Does the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer Really Work?

Does the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer Work?We think that anything that is new in technology is important. This is especially true if it something that you can take advantage of that is going to make something more convenient for you. At the same time, it is pointless in investing in something just because it is going to be the latest fad. So where does the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer fit into all of this?

How many times have you looked at the display on your smart phone and wished you could instantly print out the information that was on the screen, whether it was directions to a certain venue or a recipe that you wanted to try or simply a list you have made with the note function on your phone? We are guessing that it has happened quite often because it HAS happened to us more times we can even count. Well, those days are over. The new Rolto iPhone Screen Printer has changed the game.

The Claim
The claim by Rolto is that now you can easily and effortlessly print whatever is on your iPhone screen with the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer without having to connect to the computer and download the information and then print which takes up more time than it is worth depending on the information.

The Hype
The hype is mainly realized by the fact that until now the only option was to do what was described above and that was to connect to a computer, download and then print whatever it is that you want a hardcopy of which quite obviously takes much more time than simply plugging the phone into the Rolto iPhone Printer and shooting off a copy of your screen shot.

The Cost
The cost of the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer is $249.00 at While that may seem a little high it is a pretty nifty device and fills a void that is quite noticeable. (There might well be retailers who sell this for less but we have not really looked for purposes of this review so you may want to shop around a little if you are interested in this unit)

The Commitment
Not much commitment required for the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer overall. It is small enough to toss into a desk or kitchen drawer when not in use or simply leave it on the desk top for when you need it. You will of course. have to change the paper at certain intervals depending on how often you use the unit but that is pretty much the only maintenance required. We assume that you may have to add ink at some point but the information supplied does not mention this fact so we have little info to base that on unfortunately.

We are basically impressed with the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer. Well, let us clarify that statement a little. We love the IDEA of this unit. Having the ability to instantly print off the screen shot you have on the screen of your iPhone is a great idea and one that is exceptionally convenient at times. How many of us wished we could print out directions or a recipe that we have pulled up on our iPhone? Probably all of us have at some point or another. This Rolto iPhone Screen Printer makes that possible very easily. The unit simply uses WIFI to connect the phone and printer and then you simply print out the info on the screen. Easy-Peasy right? Right! The downsides to this particular unit is the fact that it only works with iPhones and does not interface with Android devices which sucks for those of us who do not subscribe to the only Apple mindset. The other issues are that the interface and the instructions are in Japanese only, which is less of an issue really as the unit is pretty easy to use and very intuitive.

Final Rolto iPhone Screen Printer Review

One of the real problems we have with this unit or we should say the company that makes it is that they offer no returns or warranty for the unit. This means that you pay over $240.00 and have no recourse if something goes wrong or you simply do not like the unit. That definitely needs to be addressed in the future.

Our Recommendation
We are on the fence with the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer. We love what the unit DOES….but….the fact that it has no included warranty or opportunity to return if the unit breaks or simply fails to impress makes us very leery. The choice, as always, rests with YOU, the consumer. Take a chance?…or not! Up to you! If you are looking for something else to spruce up the convenience of your smart phone then how about this keyboard.

What do you think? Does the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer work or not?


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