Does Riddex Really Work?

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So you have pests in your house? You’re not the only one. The creators of Riddex take your critter and creepy crawler predicament into consideration with their ever-evolving product.

Riddex isn’t used for extermination, contrary to popular belief, but rather is used as a repellant for homes and apartments with infestation by using digital pulse technology through your walls to create a chemical free barrier against all your uninvited 4-8 legged guests.

Riddex is offered through television infomercials throughout the day, so certainly skepticism builds when you think of all those old Billy Mays commercials, but there may be something to be said for this product. Despite the infamy of infomercials, this product actually pulls through for some people that use it, only taking a few days to clear away the critters in a cost effective manner, while others complain that it is ineffective. So what’s the real deal with Ridex?

The Claim
Riddex claims to use electromagnetic technology to send a pulse up to 20,000 square feet from any electrical outlet it is plugged in to in order to deter pests from the home. For indoor use only, this product helps get rid of pests including mice, rats, and roaches. The company boasts that Riddex repels without any harsh chemicals to cause side effects in the home. Within two to four weeks, the product is said to reach full strength in deterring your creepy crawly pains, keeping your home pest free for the rest of the time it is plugged in.

The Hype
There is a lot of hype surrounding this product. Those that believe it works absolutely swear by it and would never try anything else, while those who have tested it and seen it fail have deemed it a waste of time and money. All this buzz has generated polarized views of the product in the public eye. But take this advice with a grain of salt. Just like not everyone will fill out an employee review form when they receive good service at a restaurant but will when they have a bad experience, the same goes for product reviews. Those that like a product usually keep quiet about it.

The Cost
For only $28 dollars with shipping and handling included, Riddex certainly costs far less than it would for some exterminator to come to your house and do the job professionally with all the harsh chemicals to kill these little problems. Riddex is quite possibly the most economically feasible solution to your pest problems if you’re looking for a long term solution.

The Commitment
Riddex involves a commitment of patience more than anything else. This is a product you just plug in to the wall and let it do its own thing, but you do have to wait to actually see results. The company says that Riddex takes anywhere between two to four weeks to show full strength and effectiveness, but most customers that buy it and find it to work say that they began to see results within two or three days of usage. Most people who reviewed the product negatively did not see change within a few days and chucked the product out the door, creating a user error. If you don’t mind waiting for the product to work, most will agree that it is well worth any sort of waiting you will have to do.

Overall, there is no reason to not trust Riddex. Everyone that uses the product properly and waits the allotted amount of time finds that it is truly an effective way to get rid of pests. Plus, for such a low cost, especially in comparison to the cost of an exterminator, Riddex seems to be a true steal. There is no reason you should rule this product off of your list, especially considering it has no potential of damaging your house, family, pets, or plants in the process of using it.

Final Riddex Review

So what do we think of Riddex? Overall, this product is worth the time and money involved to get rid of everything that’s crawling around your house, with little hassle. The only negative reviews of Riddex out there are most likely from people who simply didn’t use the product properly.

Our Recommendation
We highly recommend this product to the patient and pest-overwhelmed to try out. Follow the directions to the letter and you’ll be on your way to a pest-free home.

Official Website: Riddex

So what do you think? Does Riddex work or not?

175 Customer Reviews on “Does Riddex Really Work?

  1. This thing works! We were given one by my mother-in-law as a gift. She bought it while on vacation somewhere. We plugged it in with very low expectations but figured what the heck, say thanks for the gift, plug it in, and forget about it. Oddly after a while, I’d guess in terms of weeks, we started to notice there were less bugs around. We were having an issue, although not exterminator worthy, with European earwigs so anything was worth a try right? But as it turns out the thing worked. Very, very few bugs after that. Don’t know how it works, and I don’t care, but it works. I was surprised to say the least. Get one and plug it in a forget about it. Then in two months when you see it blinking you’ll be able to give it an honest evaluation. 🙂

  2. Just recently purchased a house & there was one of these plugged into the outlet in the laundry room in the basement. Needless to say, I think we have a mouse because I found a pack of flower seeds chewed open & mouse droppings in a small storage room in the basement. Guess I’ll be setting a trap.

  3. If it works, and the jury seems to be out on that one, it affects rodents. Gerbils, hampsters, rabbits, and of course pet mice and rats are all rodents and would be affected…if it works at all

  4. Wow I’m so happy with my new Riddex!
    The house is still riddled with cockroaches, mice and rats but since I installed it the wife has left and taken the pesky kids with her and the kids horrible friends no longer come banging on my front door, even the postman visits less often now.
    Thank you Riddex for such an excellent product 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. They do not work for any kind of bugs. However I have lived in several places with infestations of mice and other rodents. It does seem to work for repelling those. I have been using these riddex plugins for the last 10 years and they have been a lifesaver. I do get an occasional mice passing through but my neighbors even those with cats are actively infested with them. In fact it was so bad that they got together and complained so that the owner had to send out a big name exterminator. The poisons/traps they put out in my apartment was still there when I cleaned up several months later. I got rid of it. There has been no mice hanging around here long enough to eat anything lol.. The only thing is after some time (a year) they need to be replaced as they do not seem to work as good. Also you need to place several of them around.

  6. I can’t use mine as the plug in part of this device is round and where I live the prongs are flat. So a total waste of money as I can’t use them, If they had sent an adapter for it that would have helped but I am now out about $35.00 as I ordered 2 of them.

  7. I’m really, thoroughly unimpressed by these so called post repellent devices… I wish there was a way to pay photos to this… I’ve taken acouple pics of aroach just chilling on top of the unit like he is a DJ for an insect rave… Don’t waste the money on this thing… It’s nothing but an overpriced nightlite…

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