Does Truth About Quickness 2.0 Really Work?

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truth about quickness reviewBeing quick comes in handy in a ton of different sports, so it’s no wonder that The Truth About Quickness gets so much attention. You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a sport that doesn’t involve an edge in being quicker, once you cancel out the obvious ones like bowling and golf. But the big money-makers, the ones that everyone gets really excited about, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, all rely on an element of quickness. So can this training program really propel you ahead of your other teammates, and the competition?

It’s easy to see how being quicker than your opponent would be better in the top sports on the planet, but the common belief is that people are either born with physical ability or they aren’t. Imagine Michael Jordan not playing for the Bulls. What else would he have done? But what many people didn’t realize until there are a lot of reports about it, is that His Airness spent hours and hours of time practicing his skills and training his body. He might just as easily have been an over-sized banker or construction worker had he not put the time in.

The Claim
The Truth About Quickness is apparently on its second version because they put a 2.0 after it. They would have us believe that this is a newly revamped and improved version of the product, with new insights, workouts, and techniques.

Bringing up phrases like “Son, I’d Like To Offer You A FULL Athletic Sholarship..” make people think that this is an investment into their future, and that by buying this they are setting themselves up to be a future all-star. It’s important to keep a level head during their pitch, or you might be setting your expectations in the stratosphere, setting yourself up for future disappointment, even if the product delivers.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that this seems mostly targeted at young, impressionable high school boys that want to give themselves the edge in their school sport. While this isn’t a bad thing on its own, it can provide a lot of buzz around it simply by conjuring images of being the star of the team and all of the popularity and accolades that come with it.

The Cost
The price for Truth About Quickness is listed at $117, making this one of the more expensive information products on the market. However, we think this is just a marketing gimmick designed to make most people have sticker shock and try to close the browser window.

If you attempt to close out, they will give you a pop up window offering you a 21 day trial for $15. If you like it you just pay $62 more dollars after 3 weeks for a total cost of $77. This still makes it rather expensive for a training program. However, if the results are there, you won’t be complaining about the price.

Here’s another claim: Your Results Last Forever, Even When You Stop Training. This one seems hard to believe. If you stop training, your muscles will eventually atrophy, and you’ll find it harder to move with the same quickness. Perhaps you won’t forget the techniques, or the basics, but as far as being just as quick after not training for months or years as you were in the middle of your regimen, that’s hard to swallow.

The Commitment
Watching the Truth About Quickness videos and reading the guide is not going to get you the quickness. You have to put it into practice, and work on your skills every single day. This is because they build on each other, and you will notice the best results when you string together consecutive days of training and following the program. Starting and then stopping, or just doing things sporadically doesn’t work, because you have to build up momentum and always be moving towards your goal.

We do like how comprehensive the program is. You get enough stuff to keep you busy for awhile, but also so that you don’t hit a plateau and get frustrated or discouraged. They’ve split it up nicely between instructional material, and tracking guides, including a workbook. In our experience it comes in handy to have something to write down your progress on, and not just store everything digitally. It uses another part of your brain, and keeps a physical record that shows you’re making progress.

They also include a module on the mental aspect of being quick, and this is another feature we liked. So many people think that being quick is just about having the right body framework, or enough training, or being super skinny. If you’re mind is right, the facts don’t matter, and you can even beat out someone that is a better physical specimen then you, if you have the right attitude.

The sections on eating and supplements are also informative and enlightening, and should be something that anyone that’s playing sports right now should take into consideration. It goes against the grain of everything that’s being taught about nutrition and sports training.

Final Truth About Quickness Review

The fact is that Truth About Quickness does their best to over-deliver here. We tried to find a competing product that offers as much as they do, even at this high of a price point, and we couldn’t. If you’re a high school guy that wants to go to college on a sports scholarship, this might not be enough to get you there, but it definitely can’t hurt. If you’re already good at sports, this will push you to that next level, and if you’re only alright at sports, this will get you to where you’ve always wanted to be.

Our Recommendation
Definitely don’t get Truth About Quickness at the $117 price, and go for the 3 week trial at $15. Be prepared to follow the system during this time so that you know without a doubt whether you want to pay the remainder at the 3 week mark. If you just sit around during the trial time, you won’t benefit at all from it. But not to worry, because either way you go you’re always covered by the guarantee.

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What do you think? Does Truth About Quickness work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Truth About Quickness 2.0 Really Work?

  1. It’s a little expensive, but it does work. To get around the cost me and a few college friends clubbed together and bought one copy between us. obviously this makes it much more affordable. As for the training program – out of the 6 of us that stuck to it, 4 of us are pleased with the results. I doubt it would keep working if we stopped our training, but we don’t plan on finding out.

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