Does Lobe Magic Really Work?

Does Lobe Magic Work? Lobe Magic is a simple small disk that you place on the back of your ear lobes to help support the weight of your heavier type earrings. The question is though, are they comfortable to wear and do they work?

One of the common complaints that women have with their earrings is the actual weight of them. Many times they are heavy and tend to drag the earlobe down. Over time this can distort the actual shape of the ear lobes and make the holes too big. At the very least it can make wearing these type of earrings really uncomfortable. The Lobe Magic apparently solves this problem by just placing two small clear discs on the back of the lobes where the hole for your earrings is. Once in place it will add support for the tender skin of the ear so the weight of the earring itself is supported with the discs.

The Claim
The Company says the discs are make with hypoallergenic material so they won’t irritate. They state they work equally well with posts or hooks and the earrings will not sag. They claim that there is no sticky residue needed to keep the product in place.

The Hype
The company is focusing on the common complaint that women have when it comes to their earrings. They don’t have to create much of a selling pitch that leans towards identifying the problem as most women are already aware of this. They can focus their hype on the solution by emphasizing that their product is a quick and simple and inexpensive remedy.

The Cost
You are going to pay $26. which includes the shipping and handling to receive 60 Lobe Magic,plus 60 free for a total of 120 of them. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee with terms, plus an arbitration agreement.

The Commitment
It would seem that this product is so easy to use that the only thing you are going to have to do is remember to use it. Each time you go to put on those heavier styled earrings then you first have to remember to put on the discs.

If this were the only product of this type on the market then we would say that it is really unique. However, there is a almost identical product called Lobe Wonder Ear Repair. They are much cheaper to buy on Amazon currently being offered at about $7. for 60. A close review of these shows they virtually will do the same thing as Lobe Magic.

Final Lobe Magic Review

Our Recommendation
We are going to give this product a Try/Buy simply because it may be more convenient for you to purchase them directly from the Company’s website as opposed to buying a similar product on Amazon. Not everyone is able to shop there so for those that can’t and want this type of product then this would be the option. Overall the concept of the Lobe Magic is a good one. For those who constantly wear earrings and want to be able to wear the heavier ones then this product is going to help with the potential discomfort or earlobe damage that could occur. The overall feedback for this type of product is positive. If you have other jewelry that is really important to you and you are interested in products that help to keep it clean without the expensive cost of using a jeweler to accomplish then, then you might want to check out our review of Jewelry Magic, and see if this type of product really works.

What do you think? Does Lobe Magic work or not?


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