Does Topsy Turvy Really Work?

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Does Topsy Turvy Work?Not everyone has a large area for growing their own veggies, so when there is an innovative way to be able to do this we like to bring it to your attention. Almost everyone enjoys home grown tomatoes but aren’t able to grow them, at least not until now which could be a possibility with Topsy Turvy.

The Topsy Turvy is a vegetable growing platform that literally turns the old way of growing on its head.

The Claim
The claim is that by turning the plant upside down it will allow gravity to assist in the growing of full and riper tomatoes, peppers and much, much more with less effort and more yields.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Topsy Turvy is that it is a revolutionary way to grow vegetable that has never been done before. The design employs gravity to water the plants and the bag as a mini green house in order to grow bigger and better veggies.

The Cost
The cost of the Topsy Turvy is a reasonable $14.99 plus $4.99 for shipping and handling. The price on their website will get you 2 Topsy Turvy’s and 2 tomato slicers and 2 recipe books. Great way to give one as a gift and keep one for yourself if that is what you choose.

The Commitment
The commitment is pretty minimal once you have the Topsy Turvy set up. To set up you simply place the root end of the plant into the bottom hole and then fill the bag with soil and add water as required. The plant will hang out the bottom of the bag and as the veggies grow you are able to pick them and keep growing.

At first glance the Topsy Turvy seems like a strange idea and you kind of think it will be ineffective. However, the rationale behind the idea is a very sound and you can see how it will work and actually will allow you to grow veggies pretty much anywhere. You can hang the Topsy Turvy onto a balcony or porch and the unit will keep producing. You negate the need for a large plot of soil to grow your favorite vegetables over and over. The greenhouse effect that the bag produces is a simple way of capturing the greenhouse theory and effect without the need for a huge greenhouse. We think the Topsy Turvy is a great idea and look forward to seeing the “fruits” or veggies of our labors.

Final Topsy Turvy Review

As it takes a little longer for the veggies to begin growing than we have time for we have to take the word of the manufacturers that it actually works. The concept is a sound one and we think it will produce veggies at a great rate. The greenhouse and gravity effects are excellent ideas that in theory will absolutely allow you to grow veggies in areas that you traditionally would be unable to grow in. We give it a try/buy rating but think that the item will most likely live up to the hype and the claim.

Our Recommendation
You are really being unfair to yourself if you are not using new concepts like the Topsy Turvy for growing some fruits and vegetables simply because you are tight for space. We have talked about other innovative ways for growing fruits and veggies before like the Climbing Strawberry Plant where some have had some great success.

What do you think? Does Topsy Turvy work or not?

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