Does the Solarflex Mat Really Work?

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Does SolarFlex Mat really work?The Solarflex Mat is designed to let you get a hot yoga or hot Pilates workout at home, with their infrared heating mat. This would mean no more having to go to hot yoga classes, or have people stare at you while you’re in an awkward yoga position. Many people rave about the benefits of hot yoga and how it really works the body, so can the SolarFlex Mat replicate this same sort of experience at home?

Hot yoga is become all the rage lately and involves doing regular yoga exercises inside of a sauna, or sauna-like room. The heat combined with the strenuous positions you need to hold creates a dynamic workout and maximize the efficiency of your yoga stretches. It gets your heart rate up, so it adds a cardio affect to your typical yoga session. Usually yoga doesn’t really get your heart rate up to a target level, so this is a way to add this component to the already beneficial yoga.

The Claim
The claim is that you can start your workouts warm, and then get hot as you workout. The mat provides infrared warmth, and when you combine this with typical yoga stretches, they claim it makes the workout more effective, and raises your body’s core temperature.

The Hype
The hype is from all of those people that are sick of waiting for a spot to open in their local hot yoga classes would be interested in this. Also, those that don’t feel like paying all that money just to do yoga would want one of these too.

The Cost
The Solarflex Mat is $312 delivered to your door, but they have introductory offers so you can try it out for far less than that to see if you like it. You get a 30 day trial when ordering from the official site, and they say if you don’t lose more weight and feel better in that time, just return it for a refund.

The Commitment
Even though this brings hot yoga to the comfort and privacy of your home, you still have to be the one to fire it up and use it. Yoga can be hard enough to do, but hot yoga really heats things up. If you’re an experienced yoga-er, you will definitely get a lot of benefit from adding this to your typical routine, but if you’re just starting out, you should get the basics down with out a hot mat, before taking things to the next level.

The makers of Solarflex Mat have done a lot of things right here. By using infrared as their method of heating, they are introducing more benefits than just using an electronically heated exercise mat. The cost may be a tad on the high side, but this is a top quality mat, and it’s well constructed. They might have been able to manufacturer a cheaper model, but then it wouldn’t have worked as good, and likely wouldn’t be using an infrared heating system.

This is a top of the line product, and one that is definitely recommended for those that enjoy yoga. They also mention that you can use this for Pilates as well, which would definitely crank that workout up a notch. They say you can use it for resistance training, and that would definitely produce sweat like a cardio program but with weight lifting. All of these sound like great ways to push yourself over a plateau and reach new levels of fitness.

It also comes with a DVD set so if you haven’t done a lot of yoga before, you be able to get some basic workouts completed at home, including routines you can do in the morning when you wake up as well as in the evening before you go to bed.

Final Solarflex Mat Review

When you compare the cost of a Solarflex Mat with the cost of going to hot yoga classes on a regular basis, this is a clear choice. Many of the hot yoga classes use a regular sauna and do not use infrared heating, so the Solarflex is actually a better choice all around. As

Our Recommendation
We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to boost our fitness levels, it’s and we can recommend the Solarflex Mat as a way to do just that. When used on a consistent basis in conjunction with a solid yoga program, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see new and impressive results in your flexibility, strength, and metabolism.

What do you think? Does Solarflex Mat work or not?

Customer Review on “Does the Solarflex Mat Really Work?

  1. This mat was wonderful for the first year. I used it for physical therapy stretches and it felt so good on my aching back. However after the first year it just stopped heating up and this was not due to any careless treatment of the mat or cords. I paid too much for this not to take very good care of it. Very disappointed that this stopped working and of course just after manufacturers warranty expired.

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