Does RipFire Really Work?

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Does RipFire really work?RipFire takes the 30 and 90-day programs and cuts down the time it takes to see results to just 14 days. If you believe their commercial. By harnessing the awesome power of nitric oxide they are revolutionizing the world of bodybuilding. If you believe their website.

RipFire is responsible for the latest craze around nitric oxide. By using L-Arginine to stimulate the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide, the thought is that you’ll be able to build more muscle in a shorter amount of time, by healing faster from your workouts. Like most of the body bulding supplement websites and companies out there, they have no shortage of testimonials of users stating that they’ve gotten great results from using it.

The Claim
All of the claims made at the RipFire website have not been evaluated by the FDA so you should take them with a grain of salt. The claims include that by taking their product you will experience increased levels of nitric oxide, that you’ll have more energy and endurance, that you’ll feel less fatigued, and that you’ll be able to push it harder throughout your entire workout.

The really bad part about the claims and the “proof” offered by the graphics on their website is that the results that they advertise are from a very limited subset of users. They took 27 customer feedbacks and posted them as indicative of the effectiveness of their supplement. What is unknown is how they selected these customers, and how much other feedback they received.

The Hype
The hype comes direct from their giant message on their website that Ripfire is the future of bodybuilding supplements. The hype becomes ironic when you find out that the main ingredient in RipFire is L-arginine, an amino acid that has been well known in the bodybuilding community for quite some time.

The problem with talking up a product and making it seem like it is revolutionary, or the next big thing in sports nutrition, is that you’ll eventually get found out and exposed for what you really are. If the makers of RipFire would have spent more time on research and development and less time on marketing and advertising, they may have developed a product that could stand the test of time, instead of going for the fast buck and making a flash site and overpriced product.

The Cost
For just $3.95 you can get placed on their autoship/autobill program that will charge your account $79.95 every month, and send you a new bottle of RipFire as well. This is an exorbitant price for something that can be found in a dozen other similar products that have far lower price tags.

The Commitment
They do state that you’ll have to push it hard in the gym while you take RipFire, so they don’t hold anything back in this regard. This is a bit refreshing. At least they don’t go to the extreme that fat-loss pills do of stating that you just need to take their supplement and it will do the rest.

RipFire doesn’t contain some secret ingredient, or anything that isn’t found in many other muscle-building products that are readily available. They openly state that their key ingredient is L-Arginine. There is little explanation as to what their supplement offers that others don’t, or what they’ve done that is any different than other manufacturers.

Does RipFire Really Work?

RipFire may help develop muscles due to the L-Arginine that it contains. However, this is the same kind of results you can expect from whey protein and other muscle-building supplements. If you use them, and actually do the heavy lifting along with taking the supplement, you’ll see an increase in muscle size.

The unfortunate part is that most of us lack the ability and facilities to run a double-blind test to see if this improves muscle growth more than just working out without taking a supplement.

Our Recommendation
You can pass on RipFire completely, or go with one of the other products out there that contain the same active ingredient. You can also find supplements that have been on the market for a longer amount of time and have gone through their share of consumer reviews and ratings and are still being sold.

What do you think? Does RipFire really work?

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