Does the Mobile Cane Really Work?

Does the Mobile Cane Really Work?
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Does the Mobile Cane Work?Many people have to rely on a cane to assist them with their walking. We feel it is important to bring new ones that come out on the market to the attention of those who may need such assistance. Let’s take a look at the Mobile Cane.

There is always some new manufacturer ready to come along with a new and improved product. The Mobile Cane may remind you of a similar type cane that we reviewed in the past called the HurryCane. It has a similar base to the Mobile Cane but the Mobile Cane has a lot more features. It has two handles with the lower one allowing for greater support and balance. The cane is fully adjustable so it will suit anyone no matter what their height.

The Claim
The company claims that the Mobile Cane has been designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon. They are claiming that the two handle design lets the user distribute their weight easier. They say the base is free standing and works on all terrain.

The Hype
Anything that is promoted as offering greater security for individuals that need help getting up or walking is an attention grabber. So many people have to use canes, and they find the traditional ones don’t give them the sense of security or support that they need. The real focus for this cane is being putting on its ability to help individuals get from a seated position to a standing one. Most other canes focus on the assistance they provide once the individual is on their feet.

The Cost
If this cane has the ability to meet all the promises it is promoted as doing then the price of $19.95 pus $9.95 is quite reasonable. The promo is indicating free upgrades coming soon, but it is not clear as what this really is.

The Commitment
It is probably going to take a little getting used to using both handles. You may want to hand someone stand beside you the first few times that you use this cane until you become comfortable with it.

The concept of the Mobile Cane is a really good idea. A lot of people really have difficulty getting up from a seated position. You often see them struggling with their cane trying to use it for assistance but it isn’t offering much. While the product looks really good so did the HurryCane with its innovative base design, but for a lot of people it didn’t live up to it’s expectations.

Final Mobile Cane Review

We’re going to give the Mobile Cane a Try Buy based on it being designed by an orthopedic surgeon. It hasn’t received any feed back as yet so there is not enough data to support it to give it a thumbs up, although we do find the price reasonable. Some have suggested that their Doctor has recommended not using a cane with a tripod base because it is easy to trip over. One added feature that we do like about the Mobile Cane is the built in light which is pretty neat.

Our Recommendation
We recommend that you really take your time and shop carefully for this type of item. When using a new cane you should always make sure somebody is close by to assist you until you get used to handling it.

What do you think? Does Mobile Cane work or not?


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THOMAS BURKE March 19, 2016 at 2:48 pm

I’ve ordered twice. I’m guessing they’re facing litigation cause I got a postcard recently saying they canceled my order. No real explanation.


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