nonetheless one is to believe that these results are possible by taking the pills as directed.

The Hype
Putting the word “lipo” in the brand name of a weight loss or diet pill is all the rate these days, and it’s supposed to draw correlations to getting liposuction performed on your body. Whether that’s a fair comparison depends largely on the product, but it does provide a bit of hype by subconsciously or even overtly stating that it’s just as effective.

The Cost
Interestingly enough Lipofuze is sold with a volume discount. If you buy one it’s $50 plus shipping but you get discounts on multiple bottles, and you can bring the per bottle price down to $43 with shipping included and a bonus if you order three at once. For something that is supposed to provide extreme weight loss, it begs the question of why someone would need to be on this for three months straight. When it comes to diet pills we suggest using them as a catalyst to a new lifestyle, and not as something you’d rely on for the long term.

The Commitment
Your focus should always be on getting rid of the bad habits you’ve picked up and replacing them with good habits that you already know, or that you learn along the way. The way diet pills can help with that is to give you the initial will power needed to break yourself of the bad habits. For example, if you crave certain foods or are a compulsive eater that can’t stop with a normal serving, you can use them to curb your hunger and allow you to make it through the day eating the right amounts of the right foods. Do this enough days in a row and you’ll establish a new habit. Once the habit is formed you can wean yourself from the diet pills and be on your own.

Lipofuze gets a mixed bag of reviews from actual users, with most of the positive reviews saying that you have to combine this with a healthy lifestyle, and many of the negative reviews saying that it didn’t live up to high hopes. It seems that most of the people that try Lipofuze get their hopes up very high, and are then disappointed when they see what they consider mediocre results. Pills like these have a way of getting people’s expectations sky high to the point that nothing short of a weight loss miracle would have earned their A+ rating. As long as you know that you’re going to get a diet pill that functions much like many of the other diet pills on the market, you should be fine with your purchase.

Final Lipofuze Review

Lipofuze is getting a Solid Try rating from us. In our experience with diet pills, and after reviewing several different brands, is that most of the reputable brands provide some results, and how much of an effect it has relies more on the person rather than on the pill itself. If you’re focused on feeling good, being happy, making changes, and staying fit then it should work well for you. But if you’re taking this as a last resort and want to continue on with your current way of life then it likely won’t.

Our Recommendation
Diet pills are typically hit or miss when it comes to the results people get, and that’s mostly due to the sort of effort put forth in addition to taking the pills. Those looking for a way to lose the weight without supplementing the pills with healthy eating and regular exercise are going to be the ones that experience the most side effects and the least results. Yes, the line does blur where it becomes hard to determine what is causing the weight loss, the pill or the eating and exercising, but that’s the point you want it to be a concerted effort, and then lose the pills.

What do you think? Does Lipofuze work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Lipofuze Really Work?

  1. Well, if I’m going to spend money on a diet pill, then I do it because it can afford me a little bit of laziness in life and not so that it encourages me to live healthier. I can do the latter without having to shell out 50 bucks a month. If lipofuze still works to a degree, then fine, but I hope they’re not saying it’ll help me lose weight because I’m feeling better, because that’d be a bs.

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