Does Spinach Really Work?

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Does Spinach Work?Most of know that many of the vegetables that we consume are good for us, and one of these that receives a lot of fame is spinach, but for many its not the most favorite veggie. So is it powerful enough in its potential benefits to put a real effort into overcoming our distaste for it?


For those that are weight conscious there is always the concern as to how many calories are in the food one is about to eat. For spinach this would be 27 calories per cup. So now that’s not a problem, lets see why it is worth eating. The most talked about benefit of spinach is its iron components. Iron helps us to use our energy properly and this veggie is a non heme source of this. Heme iron comes from animal sources, and this where most of us get our iron from. Spinach is only one of several sources of non heme iron. This vegetable is also a calcium source but our bodies don’t utilize it that well from this particular veggie. What we are not as familiar with is magnesium which spinach provides a good amount of. This is a very important mineral for the optimized healthy of our body. It is important for our energy, nerves, muscles,heart rhythm,immune system and assisting with our blood pressure. There are just a few of the precious nutrients that Spinach possesses and it is more than enough to say yes, it is an important staple to our diet. That is not to say however, that you cannot get all of these important components from other foods
The Claim
Those that are experts in nutrition tout spinach as possibly being good for helping to manage diabetes, cancer prevention,asthma,lowering blood pressure, and bone health, as well as keeping your bowels regular. From an appearance point of view it is said that it helps to keep the skin and hair looking healthy.

The Hype
When it comes to any food that has excellent components such as Spinach, then there is no need to develop a lot of hype to convince people that it may be good for you. For those that are becoming health conscious they almost always put this particular veggie on their must have list.

The Cost
Many of us are swaying towards the organic food nowadays because we know what the fallout of the pesticides used on those that aren’t produced this way can do to the overall health. This means you are going to pay a bit more for the organic spinach, but even then its not expensive. The expense comes when you prepare it and you or your family simply can’t bring yourself to eating it because you just don’t enjoy it.

The Commitment
The first step is making sure that you are purchasing the best spinach which comes down to the way it is produced and packaged. We talked about organic and when it comes to spinach this may be even more important because this is one veggie that is suspected of being treated heavily with pesticides. Another issue is that sometimes the packaged spinach you are buying may have been treated with a special radiation to kill a harmful bacteria on the leaves. The key here is to research the brand that you are buying and when you find one that you feel is in its healthiest form then stick with it. Or better yet think about growing your own.

Overall all the ingredients that spinach in its best possesses is worth the effort of making sure that what you are getting is going to be good quality. The next important fact is to make sure its nutrient value is preserved up until the time you are going to use it. It can lose its nutritional value within just a few days, but if kept refrigerated this can be extended to about 8 days. If blanched properly then frozen you may be able to preserve its value for up to 8 months.

Final Spinach Review

Your knowledge of Spinach may have come from when you were a kid and watched the Popeye cartoons, where this famous cartoon character depended on Spinach for his impressive muscles and strength. While looking back on this may seem like a myth research is showing that there may be quite a bit of truth to this. So based on this as well as other supporting findings of what spinach contains we are going to award it a Thumbs Up when it comes to possible ways to enhance your health. However, while it is good to become more pro-active in your health you should always follow the guidelines of your health professional which should include your nutrition.

Our Recommendation
We really think Spinach would be worth the effort to find ways that you can introduce it into your diet and your family’s in ways that they will enjoy it. Keeping in mind though that the way you prepare it is going to have an effect on its benefits. Boiling it to the point where it is has lost all of its benefit is of no value, or smothering it with fatty dressings or butter is self defeating as well. If you are just not into all this food research, then you may want to think of letting someone else do the work for you like the diet to go.

What do you think? Does Spinach work or not?

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