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Does Portion Right Work?It is that time of year where a lot of us are concentrating on some weight loss in anticipation of the warm weather soon to come, and we want to look our best. Could Portion Right be a simple but effective weight loss enhancement that could help you reach your goals?

A lot of people when trying to lose weight will opt into different weight loss programs, and more often than not they just aren’t successful. One of the best approaches to shedding those unwanted pounds is to develop your own weight loss program, with the first major step being in a lifestyle change that focuses on your eating habits. The first plan of the fat attack is to cut down on how much you are consuming, but it can be pretty difficult to know if you are getting the right portions. This is what Portion Right is all about. It is a simple product that helps you determine exactly how much you are consuming with each portion of food. It is a collection of color coded rings. Each color depicts the right portion for your protein,veggies, carbs, fruit and fat. It simply removes all of the guesswork of whether you are consuming too much or too little per portion of each.

The Claim
The company claims that Portion Right stops the yo-yo dieting regime that so many people end up doing. No more calorie counting or trying to weigh out exact portions of food. They say that by using all 5 rings appropriately you are going to be able to consume a healthy well balanced meal. That is of course if you are intent on consuming health choice foods.

The Hype
Convenience is the big thing here. There are so many things to learn and do when dieting that having to worry about portions is just an added stress. By Portion Right eliminating this it makes it really appealing to the dieter.

The Cost
The cost you will incur is $10. plus $7.95. This will give you the 5 color coded rings, plus the Simplicity Eating Guide which gives you lots of healthy food suggestions. If you want to add an extra $4.95 to your order the Company will throw in a set of 5 color coded containers.

The Commitment
to have to commit to this then making sure that you use the Portion right to ensure you are getting the right amounts. Any successful weight loss usually comes with exercise too, so keep this in mind.

For those that really aren’t very good at eye balling the right portions of food, or just can’t be bothered with weighing it, then overall the Portion Right product really could be a good simple effective solution. There are tons of pre-prepared diet foods around, and a lot of people find that because these are in the right portions they really do help with weight loss. A good example of this is DineWise. Not everyone wants to pre-order their food and really don’t mind preparing their diet food from scratch. For those then it may very well be that the Portion Right could be a good resource.

Final Portion Right Review

We are going to give Portion Right a try/buy rating. If you really wanted to save money then you could simply hunt around the house for various sized containers and use them as your guide, but let’s face it this could be a hassle. The Portion Right is made for accuracy and simplicity. Sometimes when some of the diet hassles like proportioning is eliminated it helps people stick to their diet.

Our Recommendation
If you decide to go with the Portion Right then make use of the guide that comes with it. Its a long list of healthy food choices and you are sure to find plenty on it that you like. It is up to you whether you want to pay the few dollars extra for the containers, but if you have to eat on the go, then these may be a good additional resource for helping you to keep your portions under control. However, you could measure out the portions in the rings then transfer it over to any food container.

What do you think? Does Portion Right work or not?

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