Does the Lulla Pets Set Really Work?

Does the Lulla Pets Set Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Lulla Pets Set Work?We haven’t brought anything special for the kids lately so we thought it might be time to introduce you to the Lulla Pets Set. Birthdays are probably coming up so this may be just the gift you are looking for.

The Lulla Pets set is a plush stuffed character that comes in several different versions that soon become a musical companion for your young one. Included with the plush toy is a MP3 Player/voice recorder, remote control and voice recordng app. The character will play your little one’s favorite song, or deliver a customized message.

The Claim
The Company claims the kids will love all the music they can listen to. They can hear their favorite person tell them a bedtime story. Voice recordings can be made by them or delivered to them via the app and their new found stuffed friend.

The Hype
The Lulla Pets Set is comprised of everything that a youngster wants in this type of toy. A soft plush fun character. Lots of music. The ability to record and the ability to hear a message from someone special.

The Cost
The Lulla Pets Set is going to cost you $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. For this you will get the plush pet, the MP3 player,remote control, voice recording app, and as a bonus 10 pre-loaded songs,2 children’s audio books and Lulla Pets story books.

The Commitment
While the Lulla Pets Set does come with some songs no doubt you will want to load the MP3 player with many more of the favorites that your kids have. Plus, you may want to get the grandparents to record some bedtime stories to connect them with the kids when they can’t be there.

This is a great interactive toy and the characters that can be chosen are fun, bright and whimsical. They are comprised of cats, dogs, bunnies, bears and monkeys. They really are multi functional and the remote is great for turning the character on and off once the little one has fallen asleep.

Final Lulla Pets Set Review

We’re going to give the Lulla Pets Set a thumbs up rating. In the past we reviewed a similar type toy called CloudPets and it has been well received. There weren’t the choices of the stuffed animal with that particular one so this is a bonus with the Lulla Pets.

Our Recommendation
We recommend that you may want to purchase a few of the Lulla Pets and put them away for Christmas. They are most likely going to become popular or forgotten about as the marketing for these types of products tends to reduce after a period of time.

What do you think? Does Lulla Pets Set work or not?


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