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Does LumaSmile Work?Almost everyone cares about their appearance and this is one of the reasons so much money is spent on teeth whitening products. It really became a hot trend for awhile with all the at home teeth whitening kits that hit the market. At the same time, there were some concerns as to whether the ingredients contained in some of these were too harsh and were potentially causing damage to the tooth enamel. Aside from creams and toothpastes there are also some devices that you can use for this purpose like LumaSmile.

LumaSmile is a simple hand held device that you can use to polish your teeth while at the same time it removes the stains. This is done with the use of polishing cups that are attached to the device. It is a battery operated device that takes two AA batteries to operate it.

The Claim
The company in their promotion of LumaSmile say that it is gentle on the teeth yet will not only remove the stains but will polish the teeth at the same time. It is used in conjunction with a polishing product that comes with the unit.

The Hype
It doesn’t take much hype to encourage people to whiten and brighten their teeth. What many make like about the LumaSmile is that you don’t have to wear any type of strip with the product.

The Cost
The cost of LumaSmile is $14.99 and the shipping and handling is $4.99. For this you get the LumaSmile device and 5 polishing cups plus they will add in the Polishing whitener as a bonus. If you want to add an extra $4.99 to your order you will get an additional LumaSmile set.

The Commitment
There is really only the added time it will take to use the LumaSmile which would probably be after your regular teeth cleaning regime. You probably will have to determine how long of a period of time you would need to continue this as it will depend on the depth of stains on your teeth. As with any product you don’t want to go overboard as it could damage the enamel perhaps if used too often.

The LumaSmile seems like a good idea as the concept behind it should address the average teeth staining. It seems as though the polishing cups are gentle, and they would provide a nice shine to the teeth. It raises the question though as to what really removes the stains? Is is the LumaSmile device itself, or is it the polishing product that really does the job.

Final LumaSmile Review

We are going to give the LumaSmile a try/buy rating. There are similar products on the market and the big concern is that you want to be sure that you are not going to be damaging the enamel on your teeth. You may want to speak to your dentist about using this type of device to ensure that it is safe for you to do so according to the present condition that your teeth are in.

Our Recommendation
Teeth whitening is a topic that we have covered quite extensively in the past. We have done several reviews on a variety of products to help with this. One that we noted that was getting some good feed back was the Finishing Touch Smile Pen.

What do you think? Does LumaSmile work or not?

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