Does Sensa Really Work?

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Does Sensa really work?Sensa is making a splash in the diet industry as being a unique product that you simply sprinkle onto your food, and then eat as you normally would. It may sound a little out of the ordinary, but that is their sales gimmick and what did people to do a double take and wonder if it could actually work. We’ve done the research, looked over the existing data, and are here to give you the answer.

There’ll always be diet products that come out that make people stop and say “hmmm”. Most people have their initial doubts when they see what Sensa entails, but since there isn’t much for a user to do in order to work this program, it’s definitely going to win over its share of those that are willing to try it. People also can resist a free trial, even if they have to pay for shipping and handling, and even if they are told they’re signing up for a subscription that they have to cancel if they don’t want.

The Claim
Just sprinkle Sensa onto your food and eat like normal. Sprinkle, eat, lose is their slogan. They say that it works by activating your hunger control switch, so you end up eating less than you normally would. The Mayo Clinic won’t even go near this one and make a statement as to whether or not it works. They do however say that you should opt for healthy foods and regular exercise instead of bizarre weight-loss methods.

Is Sensa a Scam?
The question of whether or not Sensa is a scam is a very valid one. A scam can be described as selling a product that doesn’t work, and not giving people their money back when requested. Sensa seems to live up to both of these criteria, as they charge for their “free trial” and it doesn’t seem like they are quick to issue a refund. They’ve also been called out on 20/20 for fudging their clinical trials, and making claims of peer reviews that have been disproven by the peers themselves.

So proceed with caution, and make sure everything is clear during the ordering process if you choose to get this one.

The Cost
They say that you get a free 2 month starter kit for just $4.95 shipping and handling, and this includes enough sprinkles to last 60 days. There’s a 30 day guarantee, and what they don’t describe is that you’re signing up for an auto-bill and auto-shipment of their product if you don’t cancel before the 30 days is up. People are reporting being charged $80 twice for this before being able to cancel their subscription.

The Commitment
Sensa is one of those products where the commitment level is set very low. If you can sprinkle salt onto your food, your qualified to get started. That’s about as effortless as a company can make a weight loss program. Since users don’t have to cook special foods, shop for health items at the grocery store, or start exercising and leading a more active life, is appealing to millions of people.

You should always raise a skeptical eyebrow on products that promise you won’t have to do much. Anything worth achieving is worth making a sacrifice or two. If you’re committed to losing weight and getting healthier, there are better and more natural ways than using a product like Sensa.

What’s missing in all of the promotion of Sensa is a mention of eating healthy foods and getting exercise. They make it seem like you can keep your regular lifestyle, and just sprinkle their salt onto it to get the results you want. Many people don’t want to sacrifice the foods they love, or be any more active in their lifestyle, but still want to lose weight. The contradiction in all of this is that this is mutually exclusive. If you want change to happen in your life, you have to make changes. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get it you’ve always gotten.

The real problem with figuring out if products like Sensa actually work is due to the fact that people in the testimonials most definitely started eating better, and working out more. They definitely did not just use Sensa on their food. Because of this, is nearly impossible to determine if it is Sensa that is making a difference, or the lifestyle changes. And proper diet and exercise will cause you to lose weight every time, it is best just to go with that and leave all the gimmicks alone.

Sensa Review: What People Are Saying

Most unbiased feedback from real users shows that there’s pretty much a consensus that Sensa and the company should be avoided. They seem to make many references to a clinical study, but since this was not able to be verified, it can be disregarded. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to eat the foods that taste the best, sit around and don’t exercise, and still lose weight, even if you sprinkle pixie dust on it.

It’s hard to fully understand what sort of business model a company like Sensa has. In today’s day and age news travels fast and people share their experiences with products, especially bogus ones. Eventually, enough people realize that Sensa is not worse getting started on, and they will run out of visitors that haven’t heard of them. Maybe they are banking on the fact that people will still try something against their better judgment, if they are that desperate for a solution.

Our Recommendation
Nothing can replace proper diet and exercise, but it will always be tempting to take a short cut. Usually all that ends up happening is you’ll waste some time and money on things that don’t work. Sprinkling a special salt on your food is not the way to go. Just eat healthy food and get some regular exercise and it will be effortless. You don’t need to take a drastic approach and starve yourself or kill yourself in the gym. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you want a weight loss solution that is easy and convenient, you would be better off going with a diet food delivery program like Bistro MD, or a system like The Diet Solution Program.

What do you think? Does Sensa work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Sensa Really Work?

  1. This is crazy! How can sprinkling something on your food make you loose weight – is this some magic sprinkle they’ve found!? I doubt it!

    What a complete waste of money for the people who’ve bought in to this product. Just get on with eating healthy and exercising. The weight will soon drop off

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