Does Paw Shower Really Work?

Does Paw Shower Work?As a pet owner you have a lot of responsibility for the care of your pet. This means you are most likely going to invest in a whole gambit of products to help you with this. One of these may be the Paw Shower.

The Paw Shower can be determined as to what it is about by its name. It is simply a hand held portable device that allows you to bathe the paws of your pet. At first glance the Paw Shower may look just like an ordinary water squirt bottle. Upon closer examination you will see that it has a motor that operates it and a soft bristle head for cleaning the paws. It has two levels of pressure. It is battery powered so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with electrical cords.

The Claim
The claim that the promoters of Paw Shower are making is that by using their product to clean the paws of your pet it is much quicker, more effective than other methods and something that your pet won’t mind.

The Hype
Perhaps the real buzz word that comes with the description of the Paw Shower is convenient. Whenever it comes to pet care it usually entails some substantial time as well as getting the pet to cooperate. When something like Paw Shower is promoted as being easy to use then when it comes to handling pets this is a real bonus.

The Cost
The cost of Paw Shower is $39.95 plush shipping and handling of plus $9.95 for shipping and handling. As with most of the TV offers if you pay extra shipping and handling you will get a second Paw Shower free. Also, along with your order you get a gift which is the Shammy Towel for drying the feet of your pet after you have used the Paw Shower.

The Commitment
Anything that requires you to do something with your pet takes some form of commitment. Anytime you have to do something with their paws can be quite a challenge. What you may want to do first is get your pet used to having their paws handled. This way you should not have any problems using the Paw Shower.

Anyone that owns a pet that is allowed to enjoy the outdoors knows what state their paws can get into. This is especially true during the winter weather or the spring summer rainy weather. Just think of how many times you have had to clean muddy paw prints off the floor. Or had to do battles with your pet to prevent them from walking on your lush carpets with their dirty feet. So there is no mistaking that there is a need for a product like the Paw Shower. The question comes down to just how effective and efficient is the Paw Shower.

Final Paw Shower Review

We are prepared to give the Paw Shower a thumbs up rating. Anything is better than having to struggle with wet cloths or hoses or putting your pet into a bath just so you can clean their paws.

Our Recommendation
While the Paw Shower will help you deal with dirty paws perhaps you are in need of another type of product that will help you gain better control over your dog and help to keep it safe, so if so then check out the Body Collar. This may also help you keep your dog stationary when you are doing some paw cleaning.

What do you think? Does Paw Shower work or not?

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