Does Magic Submitter Really Work?

Does Magic Submitter work?Magic Submitter is a suite of software, videos, forums, training, and coaching that is designed to help you pick and choose which content you want ranked in the searches. The basic premise is that you let their software create hundreds of accounts for you at article directories and video sharing sites, and then you plug the content into the system and it gets distributed to all of these accounts. But does this method actually work?

Getting ranked in search engines like Google and Bing is no easy task, and often the results change from day to day and month to month, so basing your success on these rankings can make you go mad. That’s why there’s a ready market of website owners and wannabe entrepreneurs always looking for a better mousetrap, a better way to work less and get faster results. There is a ton of Internet marketing software out there that says it’s the shortcut to high rankings and therefore higher income, but many of them fall short and only leave users at square one, again.

The Claim
Magic Submitter claims that you can have you website or any other content you choose get ranked in the search engines, by letting their software do all of the heavy lifting. They say you’ll have a 100% guaranteed way to get to the top of Google. They also say they’ll make it happen ten times faster than it would take you if you did it on your own. This will appeal to just about anyone that’s tried in vain to get their site to show up in the search results.

The Hype
Anything that says that it’s automated, hands-free, or requires little work on your part is using a bit of hype. It’s using the dream of typing a few keys and clicking your mouse a few times and suddenly making it so money is coming your way. It’s a pipe dream, but it’s what most people consider being an Internet entrepreneur. The fact is that most Internet entrepreneurs worked like crazy to get to the point where they could outsource and automate their business, and did not start off on day one doing nothing.

The Cost
It’s $5 to try out Magic Submitter and see if you like it. Then it’s $67 a month until you say stop. It says it’s got a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you want your initial $5 back you could get it back, but most people will be content enough to just stop future payments if they’re not happy with what they see.

The Commitment
This is supposed to help you save time, and much of it is automated by the software, but this is the part that trips a lot of people up: you’ll still have to devote time and energy and even mental processing to get it all set up and go through the training modules. You’ll also have to decide what kind of

When determining whether software like Magic Submitter is a good idea for you, there are plenty of factors to consider. But perhaps the most pressing is whether or not it will help you or hinder you in the long run. You don’t want to spend time and energy on something that might prove useless, or even detrimental, in the near future. It’s usually a red flag when a product says that you can “dominate” the search engines, because they are always changing their algorithms so that they can’t be dominated by auto-programs and software.

It’s all about measuring short term temporary gains against long term strategy and building a real business. It’s one thing to game the system for a day or two, but often these results don’t last and it’s only a matter of time before you’re relegated to nether worlds of the search result pages. A lot of what they say their software does sounds like spam, and spammy behavior won’t get you very far in the long term, and usually comes with its share of repercussions. The basic dilemma you’re facing is that the creators of Magic Submitter are likely not as smart as the people working at Google or Microsoft, and their system is most assuredly leaving a footprint that would be easy to punish in an algorithm update.

Final Magic Submitter Review

We’re saying take a pass on Magic Submitter and put your time and energy into a more worthwhile pursuit, namely providing good content either on your own website, or in videos and articles that you disperse around the Web. This way you know that real people will be passing that content around, Liking it on Facebook, Plus One-ing it on Google, and sharing it with their friends. The end result is that you get more traffic to whatever you’re promoting, and you’ll never get flagged as a spammer.

Our Recommendation
If you’re bent on trying it out for yourself, it only takes an Abe Lincoln to get in and see what it’s all about. Canceling your recurring subscription is easy enough, so you just have to remember to do that or they’ll pull that first $67 out 30 days later. In our opinion there’s no way that this software is worth $67 a month, and that money could go to more worthwhile promotional efforts for your business. The traffic you manage to get from these methods pales in comparison to the risk you’re taking by leaving a spam trail right to your website.

What do you think? Does Magic Submitter work or not?

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WebDollars September 20, 2012 at 2:25 pm

I think the magic submitter is more suited for someone like me, because all my websites are short term profit based. I don’t develop websites that I can run for years, but instead something that I can make good money in about 12 months and move on to the next. You can build bunch of backlinks using software like this and by the time the big G catches up with you, you just have to ditch the site and move on to your next profitable website.


The DUDE October 13, 2012 at 7:30 pm

@ WebDollars, ‘your business model’ sounds too suspicious and suggests like some kind of scam.

And to anyone thinking of buying this product (Magic Submitter) DON’T, the people who develop search engines were not born yesterday and your website ranking could be in jeopardy by using these ‘automated’ products, if your want to promote your site research using Google (or some other search engine) and you will find plenty of ways many of which are free to try and are less harmful than this crap.

Golden Rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.


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