Does LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones Really Work?

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Does LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones work?LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones are just one of several different brands to come on the market ever since raspberry ketone was discussed on the Dr. Oz show. Since he didn’t specifically state which one to use, people have been frantically trying to figure it out. We use the clues he gave us to try to determine if he would approve of this one or not.

First you have to decide whether you even want to get on board the raspberry ketone train. It seems that every few years or so there will be a diet craze that makes the round, where everyone seems to be taking it, or asking about it, where it gets featured on things like Oprah or the Dr. Oz show, and then after a year or so it loses steam and the next craze hits. Think back to the acai berry trend, when everyone wanted to know how to pronounce it and whether or not it worked. All signs point to raspberry ketones working, so it’s just a matter of finding a manufacturer you can trust and giving it a try yourself.

The Claim
LiveLong Nutrition claims that their raspberry ketones are a natural thermogenic which means that it naturally and automatically increases the rate your body burns calories. They also say that it will suppress your appetite and specifically targets fats and helps metabolize them more easily.

This is straight up raspberry ketones, which is what Dr. Oz recommended on the show. There are several other brands out there that have raspberry ketone in their name, but then you find out that it is combined with several other ingredients, but this is not what was featured, or recommended on the show. They specifically talked about 100mg as the correct dosage, and that is what is contained in each capsule of LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones. This means you are getting the real deal in the right dose, and can follow his recommendation to the letter.

The Hype
Dr. Oz provided the spark for the current raspberry ketone hype. All that was needed was for people to hear how emphatically he endorsed it, and the hunt was on. Since there is so much ambiguity as to which one he recommends, it’s now up to you to sort through the different options and choose the one that sounds right to you.

The Cost
The cost for LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones is $12 and you can buy it at Amazon right now. You can disregard much of the negative feedback, because it’s not complaining about the product per se, but apparently they raised the price a while back but now it has been lowered back to its original price, so a lot of the negative ratings are from the price, not the product.

The Commitment
One thing that is causing the craze is that you really don’t have to do much other than pop a pill. Of course you can diet and exercise in addition to taking the ketones, as this will amplify your results but it is not a requirement. When you take an all natural supplement like this, it only makes sense to eat healthier foods and get more active. That way you can get the body you want more quickly.

LiveLong Nutrition makes a lot of other different supplements in addition to this raspberry ketone product. There are several brands out there that simply make only one product, and do not offer any other vitamins, or supplements.

LifeLong Nutrition is no flash in the pan company trying to capitalize on this one craze. They have been around for a long time in the supplement industry, and will probably be around for a long time to come. They have a reputation to uphold, and are charging a very reasonable price, similar to the price that Dr. Oz mentioned on the show, and therefore it could be the supplement that he would recommend. All of the clues add up. He said to take raspberry ketones, not a mixture of ingredients, and that is what this is, simply the ketones. He said it costs around $12 a bottle, and that is what this costs.

We’ll never know exactly which brand he would recommend, because he wouldn’t go as far as to mention a brand name or he’ll just appear to be trying to make money from endorsements. However, he did give a few helpful clues that will help you determine which brand to buy. You might also consider Raspberry Ketones Max, as this also qualifies according to the clues he gave on the show.

Final LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones Review

If you’ve decides to start taking raspberry ketones, it might come down to a process of trial and error between a few different brands until you find one that is effective. LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones gets our green light as far as adding it to your list of possibilities to try. It comes from a reputable company that is known for producing quality supplements, and gets good reviews from those that have tried it.

Our Recommendation
No one can guarantee that raspberry ketones will work for you, or how quickly, Every person’s body makeup is different, so it’s just a matter of whether or not this works for you and your specific body chemistry. Dr. Oz says that it should work, because it puts your body into the same state that a naturally thin person’s body is in, so you will actually start processing the foods you eat in a different way. The good news is that there aren’t any negative side effects being reported, so you aren’t putting yourself in grave danger just by giving it a try.

What do you think? Does LiveLong Nutrition Raspberry Ketones work or not?

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  1. I’ve tried it all! Advocare Nutrition is the only company I have found that has 100% worked and changed my lifestyle and the way I think about health. It’s tested. If the Olympians trust the entire line, then I do as well for my family. I’m down 54 lbs now and healthier than ever!

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