Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Really Work?

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Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow really work?If you’re tired of overheating with your current pillow and want something that doesn’t retain the heat when you sleep, you probably took notice when the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow ad came on. It makes a pretty strong case on its effectiveness, and if you watch for too long you might find yourself dialing the number of visiting their website. But does it provide the kind of sleep experience they claim it does?

Buckwheat pillows are something that not many people are aware of, unless they’ve tried one before. When Sobakawa released their first model, they used Japan heavily in their product description. They stated that the Japanese have a theory about sleep that states that your extremities should be warm, and your head should be cool for proper sleep.

Sobawakwa pillows have been around for over a decade, and they keep upgrading their product and hoping that people will continue to follow the natural progression of their product line.

The Claim
The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is stated to have hundreds of foam microbeads that contour to the shape of your head, all while providing the same kind of stay-cool feature that the traditional buckwheat hulls did.

The implicit claims, as judging by the infomercial, are that you won’t toss and turn in your sleep any more, you won’t have back pain, and your neck won’t be in a knot any more, once you start using the Sobakawa Cloud pillow.

They also claim that the pillow is the result of 300 years of development. Although it’s based on the “Asian buckwheat pillow” no buckwheat was harmed in the making of the pillow. It now uses what’s known as “air beads” which are described as a “virtual sea of clouds”.

The Cost
For $35 you can have it delivered to your door, complete with a pillow case that breathes or some such nonsense.

The Commitment
You don’t have to do much but replace the pillow you currently use with your new Sobakawa Cloud pillow. Sleep like you normally would and you should see the difference in the quality of sleep that you get.

The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow stays cool and does adjust to your head. It’s going to take some getting used to if you’ve never used a pillow like this. Your first night with it and you might wake up stiffer than usual, or toss and turn because it just doesn’t feel right.

If you stick with it and don’t toss it to the closet after a night or two, you probably won’t want to part with it. Once you’re used to the way it feels and the different sleeping positions that feel comfortable with it, you’ll have better rest than usual.

Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Really Work?

Pillows are just one of the facets of sleep. It will give you a better pillow experience, but as far as living up to all of the claims in their advertisements, you might be disappointed. For example, if you have a lousy mattress, your new pillow isn’t going to solve your problem. Likewise, if you have health conditions that cause you to wake up several times in the night, or something like sleep apnea where you stop breathing at certain points throughout the night, you won’t find relief by changing pillows.

If you simply tired of a hot pillow you will definitely love the Sobakawa Cloud pillow. It definitely will keep you cool, and that can be great during the summer months when you don’t feel like turning the air conditioning on just to sleep.

Our Recommendation
If you want a super comfy pillow and don’t mind knowingly paying for it, then you should grab one.

Official Website: Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

What do you think? Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow really work?

35 Customer Reviews on “Does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Really Work?

  1. The writing on all of these reviews is quite poor, thus invalidates the review. Did this unnamed person really try all of these pillows? He/she clearly did not try them.

  2. I was given this pillow I thought I was really getting something ..after sleeping on it I woke up in tremendous neck pain, as I am writing this is debilitating !! can,t move ,get put of bed, have to hold the back of my head to do anything, I would NOT recomend this item

  3. Love my Sobakowa. However, I can’t find additional pillow cases for it. I must wash it and hope it dries before I go to sleep

  4. Do not purchase one of these. Expensive – YES ! Does the job – NO ! When I took the pillow out of the box and felt the pillow I did say “I will sleep on a cloud tonight”. You put your head down, and it is soft. Not long after you feel as though you are sleeping on molded concrete.

  5. I bought these pillows last year. My son asked me for 2 of these pillows on his Christmas list. So I purchased them for him & 2 for his father & I . A month later I found the money I paid for the pillows in my room with a note from my son saying ” mommy I sorry I made you waste your money on these pillows. The people on TV lied! It was all a gimmick” all of that from an 8 year old So Mikey sez don’t waste your money

  6. I bought the Sobakwa Cloud Pillow for the same reasons as many of the reviews here. I have a terrible neck condition. After a few nights, I had the same stiffness along with added pain than I had before, but I wanted to give it at least a week. It never improved at all. It doesn’t stay cool either. It was the biggest waste of money. I bought mine from eBay so I couldn’t get a refund, but I still spent $15.00 that I can’t retrieve back. Don’t waste your money or time as it doesn’t work and in my case it brought added pain.

  7. I ordered two of the Sobakawa Cloud Pillows, standard size. I just received them and have never been more disappointed in anything. I did try to sleep on it and it was the smallest, most uncomfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on. I have standard size pillows and they are not standard size pillows. It is not advertised that they are highly flammable I guess you assume everyone should do their own research before buying, duly noted. I considered the commercial a real scam. They tell you buy one get one free. Nothings free. You pay $7.95 a pillow for shipping. When the box came I could not believe that there were actually two pillows in there since the box was so small. They tell you oh yea, you can get a refund, but not for the shipping. The shipping is half the cost of the order. What a rip off!!!

  8. These pillows suck. If you’re going to purchase a Sobakawa Pillow, stick with the Original Sobakawa which contains 100% Buckwheat Hulls. Much better than the micro beads and way cooler.

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