Does Swivel Sweeper Really Work?

Does Swivel Sweeper Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Swivel Sweeper really work?Sweeping is a hassle, and Swivel Sweeper hopes to make it easier for you. Trying to get all the little bits and pieces of dirt off the floor is borderline unbearable when there is so much space to cover. However, vacuuming is not much better – a clunky vacuum cleaner moves in two directions and usually needs a “wide load” sign to take turns around pieces of furniture.

At this point, you start thinking that maybe the only way to get your floor clean is to invest in a pitbull with a peculiar appetite. But have no fear, the Swivel Sweeper is here, designed to help you clean your house with ease!

The Swivel Sweeper takes your cleaning needs into consideration with its unique design. This tiny vacuum has a stiff, long neck for you to use comfortably when vacuuming, but a rotating pivot on the base that allows the head of the vacuum to turn and swivel as necessary around furniture and to fit into smaller, harder to reach spaces. Because of its small frame, this vacuum is also easy to store and can be stored almost anywhere in the house, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up all your space.

The Claim
This tiny little vacuum has some big promises to live up to. When advertised, the Swivel Sweeper is said to have a handle worth patenting with its grips and rotating base. Furthermore, it has to be able to clean up messes quickly and easily, similarly to a vacuum. Many cleaning products like this also make it look as if your house will sparkle once they’re done. It’s always interesting to see how they actually perform in real life.

The Hype
There’s no wonder why the Swivel Sweeper has gotten such a buzz from households across the nation – it claims to make life and chores easier than ever before. With this sort of expectation, this vacuum has a lot riding on it. A lot of people have also bought it and tried it, so it’s interesting to see all of the reviews coming in.

The Cost
The Swivel Sweeper retails for about $35 online, which is a great deal for a vacuum, most of which retail for $50 or over. However, the latest design of the Swivel Sweeper hasn’t hit market shelves yet, so it can only be purchased online, which can be a downside if you are looking to use the product immediately or if you don’t want to pay for shipping and handling charges. It’s definitely worth getting the latest generation though, as they do make marked improvements on previous models.

The Commitment
When you buy the Swivel Sweeper, you will notice that the product is fairly high maintenance, requiring a charge of eight hours on its battery before each use. This excessive amount of time for such a tiny vacuum cleaner aside, all you have to do to use your Swivel Sweeper is press a button and start gliding around your floor, picking up messes wherever they occur. The Swivel Sweeper can be broken out as often as necessary to help with everyday problems.

The Swivel Sweeper has some highlights and some weak points. On a happy note, the Swivel Sweeper does, indeed, work to pick up messes around the house and the neck does really help save some time when you are trying to get around furniture quickly. Because this vacuum is so small in size, it can get under any furniture as well, giving it a particular practicality that not all vacuums have. However, this isn’t a replacement for your regular vacuum unless you live in a dorm room.

The Swivel Sweeper is not made to be used on larger messes in the house. Another pitfall to using it is that many users complain that the battery doesn’t hold a charge, which is doubly insulting considering it takes eight hours to get a full charge in the first place. The Swivel Sweeper is still good for quick fixes and clean ups, but if you need a vacuum for the job, don’t kid yourself in to thinking the Swivel Sweeper can do it.

Final Swivel Sweeper Review

The Swivel Sweeper, while it is a nifty idea, is not meant for practical, everyday use. For thirty or forty dollars extra just to pick up small messes, it seems like you would be better served buying a slightly more expensive vacuum that can fit around your furniture, like a Dyson Ball, which would compromise only a bit of the ease but save you time.

Our Recommendation
This can come in handy for those messes that aren’t huge, but that need to be taken care of. You might not want to break out your full-sized vacuum every time there’s a mess, and this serves as a nice in-between for those frequent occasions.

What do you think? Does Swivel Sweeper work or not?


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dinomem March 11, 2012 at 7:58 pm

I have a Swivel Sweeper and love it! Absolutely love it!

I break it out almost daily in the dining room as it’s so much easier to use around the table and chairs than the vac.
It’s not great at doing a full on vacuuming so that’s why i use it (almost) daily, just for sweeping up the mess after the kids have eaten 🙂


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