Do TV Ears Really Work?

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Do TV Ears really work?TV Ears hopes to be able to save some marriages out there. It can be frustrating not being able to hear the TV, but even more frustrating for the person next to you that doesn’t want to watch or listen to what you have on. Kuwaitis are designed, you’re supposed to be able to get hours of enjoyment with crystal clarity so you can enjoy your favorite sports programs, movies, game shows, late-night shows, and anything else you want to watch without disturbing the person next to you. But do they work like they show?

Wireless headphones are nothing new, they’ve been around for several years. TV Ears are said to be Doctor recommended and come in different versions, and even have a digital version which should provide crystal-clear sounds. Not having a wire is very important because you don’t want to be sitting close to the TV to watch your programs. This allows you to not only sit where you want the room, but also to roam about freely and not worry about being on a leash of sorts.

The Claim
These are claimed to help those that are hard of hearing better hear the television. That’s what makes them different from all the other wireless headphones you can buy. If you want the TV loud, what your partner doesn’t need its allowed because they can hear better than you, this is the exact situation that TV Ears is made for.

They say that some of their features include an on-off volume control switch, a tone dial, a balance dial, and that there your tips are patented and had a phone that mold to the shape of your ear. It comes with a rechargeable battery so you won’t need to keep replacing the batteries in it. It also says that it can produce sounds up to 120 dB and can be used both as an analog device and a digital as well. They also say that this is a product that is made in America.

The Hype
Unless you suffer from hearing loss you might think of this product is not very important, but for those that can’t hear their favorite TV shows anymore, when everyone else in the room can hear just fine, it’s very frustrating and a little embarrassing, and a product like this will have a strong demand.

The Cost
The digital version of TV Ears is $230. Version 3.0 is $130, and if you go back version 2.3 the price is $100. So as you can see as TV Ears continues to upgrade their product they also continue to upgrade the price.

The Commitment
All that is required is for you to set up and install the TV Ears the first time, and then start using them whenever you watch TV. Installation seems easy enough, as long as you follow the guide that comes with the product.

What People Are Saying
The overriding complaints of TV Ears is that they can be worn for long periods of time due to the fact that they are not comfortable in the ears. The reason that is claimed is that the unit itself weighs too much, and that extra weight pulls on the ears making it painful after 20 minutes or so. Since most of us watch more than 20 minutes of TV per day, this would mean they aren’t really feasible.

Most people say that the clarity and sound quality is good, but what does that matter if your ears are so sore he can keep them in? One user even said that they came up with a way to where the headset so that the earbuds don’t go into that ear, but rest outside the ear and they could still hear no problem.

Final TV Ears Review

The overall consensus is that while the concept is good, and a product like this is needed, the execution is not good, quality is not there, and their patented earbud comfort system falls short drastically. Since they have had multiple incarnations of the same product, you’d think they’d be making continual improvements to make sure that their product is better better. Maybe they’ll finally get it right with the fourth model they come out with.

Our Recommendation
Due to the strong number of people complaining that the unit is not comfortable, we don’t recommend going with TV Ears, and recommend finding another similar product with better feedback as far as comfort goes.

What do you think? Does TV Ears work or not?

31 Customer Reviews on “Do TV Ears Really Work?

  1. I have had two pairs. When the first pair quit working and bought another pair thinking the first time was just a fluke but the second pair also quit.

  2. I bought 3 for my family’s all of them with severe hearing loss, my mom loves them so much and the best thing is she can mute the tv and be as loud as she wants without disturbing anyone else. The service they provided was amazing and i don’t understand the negative stuff, than again most people who review any product have nothing but complains about any company. Make sure you ask the difference between the analog unit and digital i almost made a mistake and purchase the wrong model for my tv. But they have been working perfect for the past 2 years.

  3. maybe because they work? i purchase them for my self and my family. Can’t hook them up? do what i did and call in for FREE and they will help you.

  4. I been using TVEars for about 15 years now, the company has been amazing to me and my family, people on here expect miracles and never bother to call up free customer service, the new 5.0 headsets are amazing and fit better than my older 2.3 system. All the complains on here are the trash all us older folks like us do on every website form every company. Can’t get it to work? oh must be there fault, can’t hear? must be there fault. know at least 30 plus people who use this product and work just fine with no issues. no one on here seems to think the amount of help these people have provided and the amount of patience these people have to provide customer service for free! the diffidence between tvears and any other manufacture that these are designed for VOICE CLARIFICATION and NOT SURROUND SOUND.

  5. I bought TV ears for my 96 year old mother whose mostly deaf. They never worked and the customer service is rude and unhelpful. Don’t buy this!!! Piece of crap.

  6. I have used many different kinds of tv hearing aid devices for at least 15 years…Persevered, but never quite satisfied!!! TV ears, Pyle, Sennheiser, etc. Recently, I stumbled on the Artiste brand….I simply love them…I cannot begin to explain how much better they are and have so many other features that none of the others have..AND!!!!! They are much cheaper than the others!!!

  7. I am on third set, the sales woman is rude, the product pc.of **** will not bother to buy this product again, I will look somewhere where they care.

  8. TV ears is a sham. Rechargeable battery suppose to last 1 to 2 yrs. good luck. I had the set 3 months used the ears daily & batteries went dead in 3 months. Company said I overused & cost of batteries is $50. False advertising & customer service offered no alternative no matter how much invested. Beware

  9. This type of product is useful for those of us that have hearing difficulties. Unfortunately, this product is poorly made. Lots of complaints about the earbuds being uncomfortable but not to worry. The charger connections are fragile and the little metal connections will break off which will make the whole unit unusable. After six months, the customer has to pay to replace this extremely poorly made charger. There are better choices out there. Do not waste your money or time with this company.

  10. I’ve had the exact same problem with my headset breaking in the place where they connect to the charger!

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