Does Photobucket Really Work?

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Does Photobucket work?Photobucket is an online photo storage and photo sharing website that has been around for quite some time now, and also allows you to edit images. What most people want to know is how well does it really work and is it worth signing up for.

We all love taking photos, but once they’re taken the real question is what to do with them. Services like Instagram allow you to quickly put a sepia tone on them and make them look classic, Facebook allows you to post compressed versions of your pics and share them with your friends, and Pixlr lets you edit your pics for free online. But there are a few sites that are trying to make it so you can simply send your photos to one place and have all of your needs met.

The Claim
The main claim by the folks behind Photobucket is that it is one site that allows you to do everything you want to do with your pictures all from one place. They allow you to quickly upload from multiple devices, and you can even set it up so that it instantly uploads them.

The Hype
In Internet years Photobucket has been around for a very long time, as they’re celebrating their 10th birthday and not many websites can say that. They’ve changed ownership a few times, and were even bought and sold by Fox Corps, so the site is truly one of the Big Ones. Aside from their size and number of users there isn’t too much hype in regards to what they offer, and they are competing with plenty of other sites all vying to store your photos, including Picasa, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Cost
You get 2 gigabytes of storage free with Photobucket when you first sign up. If you need more storage than that they have paid plans that go up to 500GB and cost $40 a month with the option to pay annually and save money. These costs are in line with other pricing plans for storage, and many places are now putting limits to how much free space you get and then charging more if you need it. Even services like Google’s Gmail and Drive have limits to how much you can store for free, and then charge you if you need more than what’s provided for free.

The Commitment
They make it easy enough for you to get signed up and started, so there isn’t a lot of commitment on your part, aside from using their interface to get your photos and videos uploaded.

Photobucket does make it very easy to get your photos from your camera or smartphone to their cloud so you can access them from multiple devices and make edits to them directly. It’s nice to be able to have one place where you can both store, edit, and share all of your photos. It would be up to you to decide if you need the extra space of if you’re fine with the 2GB. Because this stores your pictures in their full resolution you can quickly eat up that storage space with some high resolution pictures.

When you consider that there is no shortage of the ways you can use your pics and the options you have for where to store them, it’s definitely a buyer’s market, and it comes down to which service best suits your needs in regards to how you want to use your photos, and what your end goal is. Photobucket seems best suited for those pics that are taken with a higher resolution camera, one with many megapixels, or an HD video where you don’t want any loss of quality.

Even though they say you’re in control of the privacy level of the photos you upload, it is possible for hackers to access your photos if they’re able to figure out the URL that the photos reside on. There are even programs that can do the guessing for them, and Photobucket is aware of this problem and does the best it can to combat it. It’s best to follow their advice if you have photos you don’t want released to others, and make sure that your URL is properly secured.

Final Photobucket Review

Overall, Photobucket works as advertised, but will likely only appeal to certain people that have a pressing need of storing large amounts of photos in their original quality and off of their own hard drive. Since they offer a free account to get started it’s easy enough to try it out and decide if it’s worth getting more storage if you need it down the road. Photo buffs and amateur photogrpahers would likely find it very useful to be able to quickly upload and edit their images all in once place.

Our Recommendation
There are a number of ways to use your photos these days, and this one is best suited for pics that you want to keep and essentially archive since it’s keeping their full resolution. As soon as you upload to a site like Facebook they’re going to compress the heck out of the photo and you’ll be losing all of the detail that your camera provides. Photobucket is a nice place to keep those extra special memories that you want to hold on to for the long term. That being said it’s still a website so you may want to keep a hard copy of your most precious pictures as a backup.

What do you think? Does Photobucket work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Photobucket Really Work?

  1. Worse then 1 star, honestly. 400$ a year just to hot link? I’d rather pay 10$ a month for private hosting. Thanks for ruining our FREE user run shop, PB.

  2. I’ve just used this site to store photos and images I took or made to post on forums and needed an online place to store them. I didn’t really take advantage of any other features they offered though. But they did what I needed them too so I can’t complain. But as Steven said it doesn’t work with files that are not images or videos.

    LS: It’s a great way to store those photos so don’t have to deal with them taking up extra space on your laptop.

  3. Photos take up a ton of space on my hard drive, and I never considered Photobucket, even though I had, of course, heard of it. I like the fact that it does not compress your photos so that I can take photos with my expensive and high quality DSLR camera and actually get my money’s worth with incredibly clear and colorful pictures. Sharing my photos online with loved ones is a must, as I have so many friends and relatives that live far away from me. I will definitely be looking into the free account to get started soon!

  4. Kaila, in all honesty if the Photobucket service didn’t have editing capability it would be dead in the water. It has been there for a long time but hasn’t evolved that much.

    Have ever used Dropbox? It’s way better than Photobucket and they have multiple ways to share the files with people. You don’t even have to go to the website to access the files. They are all on a vitual folder that you can access from multiple computers and share with people if you want.

    Another downside for me is that Photobucket only let you upload images and videos but Dropbox let you upload any format that you want to upload. I’m telling you without the edit feature Photobucket would be like Vine and Dropbox would like Instragram lol.

  5. Photobucket has a cute name and is probably a good website, like you said, for people who want to store high quality pictures. It’s probably great for making a portfolio and storing things you want to keep high quality. Most people who aren’t photographers are probably more likely to just put their pictures on Facebook, because it makes sharing them so easy, but this is a good option for people who want to store, not share.

    Storing photos this way is a better idea than just storing them on your computer, because sometimes computers lose files, or if they break down, you have an online backup for the files you want to make sure you save.

  6. I started using Photobucket as an attempt to make my life a little easier with my blog. The sign up process is easy peasy! In fact if you have a Facebook or Twitter account you don’t even need to utilize an e-mail address if you don’t want to. Once you have an account you can easily upload your photos and this is where things become EXTREMELY easy. Want to share through Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, etc.? Literally one click will do the job for you. Now as far as blogs are concerned, you can utilize the web addresses Photobucket creates for your photo to insert into your HTML. Overall, Photobucket is imperative for blogs and has social media perks too. A+++

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