Does The Diet Solution Program Really Work?

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Does the Diet Solution Program really work?If you’ve tried a bunch of weight loss systems in the past with no luck, you might be leery of trying another one like The Diet Solution Program. But giving up is not really an option if you want to lose weight, and will only lead you down the path of getting bigger and less healthy. You have to keep trying, even though it can be very frustrating and a little overwhelming with all of the contradictory information out there. We checked this system out for you, to give you an inside look at what you can expect.

These days there are hundreds of different diet programs, with many health and fitness buffs trying to make their name as a guru you can trust. There’s a lot of money to be made if you can establish yourself as a credible expert in the diet and nutrition industry. The woman behind this program is Isabel De Los Rios, and she not only explains her program in clear detail through PDFs but she also provides plenty of video instruction to guide you as well.

The Diet Solution Program

The Claim
The Diet Solution Program claims that it can help you jump start your fat loss starting right now. They also say that they can show you how to take your favorite foods, even the fatty ones, and make them work in your favor. They say they can settle the great carb debate once and for all, clearing up which ones are good and which ones aren’t. They also state that they can show you what not to do, and how to avoid the common mistakes people make when they start up a diet program.

They even clear up the great protein argument going on these days, and let you know what is the right amount for you and your specific body type. The claim that you’ll be shown the exact steps you need to take in order to follow along with the program and get the results you want.

The Hype
This is one of the more successful weight loss and fitness programs that’s out right now, and everyone and their brother is saying how great it is. But you know better, and can see through some of the hype that’s involved. What’s really important is not how popular a program is, but how well it actually works, from real users. And the feedback on this system is pretty good, once you ignore all of the phony affiliate reviews.

The Cost
It’s $47 for The Diet Solution Program, and that gets you access to the website and all the downloadable files you’ll need. There is a one time coaching offer once you get inside for $57, but it is not required in order to successfully complete the program. However, if you did get both of them, you’d have a wealth of information that would probably take you a week or longer to go through, and when you got to the end you’d have all the knowledge you need, and it would only be a little over $100.

The Commitment
This is the part that’s all up to you. A fitness instructor can only help show you the right way to do things, and then encourage you when you start doing them, but starting is the hard part and nobody can force you to do that. The good news is that once you overcome inertia, you start building momentum, and it really does get easier as you go along. You can prove this to yourself by thinking of your last great accomplishment, and remembering how hard it was at the beginning, but then it hit a tipping point and started getting easier, and all the pieces started coming together.

The first page you’ll be brought to after ordering is what they call an upsell page. Maybe you don’t like the thought of being sold again once you’ve made a purchase, and if so just scroll to the bottom to get to what you’ve already ordered. But some people might like what’s being offered here, it’s a suite of many different videos and audios that give it more of a one-on-one coaching feel, and it could be what you need to stay motivated and learn even more insights into what you should be eating.

You will then register your account at and the program will be located in your My Downloads section. You can download everything in one big zip folder, and that way you’ll have easy access to all of the documents and you won’t have to log back onto the website any more, unless you want to. There are also a bunch of different bonuses that may interest you, one on back pain, and another on Omega 3s. But it’s probably best to stay focused on why you can here in the first place.

The information inside is sound, it’s good advice for overall well-being, and we like that they advise not going gung ho all at once, but implementing only a few suggestions at first, and then letting those become like second nature before moving on to the next principles. Many programs can be overwhelming and then you don’t feel like doing anything. Taking it slow and giving your body time to adjust to the changes being made is a good strategy.

Final The Diet Solution Program Review

Overall the Diet Solution Program is pretty comprehensive, and will give you as much or as little guidance as you need to make better food choices, and to do the exercises that are going to have the biggest effect on your body type. Incorporating small changes into your life is a great way to go about this, and if you just be patient and apply yourself you should see results.

Our Recommendation
We recommend giving this a try, because to get this level of information from other sources would require a greater expenditure than the cost of the program. It’s hard to know which advice to follow when it comes to losing weight and fitness tips, but when you have everything at your fingertips in an organized package, you are able to stay on target better, and make it through the tough parts more easily.

Official Website: The Diet Solution Program

What do you think? Does the Diet Solution Program work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does The Diet Solution Program Really Work?

  1. I purchased the Diet Solution years ago and it really does work. However, I have misplaced the recommended meal plans for weeks 1-3. I am wondering how I could obtain another copy of those weeks only. Thank you! Also, is there a website in English?

  2. I like the idea of having a continued support system through an online community where I can communicate with other people who are trying to lose weight like me. I’ve never tried losing weight with other people but I think it might just work. I couldn’t do it alone anyways so what have I got to lose? I want the system to learn about the foods that I eat but what I really want is access to their online community and resources.

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