Does Total View 360 Really Work?

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Does Total View 360 really work?If you’ve ever forgotten to check your blind spot, you’ve probably considered buying Total View 360. Not many of us have driven for long without realizing how annoying blind spots are when you drive. If you don’t check them you could cause an accident, and sometimes when you check them, you still miss a car or truck that was rapidly approaching. But does it really work?

As drivers, we’re all aware of the dreaded blind spot, and we do our best to try and check it before we change lanes or make turns. This can be rather tedious, and is obviously not the best method, as it takes our eyes off the road.

The technology behind Total View 360 is not very revolutionary, it’s just little mirrors that get stuck onto your existing mirrors. These sort of mirror add-ons have been in place on semi trucks and other delivery vehicles for decades.

The Claim
The claim is that with Total View 360 installed you won’t have any more blind spots to speak of. You’ll be able to see your normal view that your mirrors currently provide, and you’ll also be able to see the exact spot that is currently considered your blind spot. So in one glance you’ll be able to quickly see what’s really there.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of their television ads which make it seem like the Total View 360 is some wonder product that is going to revolutionize the way you drive. This is one of those rare instances where they might actually be right.

The Cost
Grab it from Amazon for less than $14 which includes shipping. You can also grab some uGlu in case the adhesive doesn’t work out for you. Several reviews have come in saying that the adhesive doesn’t hold. These people likely didn’t follow the instructions that are included, which entails cleaning the mirrors and applying the alcohol solution to make sure that the surface is ready for mounting.

The Commitment
Total View 360 doesn’t come with professional installation, so you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Luckily they include everything that’s needed to get these puppies onto your mirrors. You’ll be on the road in no time with new vision and be able to drive more safely and conscientiously at the same time.

Be careful when you put it on, because it’s not going to come off easily. It’s meant to last as long as you own your car, and adjusts as you need it to when properly installed.

Does Total View 360 Really Work?

Yes, it works just like it says it does on it’s television promos. When put in the proper location on your side view mirrors, you eliminate a rather large blind spot that can be responsible for many near misses on the road.

If you get the deluxe bundle you’ll even get an add-on for your rear-view mirror so that you can see what’s going on in the backseat without taking your eyes off the road by turning your head, and without repositioning your mirror so that you can see the backseat, but you can no longer see the road behind you. This is great for those instances when you want to yell “I’ll turn this car around!” or “Don’t make me come back there!”.

Our Recommendation
Get the Total View 360 and get some more peace of mind while driving. You’ll also save yourself from neck strains that can occur from having to crane your neck to check blind spots before changing lanes or making turns.

Checking your blind spots in this manner is actually rather dangerous. It takes your focus off the road in front of you while you flash you head from left to right trying to deduce if the way is clear. With Total View 360 you simply shift your eyes to your mirror, which is something you do instinctively as a driver anyway. They only thing you might have to get used to is not shaking your head back and forth!

What do you think? Does Total View 360 really work?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Total View 360 Really Work?

  1. I’m surprised these don’t automatically come on cars. I’ve always been bothered by the fact that there are blind spots, because it’s hard to turn and look while you’re still driving. I’m always afraid of taking my eyes off of the road, so something like this would be a really cool to put into your car. Plus that price is really great!

    People who have teenagers they’re trying to teach how to drive would benefit a lot from this, and people who do student driving would also. I suppose it’s important for kids to learn how to check the blind spot without these mirrors, but it would be kind of like training wheels until they were comfortable looking behind them.

    Anyway, this is a cool product and not very expensive, so I would try it.

  2. I bought the Total View for my husband as he is a professional truck driver and has a big blind spot when the trailer is attached to the truck. The Total View attached easy and hasn’t fell off after four months of use. My husband said it works great and gives him added vision for the blind spot on the trailer. You can get these at Amazon for ten dollars which makes this an even better deal. These would also work good on cars. You don’t have to be a truck driver to get advantage out of the product. I give it 5 plus stars!

  3. Products like these are commonly provided as standard features on European cars. It gives you a better view of your blind spot, thus making you a safer driver. You won’t even have to take your eyes off the road to turn and check your blind spot with the Total View 360. But American automakers have lagged behind Europe, and far from being mandated or simply standard, this add-on for your side view mirror is actually illegal in some jurisdictions, holding that you are obstructing the mirror itself. Check local and state laws that apply. If you can make your car safer for this cheap a price, you should do it.

  4. for the price these are excellent.
    Grab them cheap off Amazon or eBay.
    I bought them for my car as even turning your head you can’t get a good view of your blind spot due to the design of the pillars in the car.
    These have made life so much easier on the roads and of course safer!

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