Does The Special K Diet Really Work?

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Does The Special K Diet really work?The Special K Diet first came about as a way to move more boxes of cereal off store shelves, but now has created such a stir that they have extended it into its own product line. Many people wonder if this is the key to getting into that dress for a special occasion coming up. It’s easy to be skeptical about losing weight by eating cereal, and deep down you probably know that it isn’t a good idea. But let’s check it out and see what sort of results it gets.

When the Special K Diet was first introduced, it was not as sophisticated as it is not. It basically entailed eating a bowl of Special K in the morning, another for lunch and then eating a sensible dinner. This is similar to Slim Fast, which advocated using their shakes for both breakfast and lunch, and then eating a light dinner of normal food. The overall strategy is caloric reduction, and by eating two bowls of cereal for your first two meals of the day, you’re going to consume less if you can manage to keep your dinner sensible.

Now they have altered the program, and they’re calling it the Special K Challenge instead of “diet“. The challenge is geared at losing 6 pounds in just 2 weeks. Most doctors would say that this isn’t a healthy goal, and that you should aim to lose your pounds more steadily over a longer period of time.

The Claim
The Special K Diet challenge claims that by substituting 2 of your regular meals with Kelloggs products, and eating a normal dinner, you’ll be able to lose six pounds in 14 days.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that this is just a breakfast cereal consisting of corn flakes. There are no extra health benefits to it, it is not fortified with whey protein, and they are relying on the protein in the milk to make this a balanced diet.

This is just an example of a clever marketing strategy that tries to cash in on the fad diet craze and try to legitimize itself by calling it a challenge. To think that a cereal company actually devised a weight loss program is borderline preposterous.

The Cost
Boxes of Special K cereal are priced the same as all of the rest, and you can sometimes catch a sale at your local supermarket. The kicker is they not only want you to buy the cereal, but also all of the spin-off products like protein meal bars and even shakes.

The Commitment
For two weeks you are suggested to eat a bowl of Special K cereal with skim milk for breakfast, use one of their supplemental products for lunch, and then eat dinner like you normally would.

Of course there will be people that try this program and say that it works. But if you re-visit them a few months later you will probably find that they have returned to their previous weight, or weigh even more.

These programs are not recommended for several reasons. First, you should not get into the habit of pre-packaged meal replacement food in place of healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables. Second, you should not take measures like this to lose weight when you have no intention to keeping up with it indefinitely. Eventually you are going to stop using the Special K diet as your crutch and you’ll slip back into your old ways of eating, and back to your old weight.

It does not teach you proper eating, in fact it teaches you highly improper ways of eating that will only lead to problems later on. You’re setting yourself up for failure, and the short term pounds that you may or may not lose, will quickly be found again upon returning to the food you crave or normally eat.

Final Special K Diet Review

It doesn’t matter whether the Special K Diet works to get you to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks, because the negative effects will far outweigh any positives, and you’ll end up worse off than you are. This entire diet program came about as a way to sell more cereal, and not as a way to provide a healthy weight loss method. Don’t think for a moment that the people at Kellogg’s have your best interests in mind. They most likely use the lowest grade rice and corn they can buy, and process the living heck out of it before boxing it up and shipping it off.

Our Recommendation
If you have a big event coming up in your life that you want to lose weight by, definitely allot yourself the extra time needed to get to your goal weight. Rushing things and trying to do too much to your body too quickly will only lead to a relapse once the event is over. You should always treat your body with respect and not subject it to misery just to be able to fit into a certain dress.

What do you think? Does the Special K Diet work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does The Special K Diet Really Work?

  1. Man, for a cereal that is supposed to help you lose weight, it sure is moorish. I love this stuff ever since my mum used to get it back when it came out and there as a big TV campaign that seemed to convince millions of women that eating it makes you thin. That is the falacy being sold with this and almost every weight loss programme out there. These products don’t make you lose weight. The only way you are going to lose weight and claim that Special K had anything to do with it will be purely coincidental. If you stick to the plan, then you will simply be consuming fewer calories than you were before. The consequence of this is weight loss. The Special K itself does nothing.

  2. My wife did the Special K ‘challenge’ and successfully lost about 7lbs (admittedly that was over 3 weeks not the 2 that they claim).
    The problem so had to face afterwards was the weight started creeping back on. So about a month later so did it again – had similar results.
    But alas, the weight has come back.
    Unless you plan on using the special K challenge as a kick-start to a long term weight loss program then i wouldn’t bother.

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