Does the Mix N Bake Really Work?

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Does the Mix N Bake Work?There is just something about products that are touted as making life in the kitchen easier that draws people to them. The Mix N Bake has all the promises of doing just that. The thing is though, just how much easier does it make life for the home baker and what makes the product so special?

Silicon baking pans have become the rage of the modern homemaker recently, and needless to say these have big hitting the market in a big way. Coming in all shapes and sizes, and most all having the same benefits and features. So along comes another one which is the Mix N Bake. It is touting all the same benefits but with an added feature. In its original size its a nice deep pan that you can mix all your cake ingredients in, then with a little maneuvering you can collapse the dish down to the perfect size for baking the cake.

The Claim
The Company is making the claim that this silicone pan has the same benefits as similar products and is perfectly safe for baking in the oven and is BPA free, and can be washed in the dishwasher. They are claiming that this adjustable size baking bowl/pan is going to be quick and easy to use and will be a great time saver.

The Hype
Building the hype for this product comes easy because the company simply needs to focus on all of the selling features that the silicone baking products have. This revolves around how easy this particular compound is to clean. Then the fact that foods cooked in pans made with silicone don’t stick to the pan, so cakes come out much easier. The Mix N bake focuses on being a time saver because there is no need for pre treating the pan to prevent sticking. Added to this, the Company had to come up with some hype that would make their product different than other silicone bake pans. They did this in the design by making is so the pan could be used as a bowl for mixing all the cake ingredients, then could be converted quickly and easily into a pan, making it exactly the right size for baking the cake.

The Cost
By the time you add up all the costs you are looking at paying $36. in total. that is $20. for the pan plus $8. for shipping. You get a second pan free but have to pay the $8. shipping cost on this. As a bonus they throw in a cake decorating kit, and 2 Mix N Bake cook books.

The Commitment
Being as this cake pan is suppose to be such a time saver then it should lower your commitment in that area. One thing you will have to master is converting the Mix N Bake in its bowl state to the pan state. This might take a little practice considering the product will be full of the liquid cake mix while you are doing this conversion.

To really evaluate the product we needed to look at just how popular and favorable is the average silicone bake ware. To determine this we took a look at the HIC Silicone Round Pan. We like what we saw as out of 16 reviews it received a 4 star rating. Just to be sure we checked out several other silicon baking products and most of the reviews for these were favorable. So as far as silicone goes for baking we think it is a good investment.

Final Mix N Bake Review

Everything we had to say about this product has been positive so far, yet we are going to give it a solid Try/Buy rating. This is because we felt that the price was just a little too high compared to other products. For example the HIC product sells for $10. before shipping costs, but if you spend over $35. the shipping is free. So if you bought 4 and paid $40. you would be getting 4 pans for close to the price you are going to be paying for 2 of the Mix N Bake, but of course you wouldn’t be getting the cake decorate kit, however these can be picked up very cheap at any of your cake supply stores. Now it is true the other products we looked at do not have the same depth that the Mix N Bake has in its bowl state, but yet some bakers we talked to stated that the average depth of the pan like the HIC one could allow for easy mixing of a single cake mix batch, with a little caution.

Our Recommendation
We are not new to reviewing the silicone baking products, and in fact, we did one on the Perfect Brownie Pan. We also liked it and took the time to check out how it was doing on Amazon. Out of 203 reviews it was getting a 3.7 rating which is pretty decent, as no product seems to be 100% perfect or satisfies 100% of its buyers. If you think you would enjoy the depth of the Mix N Bake pan for easy mixing, and can master the conversion to the pan state from the bowl, and don’t feel like shopping around for a cake decorating set, then maybe the Mix N Bake is worth it to you. It does mean you can buy it right online so you don’t have to waste time going to the store to buy it either.

What do you think? Does the Mix N Bake work or not?

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