Does RotoShave Really Work?

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Does RotoShave really work?If you love the closeness of a blade and the safety and ease of an electric razor RotoShave attempts to bridge the two. It says that because it spins so quickly you get a very close shave, but without giving you any irritation or razor bumps. It would be great to get a super close shave using an electric razor, but is it possible?

There are basically two camps in the world of shaving. You can either go with a regular razor, get a super close shave but risk cutting yourself. Or you can go with an electric razor, minimize the chance of nicks and cuts, but sacrifice some of the closeness. The RotoShave is attempting to bring the best from both worlds.

The Claim
The claims come a mile a minute in the ads, and you have to pay close attention if you want to catch them all. They say that with the RotoShave it’s guaranteed to shave you closer, safer, and faster
with its high speed blades.

You’ll get no rashes, no red spots, and it’s the “ultimate shave”. They claim to have patented the blades that it comes with, and they say that they spin at a rate of 270 strokes per second. Luckily for the suer there are safety guards in place so we don’t shave our faces off.

The Hype
The hype comes from the men that are shown shaving on the infomercial. It shows a perfectly shaven path mowed right through the beard. It’s unknown how this footage could be doctored, but it’s unlikely that anyone at home will experience the same results when they try it out.

The Cost
The cost is probably the most confusing part of the RotoShave. If you order directly from the Emjoi website you will pay $100 if you pay all at once and bypass the $15 trial with payments.

However, if you go to Amazon you can buy a RotoShave for $40 with fulfillment also from Emjoi. This must be for one of their earlier models, and the $100 price must be for their latest innovation.

To get replacement heads you just have to pay shipping, which can save big time on expensive blades like the Gillette Mach 5.

The Commitment
Men have to shave their face pretty regularly, so you’re already committed to shaving. Part of the hype of RotoShave is that it’s going to save you time, they bring this benefit up several times in the commercial.

You will still have to dedicate yourself to using the device, and shave with the frequency that you normally do. You will also have to give your whiskers time to adjust to this new way of shaving. Only then will you get the best results, because if you normally use a regular blade or an electric shaver, your facial hair has grown used to it, and grows in a specific way to accomodate it.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get the RotoShave is that it has an ergonomic handle which makes it really easy to hold. It also has some handy features like an LED that signals a low battery, and there’s even a switch that lets you change the speed depending on your beard type.

The water resistant nature of the shaver is one of its best features. It’s able to get wet, unlike many electric razors, which lets you use shaving cream, shave gels, and easily clean it out by holding it under the tap, just like a regular blade.

Unfortunately the results vary. When your beard has gone too long it will not shave as close as a blade. When you are only one day since your last shave, it is good at shaving down the little bit of stubble that has grown back. If you have a thick beard and a five o’clock shadow the same day you shave, you might not like the results you get with this razor.

Does RotoShave Really Work?

It works, but not as well as it seems on the ads. It will shave your facial hair without causing irritation, but it will not be as close as a straight edge razor, like the disposable ones made by Gilette and Schick.

Our Recommendation
If you shave daily and don’t have a beard that grows back really thick and really quickly, you’ll probably be very happy with the kind of shave you get with the RotoShave. However, those that let their beards grow out before shaving them back down, or those that have some fast-growing facial hair might want to stick to their current methods.

What do you think? Does RotoShave really work?

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  1. I have been meaning to buy an electric razor, I don´t really have a thick beard but I´ve tried some electric razor that just pull the hair and it can be painful, I think I will give the rotoshave a try now that I know the facts, thanks for the article it really gave me some direction on what razor to buy.

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