Do MushaBellies Really Work?

Do MushaBellies Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Do Mushabellies work?When you first see MushaBellies it’s not immediately apparent what they are. They’re basically stuffed animals, but there is another side to them that blends the physical world and the digital world so the two become blurred. So can you really take ordinary stuff and turn it into a game with these?

There’s no shortage of companies trying to come up with games that make our lives more fun, and they’re creating new and unique toys and apps that keep us entertained for hours. Just consider Angry Birds and how many man hours it has consumed. What they’ve done here is make it so you incorporate your real world environment, and turn it into a digital game. It’s really pretty creative, and it’s limited only by your imagination as far as what you can do with it. A lot of toys claim this, but only a certain few live up to it.

The Claim
MushaBellies claims that it is using “Augmented Reality” whereby it takes your surrounding environment and makes it into games. This allows you to turn the mundane things in your home and make them into a game that can keep your kid’s attention for a while. It’s a way of letting them use their iPhone or iPad, and also an Android phone, which they’re going to do anyway, but now they can use it to set up a game to play.

They claim each animal character comes with its own game, and that they are collectible, each having their own passport with pertinent identification and information included so they have a personality all their own. The game they have is also supposed to embody their spirit and be tailored to what they’re known for.

The Hype
They say that millions of these have been sold already, which means there is already hype and buzz around them. It seems like many companies are trying to replicate the success of Ty Beanie Babies or Webkins. In fact, these are more similar to Webkins than anything else, allowing you to take real world items and watch them do things in a digital world.

The Cost
MushaBellies are $29 for two of them if you order through their official site. The apps are free, so there’s no further cost of ownership and no monthly recurring cost to play the games as much as you want. For a toy like this, it’s pretty competitively priced. A lot of free apps and games out there try to accomplish the same goal here, but end up falling short.

The Commitment
This is a game that requires a little more involvement on your part than just turning it on and starting to play. You need to set up the real world pieces so that you can take a picture of it and then start playing on your phone or tablet. After that it’s just a fun time, and you can definitely expect to kill some time with it, if nothing else.

It’s really up to you how well MushaBellies work. If you get creative and get into it, it will be fun. Some people have said it can get addicting trying to complete the different levels. Since each of the animals has their own game, you might end up buying quite a few of these if you end up liking the two you get with your first order.

As far as value for the dollar goes, this seems to be getting it right. It’s not uncommon to spend $30 for just a stuffed animal, but with this one you’re getting a plush toy, plus a game and corresponding applications on your phone or iPad. When you consider the price of entertainment these days, this clocks on at the lower end and provides hours of fun for a reasonable price.

Final MushaBellies Review

MushaBellies is getting our Try rating if you think they’re cute and if you’re into collecting things like these. The games are fun enough, but like any game sooner or later you’ll get bored with it. At least when that happens you will have the stuffed animal to keep you company. These would be good to have around for a rainy day when you’re cooped up inside and looking for something fun to do.

Our Recommendation
It can be fun collecting these types of toys because they give each one their own unique name, personality, and back story. You even get a 2nd activation code so you can invite a friend to play with you which makes it much more fun, and keeps it interesting longer before it gets boring. We recommend getting these if you have a history of buying things like Beanie Babies and Webkins, because they’re similar in nature, but with an added twist of being able to play a game.

What do you think? Does MushaBellies work or not?


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ChildAtHeart August 20, 2012 at 2:58 am

Oh my god~ Is it too crazy that I want this for myself? ROFL~~ I’m pretty sure my girls would love it but I think I want one too. Oh god, today’s children are blessed in terms of all the technology they’re able to experience. When I was a kid something like this didn’t even exist on Star Trek. My god I’m such a child.. but I want one badly.


Kaila Braley August 7, 2013 at 5:04 pm

This is a really cool idea! I think kids these days know so much about technology that just a plain stuffed animal is fun but is extra exciting when it comes with something that you can use your iPad or iPhone with. That concept has been done a bunch of times with things like Webkinz, but to make the games actually be able to be played on the images of what you see in front of you is super cool. I’m not sure if I understand exactly how it works, but I would love to play it, and I can see all sorts of kids really loving this, and wanting to collect the different animals so they can play the different games. It’s a little pricey, but a really cool toy, so it’s probably worth it.


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