Does the PetZoom Brush Really Work for Grooming?

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Does PetZoom work?PetZoom promises to make grooming your pet a whole lot easier than it’s ever been before. If you normally rely on doing it yourself, or taking your dog or cat to a professional groomer, you’ll appreciate something that combines the two. To be able to avoid the high cost of having it done professionally, and also the tedious nature of doing it on your own, is pretty amazing. But can something like this really provide the sort of results you’re used to seeing from a pro?

It’s just a fact of pet ownership that your dog or cat is going to shed their fur all over your house. You can try to keep up with it as best as you can, but it seems that no matter how much you brush they will always be able to make more. This can be pretty frustrating, and can drive you crazy to the point of just getting used to it and living with it. But if you get to the root of the problem, the undercoat of your pet where most of the hair that ends up shedding comes from, you can take a big step towards reducing the amount of hair you find in your home.

The Claim
PetZoom claims that it is a professional grade device, that it works for every single pet that has hair, and that it will save you money over having to get your pet professionally groomed. They also claim that the brush cleans itself, so you don’t have to continually be pulling the hair off of the brush and out of the bristles. They say it’s the only brush you’ll need for at-home pet grooming, and we tend to agree with them.

The Cost
PetZoom is $27, and includes two bonuses that you don’t even have to pay extra for. Many other products of this nature will charge you an extra shipping handling fee for the “free” bonuses. In this case you get a smaller sized version, as well as an adjustable pet trimmer blade, and it’s really free.

The Commitment
The commitment level is about the same as taking it to a professional groomer, since you won’t have to worry about loading your pet up into the car, and going through that whole routine. It should also be a reduction in commitment compared to grooming your dog with other brushes that you’ve used prior to this. Overall, you should be able to get a better overall experience, and you can even end up grooming your dog more often since it’s so easy. Staying up with the task is easier then letting it get out of hand and having to spend even more time catching up.

PetZoom won the 2007 Editor’s Pick from Pet Product News International. It’s not too hard to see why. The way it cleans itself is a novel idea, and will save you countless minutes yanking dog hair out of the bristles. Another clever feature they’ve built into it is the ability to set the length of the bristles, so that you can use it on dogs with short hair, or curly hair. That’s something that is not found on other brushes, which is why it is so hard to use standard brushes with certain dogs.

PetZoom is one of the few pet products out there that has gotten favorable reviews from actual users. Most pet products receive mixed reviews at best, and this is because there are so many different varieties of dog and cat breeds that it’s almost impossible to please every owner, every time.

In fact, cat owners have particularly spoken up about how well it works for cats, even ones that don’t particularly like being brushed. Cats usually like to clean themselves, but if you can reduce the amount of hair that ends up in their mouth, you end up reducing the amount of hair they have to cough up. So if you’ve got a dog or a cat that doesn’t really like to be brushed then you should probably go with this one to see how they react to it.

Final PetZoom Review

PetZoom is just a really good pet grooming brush, so don’t expect it to be life altering. All of the infomercials are designed to get you to buy a product, even if the product is good or bad. In this case the product is good, they just make it look outstanding. So as long as you keep a level head, and don’t expect the world delivered to your door, you should be relatively happy with what you get.

The first time you see the hair pop off of the trimmer, you’ll know you made the right choice. And when you see how well your animal response to being brushed, you’ll probably want to do it more often.

Our Recommendation
Definitely grab one of these, especially if you have a dog breed that sheds a lot. You’ll find that you’ll end up with less dog hair on the couch, carpets, and even on your clothes, and in your mouth. If you think that professional groomers have a device that instantly brushes your dog perfection, you’d be wrong. They also have to go over the same spot many times to get to the undercoat, so don’t think that you can just do a few swipes here and you’ll be done. You have to put the time in, but this is a way to spend that time more effectively.

What do you think? Does PetZoom work or not?

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