Does ServPro Really Work?

Does ServPro Really Work?
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does ServPro Work?The thought of having to deal with a fire or flood is one that most people don’t even want to have to consider. Yet these types of potentially devastating mishaps occur all too often. The after math of a fire or flood can be overwhelming, but there are services like ServePro that can really help.

ServPro is a company that is dedicated to be there for those who have the need for a clean up after a fire or flood. It isn’t just a clean up that is required as there is often a need for restoration.

The Claim
ServPro indicates that they are able to rapidly respond to the aftermath of any fire or water disaster. They claim that they can handle any situation no matter how big or small, and whether it is residential or business.

The Hype
The hypre really zeros in on how much immediate comfort one can get as soon as they visit the ServPro web site. It immediately addresses all of the concerns that a distressed individual likely has if they are looking for fire or flood cleanup.

The Cost
The cost for ServPro services is going to all depend on the specific circumstances that you are in and how much damage has occurred as well as what type of restoration is going to be needed. This is a Company that knows exactly how to work with your insurance company which can really cut down on some of the hassles you are now facing pertaining to this disaster that you are experiencing.

The Commitment
One of the strongest assets that ServPro possesses is the Company’s ability to quickly take control of the situation that you are in. You only have to commit to letting them do their job and carefully reviewing the assessment of the situation that they will provide you with.

Fire and/or flood are mishaps that take people by surprise and they have no idea as to how to handle the aftermat. ServPro does and they will quickly evaluate the situation. They will go into immediate action to put a stop to the potential damage that the water may continue to create if not attended to. ServPro appear to be experts at fire, water and flood cleanup and restoration and this is exactly what you need at a time like this.

So far we have talked about what ServPro promotes and depends on for building their credibility. Keep in mind that this is a franchised Company. So while there are over 1,700 franchises across the nation, the reviews that are available about them are going to reflect the specific franchise that the customer was dealing with.

When we reviewed the Consumer Affairs Report the results were a little disappointing. Out of 271 reviews, 41 ratings were provided which resulted in only a one star rating.

In fairness though when looking at these reviews with negative ratings it appears that they are widely scattered across the states with only one or two for each state. You need to consider the overall number of services that are performed by each franchise and compare this to the number of poor ratings that are applicable to each franchise.

Also on the consumer site you will note that the reviews posted are mostly made up of the negative reviews and that they span over several years.

Final ServPro Review

We are going to give ServPro a Try/Buy rating. It is important that you check out the reviews both positive and negative for your area where you will obtaining the services. Keeping in mind the ratio of reviews compared to the number of potential services that have been performed by the company in your area that have not been reviewed one way or the other.

Our Recommendation
Always checking out a service or product in regards to feedback and reviews is important, but also keeping an open mind is important to. Preventative measures are the best steps that you can take when it comes to fire and flood. To help you with potential water threats you may want to check out the Delta Water Leak Protector.

What do you think? Does ServPro work or not?


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