Does Skin So Soft Bug Guard Really Work?

Does Skin So Soft Bug Guard Work?It won’t be long before those pesky mosquitoes make their presence to make your outdoor fun a bit of a hassle. Then of course as the heat from the sun increases so does the need for a proper sunscreen. How about considering a product like Skin So Soft Bug Guard that is going address both needs.

The name Skin So Soft itself is a well known one. It is a very popular product that is produced by Avon. Now Skin So Soft Bug Guard has some of the same attributes that the famous Skin So soft does but is specifically targeting some of the major complaints of dealing with insects.

The Claim
The Skin So Soft Bug Guard contains an ingredient called IR3535. Which can repel the bites of many different types of insects such as mosquitoes but also gnats, black flies and deer ticks. It is believed to be helpful in reducing the risk of the West Nile virus because of its ability to ward off mosquitoes. But, just as importantly it has sunscreen protection of SPF 30.

The Hype
The hype around the Skin So Soft Bug Guard is comprised of first the credibility of the Avon name for producing products that live up to their expectations. The next is the convenience of being able to handle the bug repellent plus sun protection needs. Then there is the quality of the product itself. Also, it does not contain any Pabo or Deet which are two potentially dangerous products found in these types of products.

The Cost
The cost for Skin So Soft Bug Guard is $7.49

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment is needed for the Skin So Soft Bug Guard. Other than to remember to use it to address both needs. Just because there may not be any bugs around you still need to use it as sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors in the sun.

As with any product that is structured for these specific uses they have to be used properly. Don’t think that just because it includes the name “Skin So Soft” that it means you can apply it every hour. Be sure to follow the exact direction for its best use and within the limits of use. While it seems to be okay for children, it is suggested that it not be used on children under six months old unless approved by a doctor. Don’t get this mixed up with the standard version of the Skin so Soft. This is a new product geared specifically towards repelling bugs and giving some protection from the sun.

Final Skin So Soft Bug Guard Review

So far the Skin So Soft Bug Guard has received some favorable ratings. Out of 369 reviews, it has earned a 4.7-star rating. With 309 of these reviewers giving it five stars. The focus has been put on how long it lasts and its absorption rate. Along with most thinking, it smells great and is non-greasy. Overall we are prepared to give it a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for another form of bug control, then check out the Thermacell MR450.

What do you think? Does Skin So Soft Bug Guard work or not?


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