Does Thinoptics Really Work?

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Does Thinoptics Work?There are a lot of people who really only need glasses for reading. In these cases they will often just pick up a standard pair from their local pharmacy or general store. These are great because they are cheap and work, however there may be something a lot more convenient and that’s the Thinoptics.

The lens of Thinoptics is really no different than those standard reading glasses that you would buy at your local store, but what is really different is the frames because basically there are not, and the glass for the lens is super thin. Other than the framework that is needed to hold the glass in place and the piece that bridges your nose there is nothing else in the framework of these glasses. There are no annoying side pieces that you need to slip onto your ears to hold them into place. To describe them the best they almost have the same style as what clip on sunglasses have except you are not clipping them onto anything. Thinoptics has a universal size setting that is comprised of their grip technology which hold the glasses firmly in place on the bridge of the nose with a soft but firm comfortable grip.

The Claim
The owners of Thinoptics claim that what framework there is to these glasses is feather light. The lenses are full size and shatterproof. They are really comfortable to wear because of their light weight and the nose grip is really gentle on the nose area where they are kept in place. The case that is used for the Thinoptics is super thin and lightweight.

The Hype
The hype really comes around the convenience of these glasses being so compact and lightweight which makes them really easy to store when you are not using them. Being as they are reading glasses it means that you are not wearing them all the time, so throughout the day you are taking them off and setting them down like you would do with regular styled reading glasses. The problem is that usually these type of glasses get lost or forgotten about and people end up having to buy several pair over time because of this. The Thinoptics addresses this problem because they are so lightweight that the Thinoptics case easily fits into your pocket, wallet or purse. You can even clip it to the back of your smartphone.

The Cost
If you order the Thinoptics you get the glasses plus the carrying pod for $19.95 plus shipping and handling(which is determined when you check out). You also get a second pair of glasses free. There are other options for buying a phone case or a keychain case. Plus the Thinoptics come in a variety of frame colors.

The Commitment
The first commitment you are going to have to make is to print off the eye chart so you can determine which strength of reading glasses that you are going to need. Thinoptics comes in four different strengths.

Thinoptics is a good choice in reading glasses if you are always losing yours or forgetting where you put them. Simply because the case is so compact that you can carry it with you wherever you go so you can store your glasses safely and conveniently.


Final Thinoptics Review

Really Thinoptics is just a new approach to reading glasses that is based on convenience. It is a problem solver for those who lose their reading glasses or put them down and forget where they are. If these are problems that you are experiencing then Thinoptics would be a thumbs up for you.

Our Recommendation
A lot more attention is being placed on the needs for glasses which means more products are becoming available. Another product we looked at for those that normally would need glasses is Vision Without Glasses.

What do you think? Does Thinoptics work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Thinoptics Really Work?

  1. This company absolutely lies to their customers. I have been a customer for 5 years. They originally had a “lifetime guarantee”. I actually had to replace my thin optics about 4-5 times in the first 4 1/2 years. I had no problem with them at all and they did support their product with their guarantee. They had a major problem with the nose piece that would break off on mine all of the time. But, they did send me a replacement at no cost because of their defective product. Then, in April of 2019 it happened again with a break on the nosepiece. I went to the website and had to pay a new $5 replacement??? I had a lifetime warranty when I bought it???? Sorry they have defective products- but they gave me a “Lifetime Warranty”!!! I ended up talking to a support assistant named Miguel who was very good and he gave me a “grandfathered” in code that would live up to their “lifetime” guarantee. I was satisfied. They actually had very much improved the nosepiece! I was impressed with their improvement! Smart engineering to improve their product, I will definitely give them that. Now, 2 days ago, as I was leaving a store they popped out of my phone and it may be rare, but the bridge broke and separated the two lenses apart. I once again went to the website and entered in the “grandfathered” code. It said invalid??? It once again said I would be charged $5 to replace. I am sure that covers all of their shipping and the cheap product plus a bit profit (for their defective product once again). I was really hoping their rep Miguel was still there to help. He was. His response now in a nutshell- we have improved our product so much that we no longer honor our lifetime guarantee…that wasn’t the exact wording, but that is essentially what he told me. I can copy and paste the response if necessary. I have to pay the $5 to get a replacement. This company obviously does not honor their terms so do NOT believe a thing they say. The product is pretty good, but I bet some of the competitors are much better! They may say it is only $5 now to get a replacement in their defects- but, it may be $10-$15 next week- or that you just have to buy a new one from them as a replacement. Do NOT buy from this company!!!

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