Does the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Kill Floor Germs And Clean Too?

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Steam Mop PlusThe Smart Living Dream Mop has gone through some changes to upgrade it to the Smart Living Dream Mop Plus. It still raises the same question, however. Which is does cleaning with steam make for a better cleaning experience, and if so does this mop live up to the expectations?


What is the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus?

It is a mop that cleans through the use of steam that is delivered at 110C which is considered to be a high temperature.

What Type of Surfaces Can It Clean?

Ceramic floor steam cleaning

This product is being promoted as being safe to use on:

  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Wood laminate floors

Although this product is being promoted as being safe for any floor types there is some question as to whether it should be used on the unsealed floor like some of the laminates. When it comes to hardwood floors caution has to be taken that the floor does not get too wet, otherwise it will create white spots.

What About The Carpet Cleaning?

steam cleaning carpets

The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is also being promoted for cleaning carpets. However, those selling it claim that it doesn’t really clean carpets. Some may want to use it to sanitize their carpets but it doesn’t appear to really clean the carpets.

The mop has a carpet glide that allows for cleaning of the carpets. If these wear out a replacement can be purchased.


The Advantages of Using the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

steam for floor cleaning

  • The claim is that it is able to sanitize as well as clean
  • It is more sustainable as no cleaners or chemicals are needed for the cleaning
  • The microfiber pad used with the unit is reusable.
  •  The design of the Smart Living Mop makes floor cleaning easy
  • Being as it is cleaning with steam it dries almost instantly

The Advantages of Cleaning With Steam

One of the drawing features to the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is the claim that the steam can sanitize. A lot of pet owners like the thought that they can sanitize their floors because of having pets. Those who have toddlers also like the fact that they can sanitize the floors as the children often sit on the floors to play.

The other benefit of cleaning with steam is that the heat it provides can help to loosen stuck-on debris more effectively and quicker.

Does Steam Really Sanitize

killing germs with steam

It is said that steam is capable of killing 99.9% of germs such as:

  • Salmonella
  • Dust mites
  • Staff bacteria
  • E.Coli

However, it is said that the steam must remain in one area from anywhere between 8 to 20 seconds.

How To Use This Steam Cleaner

Using Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

The process of using this product is really simple.

  • Just fill the reservoir with distilled water
  • Attach one of the reusable microfibre pads
  • Turn on and you are ready to start cleaning

The Micro Pads

Smart living steam cleaner plus micro pads

These are the pads that are going to come in direct contact with the floor and do the cleaning as the steam loosens the debris. They are reusable and when ordered they come in a package of three.

A fresh pad will clean about 500 sq. feet before it needs to be laundered.

Cleaning the Micro Pads

They are machine washable and can be put in the dryer, however, do no use fabric softeners when cleaning these as this destroys the microfibres.


Putting Steam Mops To The Test

The Smart Living Steam Mop is not the only product of its kind on the market. Good Housekeeping ran a test on several different types of steam mops however this Smart Living Steam Mop  Plus was not one included in the test. However, the criteria that were used for the test can also be applied as to whether this particular mop would have passed the test.

The test used four different types of dirt

  • Oily dirt
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Soda
  • Orange juice.

The surfaces that it was tested on was ceramic and vinyl tiles

For the test clean they passed the steamer over the stains with thirty strokes.

The results varied but for the most part, all of the steamers they tested were able to clean all of the stains. With the exception of a few not being able to clean the red stains from the sauce. This appeared to be the hardest component to clean.

The other test components were how good the mops were at picking up debris like spilled food and dust etc. Then how often did the reservoir have to be filled during the cleaning process?

The Cost

You have options for where you want to buy the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus and this will determine how much you are going to pay for it It can be purchased directly from the Company for $195.95 which is a reduction from $249.99. Or there are various sellers on Amazon selling it for $198.95.


What Do The Users Say?

Feed back

The mop has received a 3.9 rating out of 5. With 61% giving it a 5 star and 17% a one star. This is based on 191 reviews. Rating on features was based on:

  • It is lightweight – most were happy with this feature
  • Easy to use – again most were satisfied.
  • Value for money – earned a four out of five star

It seems that the biggest complaint was the quality of the unit itself. One complained that here mop stopped working after a few uses. Another believes she received a demo mop and not a new one. Then a third complaint was the steam was not able to penetrate into the crevices.


Cleaning with Shark

Whenever you are going to buy an item such as steam mop you want to have some choices. We have covered several different types of these products in our reviews. One of them was the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. It also happens to be the number one best seller on Amazon. Based on 5,051 reviews it has received a four-star rating.  It is also a lot cheaper than the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus. The Shark sells for $59.99.




69 Customer Reviews on “Does the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Kill Floor Germs And Clean Too?

  1. I bought the Smart Living Steam Mop at a Home Show in April 2014. I was satisfied with the work it did although I thought it was flimsily made the results were surprisingly good. Enough so that people would comment how great my floors looked. I last used my mop in May 2015 when I tried to use it again in September 2015 (I was away for 3 months) the machine does not work. The motor sounds weak and it does not heat. I have not been able to find a way to contact the company. Since I like the steam cleaning process, I purchased a Shark Professional Steamer and was so dissatisfied with the result I returned it to the store.

  2. After reading these comments all I can say is that I love, love, love this mop and we have hard wood and tile floors and would, and have recommended it to many people.

  3. I have purchased mine recently and I must say that it does the work.
    The floors are very clean after usage and it does not take long for the floors to dry up.
    I guess everyone’s opinion is different based on usage.

    But I would say its like any other products, it can be broken if you don’t care enough. You don’t have to blame the manufacturer for every single reason. anyhow, I think it’s money well spent

  4. Junk. Yes, it stacks up…the pile trash pile with the other steam mop. Didn’t come close to getting my money ‘s worth. Pure junk. Do not believe the positive reviews. Just go with my word…use human power with a tradition damp floor mop. The ONLY STEAM WAS COMING FROM MY HEAD…PURE JUNK.

  5. Where and to whom are you returning it to? Mine is brand new, never used, and purchased at a home show for hardwood floors, which I now find it should not be used on. Would love to return it for a FULL refund, but can’t get anyone on the phone. So, please, let me know if you succeed.

  6. I don’t think most people are idiots at cleaning floors. Its interesting to me that the “positive” reviews are mostly coming from men. Meanwhile, I don’t know one man who cleans the family floors. Are you an employee of this company?

  7. I hate crooks and that’s what these people are, insincere crooks. However, they couldn’t perpetrate their crime, to a large degree, without the help of the Home Shows. Shame on all of them! We have bought several things through home shows that are not for sale in stores. This is only one of them. There’s a reason why many of the products found at home shows are not for sale in stores, they are OVERPRICED and THEY ARE JUNK!

    No longer a Home Show shopper

  8. Hi! I have a new one, but am afraid to use it due to all the negative reviews. What kind of floors do you have?

  9. How long did you have it, before you were NOT loving it any longer? Also, what are your floors made of? You’re right, its quite expensive for a dud. I bought one in 2013 that I just took out of the box, but am now afraid to use.

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