Does the TV Hat Really Work?

Does the TV Hat Really Work?
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Does TV Hat work?The TV Hat looks a little bit ridiculous when you first see it, but it’s supposed to provide a movie theater-like experience anywhere you are. But can it work, and would you wear it outside of your home?

Most likely you’ve never had the inkling to have a movie theater at the beach, or on the treadmill, or sitting in your bed. But that’s just what they’re proposing with this visor cap. When you first saw this, you might have thought they were joking, at least we did, and they themselves admit it looks weird.

The Claim
The makers of the TV Hat say that when you put it on it’s as if you’re in a movie theater. They say you don’t have any glare because of the hood that goes all around the visor. They say you can use any video player, including an iPod Touch, iPhone, or smartphone. They say it’s a custom magnifying lens, and by that they mean you can slide it back and forth so that the picture comes in good. They do not mean that the magnifying lens gets bigger or smaller to fit the size of your phone.

The Hype
As long as you don’t mind sitting around with a hood over your head, you won’t mind using this product. Most people go to the beach to take in the scenery, or go camping to take in the wildlife. All of these activities are shown as possible uses for the TV Hat, and each person looks entirely strange for putting what amounts to a bag over their head instead of taking in the world around them.

The Cost
The TV Hat has been pitched at $19.95 in its earlier incarnations, but now sells for $38 which includes shipping. This price is far too high because there isn’t anything involved in making the hat that would suggest it needs any sort of premium materials. It does not include earbuds, it does not include an ipod, it is just a hat with a hood and a plastic holder, so one wonders why they feel justified in charging so much for something so little.

The Commitment
You have to commit to wearing this, which unless you’re by yourself behind closed doors you probably won’t want to do. It’s beyond comprehension why someone would want to wear this while relaxing at the beach instead of taking in the beach scenery. It also seems like it would be rather dangerous to wear this while running on a treadmill, both of which are suggested in the infomercial.

The TV Hat doesn’t really consist of too much, and you can pretty much make your own if you had the notion, but we’re not sure why you’d want to. This product is destined to make the Hall of Fame for worst conceived ideas. You can easily see that all there is to it is a plastic sleeve to hold your device, and a magnifying glass to make the image bigger. But the big question is, if you will only be wearing this at home, why not just watch TV. They bring up the possibility that you could watch a different program than what others are watching in the same room, but with this on it’s like you’re not even in the room, and it’s just creepy to be around someone with this thing on.

They say there’s no glare, but you’re actually viewing your smartphone through a sheet of plastic that obviously has a shine to it that will produce glare, or at least distort the image. They said the Wall Street Journal said the product “stood out among its peers”, but even that article admits that the resolution on this might be a problem. What’s funny is that the article does not address the concept of people actually using this in an actual setting and enjoying the experience. We could not find evidence that anyone had ever tried it on in any of the situations presented as possibilities by the TV promo.

Final TV Hat Review

The TV Hat is getting our Thumbs Down rating because first of all there isn’t too much to it other than a magnifying glass affixed to a visor, second the price is sky high for a product of this nature, and third anyone wearing it looks ridiculous and any benefit it might provide is negated by the fact that you can’t really wear it out in public.

Our Recommendation
This is one invention that should have stayed on the drawing board. But since it likely didn’t take much to produce this, just a matter of buying visors in bulk and magnifying glasses in bulk, and marrying the two with a hood going around the visor, it’s no wonder it has seen the light of day.

What do you think? Does TV Hat work or not?


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Jennifer February 8, 2014 at 10:10 pm

This is by far the most hilarious review I’ve read so far! I too thought this product was a joke. When I first saw it on my TV I thought it was a commercial for one of those survey sites that pays people to tell them if their product would be useful or not. The products in the commercial are usually bulky and pointless like this one!

The Wall Street Journal saying that this product “stood out among its peers” probably meant that it stuck out like a sore thumb! The price point is was too high at almost $40 especially seeing that it started out at $20! That shows that they don’t have that much money in them. They probably got a few good reviews and mislead people in online surveys about the product causing people to suggest it have a higher price point. You really would believe that it has some mechanical components to it if you haven’t seen the inside. I’m expecting a theater like experience so I’m thinking speakers, good head phones, and a good magnifying glass not a piece of glass on a track. None of their suggested uses make any sense like the review says. I’m not going to the beach to sit there with a goofy hat on my head. I want to have fun. Same with camping. I definately don’t want to be on a treadmill and trying to watch a movie.

Now I do believe that this could be a good idea with a much better marketing pitch. The beach and camping suggestion was so laughable that people aren’t going to think of real creative ways to use it. There is a market for handsfree ways to watch videos on our phones. Even at home sometimes I can only watch things on my phone even watching YouTube videos. I use my phone way more than my laptop. It would be great on car rides for the passengers, especially children or if you go to an event that isn’t exactly geared for a child. You can slip this on their head and let them be. There are a lot of uses for this. The next thing is that most people need to know whats going on around them at all times. Being in public with your entire view blocked isn’t safe and isn’t going to make people feel secure. They should implement a way to not have to have the “curtains” down all the time. Make the visor adjustable so people can adjust the angle to help prevent glare. Allow for partial “curtains” so the user can still see what’s going on around them while being able to block the main source of a glare. Have the phone able to be up and down as well as wides ways and work with an app developer to create an app that can be used with the visor to read books and magazines. Use headphones or blue tooth to change the pages where when you would skip a song or go back a song instead have it flip the pages. Reading a book on my phone is such a pain in the butt but I would do it more often I had a comfortable way to do so.

Lastly, the design needs to be tweeked to make it less bulky and more attractive. Obviously, this product can’t get much smaller but at least make it look more innovative. A sleeker more modern design to make people feel like they look like they’re from the future not from someone’s attic!


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