Does Spray Around Really Work?

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Does Spray Around workSpray Around is a replacement head for your spray bottles that says it can spray at any angle, even upside down. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a spray bottle that doesn’t spray when you want it to, you’ll appreciate the value. But can it really work as well as it appears to?

Spray bottles usually work great, until the need arises to spray from a specific angle, and then you’re impeded by gravity which moves the liquid in the bottle to a spot that the hose can’t reach. What you end up with is half sprays, dribbles, or even no sprays at all. Sometimes it even ends up leaking out the top of the bottle and all over your hand, which can be a setback when it’s a cleaning chemical that you really shouldn’t have on your skin.

The Claim
The makers of Spray Around say that their spray head flat out outperforms the ordinary spray heads that come with conventional spray bottles. When you consider that it not only has a system in place that lets it spray upside down, it also can be adjusted so that the spray comes out in a super fine mist, or an aggressive yet accurate mega spray that will allow you to cover more surface area in fewer squeezes.

They say that this will give you a boost in the amount of power behind your sprays, which is important in many cleaning situations when you want to make sure that you have the surface properly coated. They also say that this will fit on any standard bottle that has a sprayer top on it. They say it will help you get all of the liquid out of the bottle so you don’t end up wasting a drop. They say this ends up saving you time and money since you end up using less spray because it’s more accurate, and you don’t waste the last bit at the bottom.

The Hype
They promote this with its very own infomercial that shows how it works in various situations. One of the more convincing displays is when they hold it underwater upside down and it is still able to shoot. They also show the different ways the nozzle can spray, which is pretty impressive, and not something that you often see on ordinary spray bottles you can purchase from the store.

The Cost
The Spray Around heads are $20 and you end up getting 6 of them. It’s listed at $10, but there are two $5 shipping charges added on to cover the shipping on the first 3 heads as well as the second pair of bonus heads.

The Commitment
All that you need to do is replace your current spray heads with these new ones, and go about your business. This can range from misting house plants to spraying a cleaning agent to all parts of your kitchen and bathroom. No matter what you end up using it on, it’s going to save you time and hassle because it sprays accurately and doesn’t lose its ability to spray, even when being held completely upside down.

The Spray Around is a simple yet effective innovation, and it’s a wonder that nobody had thought of this before. The way it works is that it has a weighted end on the hose so that no matter which way you flip and flop the bottle around, it always ends up at the lowest point, submerged in the liquid inside the bottle. What you typically find with spray bottles is that they have a rigid hose that angles towards one corner or another. That’s why sometimes you can tilt the bottle to one side and it will work better than if you tilt it to the other.

This can be considered a bona fide invention because someone looked at the spray bottle and asked themselves how it could be improved. By adding a simple weight and allowing the hose to be flexible they solved a problem that has irked many of us.

It’s only a matter of time before the big cleaning chemical companies buy the patent for this or come up with a system of their own and start incorporating this into their product line as an attractive feature to make the sale. Until then this is a very reasonable price for a product that can save you a lot of hassle when using cleaning products around your home.

Final Spray Around Review

They’re doing a lot of things right with the Spray Around, and they’ve earned our Thumbs Up rating as a solid buy. The price is also right, since they are not gouging you with the typical $7 or $8 shipping cost, and keeping it reasonable at $5. They are still taking part in the phony freebie where you have to pay shipping on that second bonus batch of 3, but when you consider a $20 price tag for all of these delivered to you door it seems more than reasonable.

Our Recommendation
These are a good buy, they’re priced accurately and they have been shown to work in real world applications. Every home has a product in it with a spray top nozzle that could be replaced with this, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be replaced. If you’ve ever dripped or dribbled cleaning solution onto your hands, or needed to spray at an angle during a project, this is the fix you’ve been needing.

What do you think? Does Spray Around work or not?

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  1. LOVE this concept. The reviewer asked a great question: why hasn’t this been introduced before now? Not being able to spray at angles or even upside down is a huge pet peeve of mine and I would quickly pay the $20 price tag if these work as well as they advertise. I’d use them on cleaning products and my plant water sprayer for sure. I’m sure there are plenty of uses.

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